Rhinoplasty – Nose Job

Nose Job surgery is an operation performed to obtain a nose that is visually compatible with the whole face of the person. The most important aim of this surgery is to fully fulfill the respiratory functions of the nose and to achieve a visual result in terms of aesthetic appearance. Nose job surgery is one of the most preferred surgeries among plastic surgeries. The main reasons for this are that the person wants to have an aesthetic appearance in order to feel better.

Nose Job surgery, known in the medical field as rhinoplasty; It is a surgery performed for the purpose of improving the functional and aesthetic nose, reshaping and restructuring the nose. The aim is to change the shape and size of the nose aesthetically, and to improve it in order to achieve healthy results.

Before deciding on surgery, it is important for people to answer questions about themselves and to question their expectations in line with these answers. For this reason, it is vital at this point to apply to a doctor who is an expert and experienced in the field of rhinoplasty and to express what he wants in the most accurate way. It is extremely important for the patient to undergo a correct operation in terms of health and aesthetic appearance, by deciding on the most suitable nose structure for them and the doctor who will perform the surgery.

About Nose Aesthetics

Some people do not like the shape or size of their noses and they want to have rhinoplasty in order to change it. The structure and features of the nose vary from person to person due to trauma, either inherited or as a result of accidents that may occur afterwards. In addition, people who have breathing problems due to the shape of their nose also want to have nose surgery.

Nose aesthetic surgery is a type of surgery that is preferred in social and psychological terms in this context. Since the nose is located in the very center of the face, it is an important organ that has an aesthetic effect on the appearance of the face. The reasons such as the person who is dissatisfied with the appearance of his nose, wanting to feel better in society, wanting to increase their selfs-confidence or wanting to have the nose shape that he sees as ideal, have an important place among the psychological reasons. In summary, the desire to have a rhinoplasty surgery varies depending on multiple reasons.

Treatment Summary

Operation Time

4 - 6 Hours

Type of Anesthesia

General Anesthesia



Time to Return to Work


Warranty Type

Life Time Warranty


5 - 6 Days

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An Overview of the Concept of Aesthetics

The word “aisthetikos”, which is formed from the Greek words to hear and perceive, finds expression with the concept of “aesthetics” today. Although the concept of “aesthetics”, which means “related to the perception of the beautiful”, was used by the German thinker Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten Baumgarten in the 18th century, the beginning of the concept dates back to Greek Philosophy. It was put forward and discussed by Plato and Aristotle, two important philosophers of the period, and it was expressed as “seeking and feeling the beautiful”. The definition of beauty, with which the concept of “aesthetics” is most related, is a definition that varies from person to person, from society to person, from person to person, and according to the social and psychological environment in which the person lives. Being excluded from this definition can show its existence through processes such as changing one’s own image and going the way of correction. In this context, people may want to connect directly with the concept of “aesthetics”.

How Should an Ideal Nose Be?

Harmony and balance come to the fore in all areas of life. Of course, this harmony and balance has an aesthetic result. The ratio determined by this result is called the “golden ratio”. Obtaining similar ratios to these ratios determined in rhinoplasty gives positive results in terms of aesthetics. In the rhinoplasty surgery to be performed, attention should be paid to maintaining the ratio of the nose to the face, taking into account the wishes of the patient. In order to explain this situation to the patient, the plastic surgeon must maintain the trust between the patient and the doctor.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The surgical operation performed due to aesthetic concerns and related problems, deformities in the nose structure and the discomfort experienced at the point of breathing is called rhinoplasty.

The main purpose of rhinoplasty is to catch the harmony between the nose and the face and to have a nose that looks better from an aesthetic point of view. The result of each operation performed for this purpose varies according to the patient’s health status, age, skin and bone structure, and the level of competence of the doctor who will perform the operation. Nowadays, thanks to the developments in the field of medicine and technological innovations, it is observed that there is an increase in the point of achieving successful results in rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, rhinoplasty operations do not only give results in terms of aesthetics. More comfortable breathing after surgery is among the positive developments for patients.

Rhinoplasty surgery; It develops depending on the patient’s demand and is determined by the surgical methods to be used during the surgery by the doctor who will perform the surgery depending on the patient’s nose structure. The methods determined; It varies according to the thinness and thickness of the nasal skin, the anesthesia method to be applied, the reduction and enlargement of the nose, the width of the nostrils and the narrowing procedures. Aesthetic problems in the nose area can cause negative results not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of health. For example, difficulty in breathing through the nose during sleep is among these reasons. Thus, these problems can be improved by rhinoplasty and can be eliminated with surgical methods.

To Whom Is Nose Job Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Applied?

If the person does not like the shape of the nose visually or if they have a health problem related to the structure of the nose, they may want to have a rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is an operation that can be preferred by anyone who wants to change the appearance of their nose.

Due to complaints such as arched nose, large or long nose, low tip of the nose, size of the nostrils or asymmetry of the nose compared to the face, breathing problems, psychological hesitations due to the discomfort of the nasal structure; rhinoplasty surgery may be requested. In addition, nasal aesthetic surgery is performed depending on the traumas experienced after the accidents.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques and Methods

We don’t get an idea of our outer appearance only when we look in the mirror. At the same time, we can learn about our self-consciousness and the image we have in line with the appreciation or criticism made by people in the society. Our face, which is one of the most important elements of our physical image, is an outward-facing image. It is possible to say that our nose is the most defining organ on our face. People who do not like the current nose structure and appearance can apply for rhinoplasty to have a beautiful nose. The procedures applied for rhinoplasty surgery vary within themselves.

Types of rhinoplasty surgery; It is done by taking into account the wishes of the person, but especially after the physical examination of the patient who will be operated on, and deciding which technique will be applied. The types of rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in two ways: open and closed surgical techniques.

Open rhinoplasty is applied according to the cartilages in the nose structure and nose shapes with asymmetrical disorders. It is observed that healthier results are obtained when the nose wings and nostrils are reduced with this method. Surgical incision methods used in open rhinoplasty are similar to another type of closed rhinoplasty, but there are also various differences. Open rhinoplasty surgery is performed with an incision at the tip of the nose in the area called columella.

Closed rhinoplasty is mostly performed to realize the changes planned to be made to the tip of the nose. It is performed by creating an incision in the nose and interfering with the nose shape. Closed rhinoplasty is considered to be the most commonly applied rhinoplasty method, due to the short operation time, rapid post-operative recovery, and less visible swelling. As it can be seen, both types of surgery are based on the same principles.

Preoperative Examinations

Nose aesthetic surgery (rhinoplasty) stages go in a sequence within themselves. First of all, a physical examination of the person is done. During the examination, the structure of the nose is examined first, and the technique to be preferred during the surgery is determined according to the skin characteristics of the nose (thick nasal skin and thin nasal skin). At the same time, the nose structure is examined with details such as the presence of the arch in the nose structure, the small and size of the nostrils. At the same time, intranasal examination is performed by endoscopic examination; The size of the nasal concha, the factors that may cause respiratory distress, the presence of an allergic condition, the examination is completed with examinations. At the end of the examination, the examinations to be performed on your nose with your doctor (such as planning during the surgery, taking face measurements, simulation application, mutual agreement with the patient, anesthesia examination, general health status of the patient) and your approval; It is ensured that you have information about the appearance of the nose you will have.

What to do on the day of surgery

When you decide to have rhinoplasty surgery, you need to go through some preparation processes and be ready both psychologically and physically for the surgery day. Although the word surgery itself can cause anxiety or have a worrying meaning, it will be very helpful for the process to relax ourselves mentally and even get help if necessary. On the day of surgery, you can get through that day more easily by complying with all the instructions recommended by your doctor. Choosing more comfortable and suitable clothes before coming to the hospital before the operation and after the operation, completing the required analyzes completely and performing the preparation for the operation are among the factors that allow us to spend the day of the operation in a healthier way. As a result of all these stages, the process continues in the operating room after the meeting with the anesthesiologist and your operation is completed.

How Long Does Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Surgery Take?

Since the nose structure differs from person to person, the duration of rhinoplasty surgery also varies according to these differences. The duration of the operation varies according to the nose structure of the person, the operations to be performed on the nose, and the ease and difficulty of these operations. All these conditions determine the duration of the surgery and produce a different result for everyone. The clearest and most accurate statement on this subject will of course be given by your doctor who will perform the surgery.

How to Choose a Nose Aesthetics Doctor?

The person who will have rhinoplasty usually makes a choice in line with the plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist. Nose aesthetic surgery can be performed by specialist doctors in both branches due to the structure of the nose. The reason for the operation; It can be either an aesthetic choice or a process that requires intervention in the structural features of the nose. The person who decides to have a rhinoplasty should tell the doctor what he wants to change in his nose. Likewise, the doctor explains to the patient what they can change. The procedures to be performed in line with the techniques and methods that the doctor will use in their own field should be determined and the patient’s rhinoplasty should be performed in this way.

Things to Consider Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

There are some points to be considered before rhinoplasty surgery. It is extremely important to comply with these conditions, as their fulfillment means that your surgery process is carried out in a healthy way.

  • Anxiety and worry before surgery is perfectly normal, but letting go of these worries will allow you to manage the process better.
  • Complete analysis and health screenings are extremely important for pre-operatively.
  • Discomforts such as upper respiratory tract infections, fever, cough, sore throat, flu, cold, cold and herpes that occur before rhinoplasty surgery; means the cancellation of the operation.
  • One week before the operation, blood thinners should not be used.
  • If there are medications that are used regularly before the surgery, they should be shared with the doctor.
  • Herbal teas and special herbal cures can have a negative effect on bleeding, so herbal teas should be discontinued at least 1 week before the surgery day.
  • Before rhinoplasty, you need to take care of your nutrition and health more carefully. Creating an eating program determined under the supervision of your doctor will also positively affect the process.
  • Menstrual period is not an obstacle for surgery.
  • It will be healthier to stop the use of alcohol and cigarettes at least 10 days before the surgery, as they may adversely affect the operation process. Since alcohol and cigarettes can create risks or increase the risk during anesthesia, such an application will be healthier for you.
  • It would be appropriate to photograph the previous state of your nose for comparison before and after surgery.
  • Taking care of your mental health as well as your physical health, paying attention to your sleep pattern before the operation, keeping your morale and motivation high will help you feel better.

Things to Do After Rhinoplasty

There are some issues in order to correct the conditions that may develop after rhinoplasty and to continue your post-operative health better:

  • Strictly following every instruction your doctor tells you and wants you to do will benefit you after the surgery.
  • Changes in your image such as bruises on the eye and under the eyes are perfectly normal. In order to prevent this, it will be healthy to apply cold application on the eyes within the time intervals determined under the control of your doctor.
  • Resting with your head slightly elevated, especially in the first few days after surgery, will help the edema disappear in the facial area.
  • Tooth brushing should be done with extreme precision.
  • It should be tried to lie on the back, and in case of any blow to the face, lying on the face should not be done after the operation.
  • Efforts should be made to stop smoking and alcohol consumption, especially in the first two weeks after the surgery, as they will have a negative impact on the healing process.
  • Light-paced sports can be started about three weeks after the surgery. However, it is absolutely necessary to avoid sports that may cause any blow to the face during the first two to three months.
  • During the first few weeks after the surgery, tight clothes should not be worn, rather more comfortable clothes should be preferred.
  • It is extremely important to use sunscreens with a high protection factor in order to protect the nose from the effects of sunlight for at least three months after rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Photographing the final state of your nose after the surgery in order to compare your pre-operative photo will allow you to get used to your new aesthetic appearance.
  • After the surgery, you should pay attention to the use of medication that your doctor will give.
  • It is not recommended to travel in the first 10 days after the operation. In cases of necessity, it would be a better decision to discuss the postponement of the journey.
  • You can take a shower with your head back 2 days after the operation. After 1 week, it is possible to take a shower comfortably.
  • You should only use the drugs prescribed by your doctor.
  • Depending on how the surgery went and the patient’s condition, your time to leave the hospital (discharge time) may vary as 1-2 days. The full recovery period, on the other hand, may take approximately 6 months, depending on the condition of the patient and the post-operative conditions.
  • The process of returning to work after the surgery varies, despite the work you do and the situations that may occur after the surgery. Even though you can return to your routine work after an average of 1 week, it will be better to set the starting time as 2-3 weeks.

Complications That May Occur After Surgery

Some complications may occur in all types of surgical operations where anesthesia is applied. These complications can also be seen in rhinoplasty surgeries. Infections are one of the most common complications that can be seen after the surgery. Infection is not a cause for concern. This problem disappears as a result of drug treatment and your doctor’s intervention. At the same time, problems that may arise from anesthesia can be a risk factor in rhinoplasty surgeries. In order to avoid all these complications, we see that it is extremely important to work with specialist and competent doctors. Again, one of the undesirable situations that may occur during the operation is the excessive bleeding in the nasal tissue. Reduction of these bleedings is usually done with the help of anesthesiologist.

In addition to physical complications, negativities that cause psychological trauma can also occur after rhinoplasty. It is important in terms of psychological resilience after the operation as well as before the operation. Since the nose is the most central point of the face, if the changes in the structure of the nose do not meet the wishes and expectations of the patient, this may cause psychological traumas. Psychological support may be necessary in post-operative situations that cause psychological trauma.

Rhinoplasty Cost

Rhinoplasty prices vary within themselves. These changes are determined according to the nose structure, shape, previous surgery, the doctor who will perform the surgery and the hospital where the surgery will be performed. As of 2023, the prices of rhinoplasty surgery have an average of 35000 to 85000 liras.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Preference

In line with the developing technological changes, we can see the existence of new applications in the field of medicine recently. One of them is the surgeries performed without anesthesia, in other words the surgeries that do not need to go under the knife. In this context, we can observe that rhinoplasty surgeries have been replaced by non-surgical procedures according to the developing conditions and situations. These non-surgical procedures, defined as injection rhinoplasty, are both low-risk and low-cost operations. It is important for those who are afraid to have such an option because the surgery fees are too high for the person and the surgery does not require anesthesia. Nasal aesthetic surgery, which does not require a surgical procedure, cannot reduce a large nose, but it can make the structure of the nose appear smaller than it is with symmetrical corrections or correction of contours.

The aim of non-surgical rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose with the help of filler injection. Since this procedure will be painless, anesthesia is not performed. For this reason, non-surgical rhinoplasty has been preferred quite frequently in the recent period. Of course, in order to make such a choice, the approval and opinion of a doctor who is an expert in the field is required. In line with the doctor’s instructions, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed in a very short time, such as less than half an hour. Thanks to these procedures, the arch on the back of the nose can be reduced, and the nose can be provided with an aesthetic appearance with the interventions that can be made on the tip of the nose. Thanks to this procedure, which does not require a surgical method, successful results are obtained in terms of aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure. It’s common to have swelling, bruising, and possibly slight bleeding after a nose job for but HIV+ patients needs to be extra careful.

In line with the developing technological innovations, rhinoplasty surgery is performed much easier and healthier than in previous years.

From the point of view of physiological growth, surgery is not recommended before the age of 18, as the nose will continue to grow and develop in rhinoplasty surgeries.

Contrary to popular belief, rhinoplasty surgery is not a painful operation. After the operation, there may be mild pains that develop according to the health status of the patient, and these can be reduced by your doctor.

There is no significant change in the nose when we lose weight. Due to its structure, our nose is one of the organs that contains the least amount of fat in our body. Therefore, an increase or decrease in the fat ratio will not cause any change in our nose.

In operations that do not undergo a major surgical procedure, no scars are observed after plastic surgery. In such cases, of course, the patient should be informed in advance and the techniques to be preferred during the surgery should be chosen with this sensitivity.

Temporary odor problems may be experienced from time to time after rhinoplasty surgery. Since the olfactory cells play an important role in the structure of the nose, loss of smell can be seen as a result of interventions made to these areas during the surgery. However, this is a short-term problem.

Healing process; It varies according to the method of surgery, general health status of the person, and nose structure. As every surgery will be different, every patient is different. Accordingly, the healing process varies according to the person, the condition and the surgical processes.

After rhinoplasty surgery, patients often need to stay in the hospital overnight. It is possible for the patient to stay in the hospital for 2-3 nights, if necessary, against a different situation or complications that may occur. And thus, a rest report can be issued during your hospital stay.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery is performed, the surgical methods are determined by your doctor according to the nose structure desired by the patient and the techniques to be used in the surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed at different times depending on the techniques to be used in the surgery and the changes to be made in the nose. This time can be from 1-2 hours to 4 hours.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be an aesthetic choice, and it also eliminates the problems of the patients at the point of eliminating the deformities of the nose structure and breathing problems during sleep. From this point of view, breathing problems are also eliminated.

Since rhinoplasty will differ in many points such as the technique to be applied, the expertise and competence of your doctor, the length of stay in the hospital, your choice of hospital, and the materials to be used during the surgery, the price determined may differ in parallel with these.

Since your face will be your most sensitive area after the surgery, you need to be careful in some matters. You must strictly follow the recommendations of your doctor and follow the instructions given to you completely. If these rules are not followed after the operation, various undesirable problems arise.

There is a certain amount of risk and the possibility of complications in every surgery. The doctor who will perform the surgery should inform the patient about this. Against all possible risks and complications, your doctor is the most competent person to assist you in this regard.

Since rhinoplasty surgery is an operation with significant visual results, it should be performed by specialist doctors. Otherwise, it seems unlikely that the person who had the surgery would be satisfied with their new nose. In such cases, a period of 6 months should be waited and revision (re-operation) surgery should be applied.
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