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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia means breast enlargement, which is called benign due to advanced breast development in men. Gynecomastia, which can be encountered in the infancy, adolescence and old age periods of men, is mostly seen in adolescence. Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) is not a condition that can negatively affect the health of the person and does not disappear without intervention. In this case, the person is affected psychologically and goes to the point of reservations in social relations.

Testosterone and estrogen, which are the hormones that determine the sex characteristics in humans, can occur as gynecomastia when the testosterone-estrogen balance in men is not maintained. Especially during infancy, many of the male babies may have larger breast sizes than they should be due to the estrogen hormone.

Gynecomastia, which can also occur in adolescence in the following periods, is a frequently encountered situation due to hormonal irregularities observed during adolescence. In addition, the incidence of gynecomastia can be repeated between the ages of 50-70. Among the causes of gynecomastia, pharmacological reasons are also seen. Some of the drugs (some drugs used to treat prostate cancer and AIDS) can cause gynecomastia.

What are the Causes of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, with its most basic medical definition, is due to the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. There are many reasons for this change in a person. We can collect the causes of this gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men), which differ from person to person, under a few titles:

  • Liver failure or cirrhosis
  • Conditions in which kidney failure increases
  • Male hormone deficiency
  • Substance abuse
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Thyroid disorders due to thyroid disorders
  • Tumors

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Gynecomastia Surgery and Treatment

The healthiest and most accurate result in the treatment of gynecomastia is the surgical method, namely surgery. Different treatment options are preferred for gynecomastia, which differ according to each patient. Before the gynecomastia treatment, the patient’s hormonal disorder is evaluated as a result of the necessary tests.

In gynecomastia surgery, if the breast tissue is not too large, fat tissue is removed by liposuction. If there is an advanced size, even in the case of sagging, gynecomastia surgery is used to remove the breast tissue along with the skin on it.

Treatment options are determined according to the type of gynecomastia. In addition to these methods, liposuction treatment, which can be applied together with surgical intervention along with the interventions on the mammary gland, is also highly preferred. However, in cases where liposuction treatment does not give positive results, laser surgery is performed. If the breast enlargement is less than 4 cm, drug therapy is applied and results are obtained in a short time. However, if the growth is larger than 6 cm, surgical intervention is required. Multiple different classifications of gynecomastia, different treatment methods are determined and applied in this direction.

Multiple surgical methods are used in gynecomastia surgery: Lipomatous gynecomastia is preferred in cases of increased adipose tissue, glandular gynecomastia is preferred in cases of enlarged breast tissue, and mixed gynecomastia is preferred in cases of both breast tissue and adipose tissue growth.

How Is Gynecomastia Diagnosed?

Gynecomastia, like any medical diagnosis, is detected by consulting a doctor. With the physical examination performed by the doctor, analyzes and tests are requested when deemed necessary.

In addition to the diagnosis, learning the cause affects the treatment process significantly. According to the test results, if necessary, computed tomography, MR and tissue biopsy can be performed. The enlargement of the breast may not be due to gynecomastia in some cases and may be associated with a breast structure unique to individuals.

From time to time, there are situations that can cause breast cancer in men, albeit a little, and a hard nodule in the chest area can appear as breast cancer. For this reason, before making a diagnosis of gynecomastia, the patient should be thoroughly examined physically, his medical history should be taken into account, and blood tests should be carefully examined.

Who Is Gynecomastia More Common?

Gynecomastia is often seen in infancy in some male babies, adolescents, the elderly, those with liver, kidney or thyroid disease, and breast enlargement when eating disorders are excessive.

What Are The Symptoms of Gynecomastia?

In addition to the doctor’s diagnosis, gynecomastia is also detected by people in some cases. A number of consequences are observed when the symptoms are very clear:

  • Swelling and hypersensitivity of the breasts
  • Severe pain in both breasts
  • Slight bleeding from the nipple
  • Spills on the nipple
  • Hardness in the breast area

What Are The Risks Of Gynecomastia Surgery?

As with any surgery, there are some risks in gynecomastia surgery.

Although the probability of infection is low, it can be seen after the surgery.

Bleeding and blood or fluid collection in the breast occur due to surgery.

In gynecomastia surgery performed by liposuction method, numbness and color changes can be seen.

Before Gynecomastia Surgery

Before gynecomastia surgery, blood tests are one of the most important factors that determine the operation process. The results of the analysis are evaluated by the doctor who will perform the surgery and the operation process begins accordingly.

Care should be taken not to have flu infections in a period such as a week before the operation and this should be treated with sensitivity.

The use of drugs such as aspirin should be stopped one week before the surgery and blood thinners should be discontinued as they may adversely affect the surgery.

The use of harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol should be stopped 10 days before.

Pay attention to eating and drinking patterns and sleeping hours.

Day of Surgery

The patient, whose examinations were performed before the gynecomastia surgery, should cut off the eating-drinking relationship the night before the surgery. After hospitalization, the controls are made and the operation stage is started. If no problems are encountered at the end of the operation, the patient’s existing sutures are dressed and the process is completed. In gynecomastia, it is important that the patient is not only physically ready, but also mentally ready for the process. On the day of the operation, smoking should not be done and alcohol consumption should not be done.

Post-Gynecomastia Surgery

The process after gynecomastia surgery differs according to the surgical method. In operations where vaser or laser liposuction techniques are preferred, the healing process is quite fast and comfortable; On the other hand, in gynecomastia caused by adipose tissue, the person gets effective results at the end of about 3 weeks.

The patient can be discharged on the same day after the surgery. However, depending on general anesthesia, it may be possible to stay in the hospital for one night.

The first days after the gynecomastia surgery are important for the recovery process.

It is recommended that the patient lie flat for three days after the operation.

Sudden movements should be avoided and movements that force the body such as bending should not be done.

It is possible to take a shower 3 days after the operation.

It is possible to return to work in a short time and take light walks.

Edema and swelling can be seen after gynecomastia surgery and they go away within a week.

Post-Surgery Gynecomastia Corset

Gynecomastia corset is a medical product that should be used after gynecomastia surgeries. The corset is extremely simple to use and should be worn immediately after the operation. Your doctor will determine the duration of use (usually 2-3 weeks). The gynecomastia corset, which is worn for an average of 6 weeks, accelerates the recovery process after the surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery Prices

As in every surgery, gynecomastia prices vary according to the doctor, the technical methods to be used in the surgery, the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the expertise of the doctor who will perform the surgery and other details. The most accurate figure about gynecomastia surgery prices is given by the doctor who will perform the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is not a difficult operation and it is a very easy operation because it is supported by anesthesia.

There may be a small amount of pain, especially in the first days after the surgery, but the pain is temporary with the drugs given with the doctor's advice.

Gynecomastia surgery takes an average of 1 hour, but this time may vary depending on the operation and the patient.

Gynecomastia surgery can be performed on any patient who is over 18 years old.

Gynecomastia surgery is performed by aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Almost every surgery has risks. Gynecomastia surgery has risks such as bleeding, fluid accumulation, and infection. However, the risks are minimized by choosing a specialist doctor and managing the process in a positive way.

After the gynecomastia surgery, swelling may occur. The swelling that occurs disappears after an average of one week. In cases of swelling that lasts longer, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

It is definitely recommended to use a corset in order to properly shape the evacuated area after gynecomastia surgery. The corset should not be removed for one week after the operation. After the first week, it should be used for an average of eight hours a day for two weeks.

In gynecomastia surgery, small incisions are made in the chest area and under the armpits. Small scars remain after the surgery, but they also pass over time.

The surgery can be performed with general anesthesia, sedation or local anesthesia.

Mostly, deformed processes can be seen due to excessive weight gain and fat increase in the breast after surgery. Therefore, it is usual to need surgery again.

After the operation, it is necessary to wait for a period of 4 weeks. It is necessary to wait for at least 8 weeks to start heavy sports.

It is seen that the number of patients who had surgery and regretted it was very low. Depending on the full recovery, you should stick to the process determined by your doctor and if you manage the recovery process well, there is no regret.

Since smoking is harmful in every way, not using it for a month after the surgery is beneficial for recovery.

A patient who has a gynecomastia surgery can be discharged on the same day. However, in some cases, a 1-day rest in the hospital can be given. In 3-5 days, you can return to your daily and business life, and both the rest and the report period can be extended in ongoing pain.
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