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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift aesthetic, known as BBL in short, is performed by transferring the fat taken from the waist area of the person to the butt part with the help of ultrasonic liposuction or standard liposuction. Brazilian butt augmentation aesthetic is a method in which liposuction and fat injection techniques are used together, and the biggest advantage here is that the person's body is not used with foreign substances and is shaped with her own fat tissue.

Among the types of buttock aesthetics, there are operations such as butt filling, butt lift and butt reduction. While these procedures are performed, the person's own fat and tissue are generally used, and prosthesis (silicone) applications can be performed in people who do not have enough fat. By making the necessary analysis of the person, the method that the patient needs is decided from methods such as butt stretching, butt lift or butt lift for the butt area. For those who want to have this procedure, it is generally recommended to be between the ages of 18-65. In addition, during butt augmentation aesthetics, a decision should be made by examining the body type of the person and generally at least 300 cc of fat should be injected for each butt cheek.

Although the prices of buttock aesthetic surgeries in Turkey vary according to different reasons and types of surgery, they vary between approximately 10 thousand TL and 30 thousand TL.

About Butt Lift Aesthetics

The curious issue about the butt (hip) aesthetics is how permanent the fats are. When we look at the average absorption time of fats in this regard, it is seen that 30% to 40% melts. Fat transfers to the butt at certain intervals; In other words, since it is applied intramuscularly, on the muscle, under the skin, to all areas, it is seen that it remains more than the transfer made to the face.

The amount of fat to be performed with buttock surgery varies from person to person, but on average, at least 300 cc fat is the amount required for each buttock. This procedure can be done as long as desired as long as there is enough fat in the patient's body; however, it is necessary to wait about 2 months between two procedures.

Treatment Summary

Operation Time

4 - 6 Hours

Type of Anesthesia

General Anesthesia


1 Night

Time to Return to Work


Warranty Type

Life Time Warranty


5 Nights

VIP Transfer


What is Butt (Hip) Aesthetics?

Buttock aesthetics is an aesthetic surgery procedure performed by specialist doctors in a hospital environment, which helps to increase the lack of volume and fullness of the person’s buttocks and to obtain a rounded buttock appearance. In order to perform butt aesthetics, the general health condition of the person must be good and his expectation from the procedure must be realistic.

Butt shape determined by genetic factors is related to both the skeletal structure and the body’s fat storage. In some people, the butt is flat or square, or in people who have gained or lost weight, sagging is seen, so butt aesthetic surgeries are used. With the Brazilian butt lift surgery, regions such as the waist and thighs are also reshaped, thus a holistic aesthetic appearance is obtained. The duration of the buttock aesthetic surgery, which is usually performed under general anesthesia, varies according to the individual, the multiplicity of the application areas and the preferred method for the procedure.

How Is Butt (Hip) Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

In this method, which is also known as Brazilian butt BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), fat transfer is made from the patient’s own fat to the buttock. Therefore, the body shape is made more aesthetic as the excess fat in the person is taken and transferred to the areas where there is a deficiency. Butt (Hip) aesthetics is applied to both women and men; because different problems can be seen in both genders. Problems in women are generally having flatter, more square or heart-shaped buttock. For this reason, they prefer the BBL method in order to turn it into more rounded lines and generally an inverted heart-shaped butt with butt aesthetics. Brazilian butt BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedure is performed faster since the patient is operated in the prone position. At the same time, this procedure is also called butt lift surgery, as the butt is also lifted up.

The Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital environment and the procedure usually takes 2-3 hours. In general, the fats used in butt lift transfer are taken from the back and waist area and transferred to the butt, thus both the waist and back circumference are thinned and the butt is shaped. In other words, with butt aesthetics, the waist is slightly thinned, a curve is given to the upper part of the butt, especially the projection of the muscles in the back is provided and two dimples on the butt can be formed. All of these processes are done by making tiny holes, so the formation of scars is prevented. Fat transfer to the buttock is generally made through small holes entered from the fold area just below the butt, so there is no trace after butt aesthetics.

Butt (Hip) Aesthetics Types

There are three methods used for buttock aesthetics, which are fat injection, filler injection and silicone applications. The aim here is to enlarge the butt, to arrange the excess and contour on the sides of the butt or to hang the butt up (butt lift-lift).

The first of the various ways to replace the missing volume and obtain a round, fuller butt shape is the application of butt prostheses to replace the missing volume. Prostheses placed in the hip area are not like breast prostheses, they are of a different structure and these prostheses are placed in the muscle in the butt area.

In the second method, it is the fat injection method that both fills the buttocks and provides thinning in the area (usually waist and hips) from which the fat is removed, by using the filling materials taken from the patient’s own body. This application is transferred to the butt in order to increase the volume (fullness) of the butt by processing the fat taken from the waist region of the patient.

With the butt lift, which is another of the butt aesthetic applications, both sagging is eliminated and the butt is shaped by adding fullness to it.

Finally, in hip aesthetic surgery, filling the butt with a foreign body takes place; however, this procedure is not generally recommended by surgeons. The reason for this is that there is a possibility of reactions to foreign bodies entering the body and that it cannot be controlled, it can cause infection and it dissolves over time.

Butt (Hip) Augmentation

In the buttock filling method, silicone implants are generally used to obtain a fuller appearance in the hip area. The surgeon places the implant in the most appropriate place and in the right way to provide a natural appearance.

Buttocks that appear fuller with hip filling, gain a rounded form and protrude when viewed from the side profile are considered aesthetically. While the waist and hip areas are weak and thin, the hips are full, which creates a very aesthetic appearance. In addition, it is very important that the butt cheeks, whose weight is increased by plumping with butt aesthetics, do not show sagging and that the skin is smooth.

When precautions are taken at an early age, the buttocks can be made fuller by non-surgical methods (such as sports and diet) of people whose butt aesthetics are not impaired. However, due to environmental and genetic factors in addition to the wrong practices of the person, butt aesthetics begins to deteriorate rapidly in people over 35 years old.

An important point to be considered in buttock augmentation is not to deviate from the general aesthetics of the body and to choose the most suitable method for the patient by designing a balanced buttock. When there is not enough fat in the body of the person, different methods are applied; However, if the patient has sufficient fat, fat injection should not be abandoned. In addition to these, while filling the buttocks, stretching can also be done to prevent skin sagging.

Butt (Hip) Lifting

Butt lift (hip) is generally used in cases such as sagging skin in the butt area as a result of aging, weight loss, childbirth or other reasons.

Butt lift is an aesthetic surgery method used to increase the width and steepness of the butt area and is usually performed under local or general anesthesia. In the hip lift process, first of all, a cut is made to correct the sagging of the skin in the buttocks area. Then, the butt muscles are stretched and the skin is stretched back, so that the butt area appears more upright and wider.

Butt (Hip) Reduction

Butt reduction operation is a procedure that is performed if the butt is larger than normal and it disturbs the patient in terms of aesthetics and body comfort. In this process, the butt area is generally shaped by removing fat from the excess areas with the liposuction method. Butt reduction operation is a frequently preferred method for both men and women, and the treatment period is shorter than other operations. In addition, the extracted fats can also be used to remove dents with special processes.

Butt (Hip) Aesthetic Surgery Methods

Plastic surgery offers many different hip aesthetic surgery methods to achieve the aesthetic appearance of the butt area. Because the wide and fatty structure of the butt allows the application of many surgical methods. First of all, the patient’s purpose and expectations for buttock surgery are determined, and then the most appropriate method is selected. Among these methods, there are options such as liposuction, hip lift and plumping applications. However, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, it is recommended to be performed by an experienced surgeon. Even though the butt area gets the aesthetic and desired appearance with aesthetic surgery, health and safety should always be a priority.

Butt Aesthetics Fat and Filler Injections

Butt  lift fat and filler injections are performed by injecting the fat cells taken from the body of the person into the butt area. Thus, a full and voluminous appearance is obtained by providing extra fat deposits with fat and tissue injections in people who do not have enough volume in the butt area. The fat injection procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, so the consciousness of the person is clear during the procedure and it is possible to experience slight pain and swelling in the injection area.

Butt lift filler injections are the process of gaining fullness to the buttock with injections made into the butt area such as hyaluronic acid, poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite. These filler injections are usually performed under local anesthesia and mild pain and swelling in the injection area is also expected.

Butt Aesthetics With Fat and Filler Injections, the butt area becomes fuller and wider thanks to the injections made without surgery in both methods. However, both methods have inherent risks and should be performed by an experienced surgeon in a reliable clinic. In addition, in both methods, re-injection may be required for the results to be permanent.

Hip Aesthetics Prosthesis (Silicone) Applications

Hip aesthetics is a procedure that is performed with prosthesis (silicone) applications and provides the formation of extra volume in the hip area, making the butt appear fuller and wider.

The prosthesis application is designed and placed according to the person’s body structure and wishes. Buttock aesthetic prosthesis application is generally performed under general anesthesia; In other words, the patient’s consciousness is closed during the application and the procedure takes 2-3 hours on average. Immediately after the prosthesis is placed in the hip area, the patient has a fuller and wider-looking, aesthetic buttock. However, like any surgical intervention, prosthesis application should be performed by an experienced surgeon because it carries risks. In addition, the results of the prosthesis application are permanent and there is no need for re-operation.

Butt Lift Stretching, Hanging, Lifting Methods

Butt aesthetics; stretching, hanging, lifting methods are used according to the needs of the person and they make the butt area look full, curved and upright.

Butt lift method

This method is used to remove sagging in the butt area and is usually performed by stretching the buttock muscles or cutting excess sagging skin. In this way, the butt area is lifted higher, making it look straighter, fuller and wider.

Butt hanging method:

The butt lift method is used to reduce the excess fat deposits stored in the butt area, and this process is usually performed by the liposuction method. In this way, the butt area is made thinner, more shaped and fuller.

Butt lift method

The butt lift method is used to lift the butt area higher and is performed by cutting the excess skin on the buttock. In this way, the butt area is lifted upwards and a fuller, larger appearance is obtained.

Each of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it is recommended that people who want to have butt aesthetics should talk to a specialist surgeon and decide on the most appropriate method for them. Also, like all surgical interventions, plastic surgery carries risks, so the surgeon’s experience and experience is important. Even though the buttocks area gets the aesthetic and desired appearance with plastic surgery, health and safety should always be a priority.

Who Prefers Butt (Hip) Aesthetics?

Butt lift helps to eliminate deformities such as aging, sagging and asymmetry, and therefore increases the self-confidence and quality of life of people who have anxiety problems. BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), which attracts the most attention among hip aesthetic methods, is a safer method compared to other butt lift procedures that can be applied to almost everyone. Before BBL, butt aesthetics is applied, the person should have sufficient fat tissue, be at the ideal weight, and not smoke. In addition to these, they should adopt healthy lifestyles such as balanced diet and regular exercise, should not have had a recent infection, and should not have previously developed complications related to surgery. Also, since BBL is an operation performed under anesthesia, the person should be evaluated in detail by the doctor before the procedure.

What are the Prices of Butt (Hip) Aesthetics in Turkey?

The prices of buttock aesthetic surgeries in Turkey vary according to different reasons and the types of surgery performed. For example, if the liposuction method is used, the price will be lower, while the price will be higher if a more comprehensive surgery is performed. In general, the prices of butt lift surgeries in Turkey can be as follows:

  • Liposuction: Between 8.000 TL – 12.000 TL
  • Gluteal implant (butt implant) surgery: between 15.000 TL – 20.000 TL
  • Combined liposuction and butt implant surgery: It costs between 20,000 TL – 25,000 TL.

These pricing are determined as a result of deciding on the appropriate method according to the needs of the person’s butt region, and they vary according to the expertise of the doctor who will perform the buttock surgery.

Before Butt (Hip) Aesthetics Surgery

Discomforts and treatments that patients undergo before having a butt aesthetic have an important place in the planning of the operation. Butt aesthetic surgery is not recommended in some patients if they have heart disease, blood clotting problems, respiratory problems, high blood pressure or diabetes. In addition, smoking can slow down the healing process after buttock surgery and cause complications. For this reason, before the buttock aesthetic surgery, smoking and alcohol use should be stopped, and weight gain or loss should be prevented by paying attention to the diet. Weight gain or loss may prevent the natural result from being obtained after surgery.

Evaluation of genetic problems is important in terms of planning butt lift surgeries. For this reason, before the operation, the medical history of both the patient and her family is examined, and the risk of complications is tried to be reduced.

After Butt (Hip) Aesthetic Surgery

Although it takes 6 months to fully heal after buttock surgery, it takes an average of 1 month for the edema to disappear, and the procedures performed in the waist and butt area are settled in an average of 2 weeks. Although the fear of many people in general is to wear a corset in the summer, butt surgery holes are closed after 2 weeks, so swimming a lot after removing the corset is very beneficial, especially in eliminating edema.

It is also important to pay attention to the diet after hip aesthetics, it is necessary to reduce or cut out flour and floury foods, milk and dairy foods, thus preventing the increase of edema.

One of the most common misconceptions of those who have had butt lift surgery is that sitting and sleeping positions will affect the post-operative recovery process. Because, thanks to today’s filling techniques and materials, there is no need to limit the sitting and sleeping positions of people who have butt lift surgery. For this reason, it is recommended that people continue their normal sitting and sleeping positions after hip aesthetics, and there is no effective situation that will disrupt butt aesthetics, except for traumas that may cause serious damage to the treated area.

Generally, patients are hospitalized for one day after butt lift surgery, but in some injection applications, they can be discharged. Redness, bruising and edema that occur in the first few days after discharge is seen at the highest level. Three days after butt aesthetic surgery, you can return to social life, but it is recommended to avoid heavy work and sports exercises. With regular controls, the process of buttock surgery is kept under control, and it is seen that full recovery is achieved in the third month. After the third month, heavy sports and work can be done, but the recovery process may be different for each patient, so the doctor’s recommendations should be followed.

There is no need for sexual abstinence after butt aesthetic surgery; However, it is recommended to avoid forcing the area during sexual intercourse in the postoperative period. It is recommended not to have sexual intercourse in the first week after Brazilian butt lift; because during this period, the protection of the sutures or the injected fat will prevent the stitches from bursting and the fat from being malformed.

What are the Risks, Side Effects and Complications in Butt Lift Surgery?

Butt aesthetic surgeries can carry some risks, side effects and complications, like any surgical intervention. However, these risks are usually low and can be avoided with proper care after surgery.

Bleeding and infection, pain and swelling, and bruising can be seen among some of the possible risks, side effects and complications of buttock aesthetic surgeries, but they pass in a short time. In addition to these, the possibility of implant displacement and cracking of the implant is also a risk that can be seen after butt lift surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Stitches are used in butt aesthetic procedures such as butt augmentation surgeries and butt straightening surgeries. Buttock augmentation surgeries are generally performed using implants and sutures are used during the placement of these implants. Buttock correction surgeries can be performed with tissue cutting or liposuction processes, and sutures can be used in these procedures. However, the surgeon should evaluate whether the use of sutures is necessary for each surgery and which method is most appropriate.

Surgery is not necessary for an aesthetic butt; Non-surgical methods can also be used to shape and plump the butt area. For example, with regular exercises, the butt area can be shaped and plumped. However, if there is a lack of fat in the butt of the person, this fat transfer or filling applications are needed.

Butt lift surgeries generally involve aesthetic purposes such as lifting the buttock, making it protruding and making it look tight. For example, in the method called Brazilian butt, the butt is made more protruding than it should be, and prosthesis applications are definitely used to provide this protrusion. Butt aesthetic methods include fat injection, filler injection, stretching and prosthesis applications. All methods can be used in combination with each other, but the method suitable for each patient will be different.

Buttock aesthetic surgeries, like all other surgical procedures, may include some infection, bleeding and clotting problems. In addition, there are situations such as non-healing of the skin, complications of anesthesia, and results below expectations; however, most of these risks are reduced or avoided in the operation performed by a specialist surgeon.

Depending on the method applied during buttock surgery, the recovery period may vary, usually one day in fat and filler injections, and up to a week in prosthesis applications. Generally, three days are enough to return to daily life after butt lift surgery.

After Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, the doctor may issue a rest report to certify that you are hospitalized in the postoperative period or that you are in a situation that requires special care.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries usually take between 40 minutes and 3 hours. However, the duration of the operation varies according to factors such as the patient's fat removal area, the width of the area to be operated on and the degree of difficulty.

Although there is a possibility of scarring after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, the probability of scarring is directly related to the experience, training and techniques of the surgeon. In addition, it is possible to minimize the scars with regular care and follow-up after the surgery. Post-operative scars usually appear in the fat removal area and fade over time.

Thanks to the developments and technological advances in the field of aesthetic surgery in Turkey, the success rate of butt aesthetic surgeries is high. Since the procedures performed are generally satisfied, the number of patients who request a second operation is also quite low. In general, a second butt aesthetic surgery is needed due to conditions such as fat shift or inability of the filling material.

Pricing of Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries in Turkey may vary according to many factors, in general, pricing criteria include the width and difficulty level of the area where the operation will be performed, and the type and amount of materials to be used. In addition to these, the experience of the clinic and the doctor where the operation will be performed is also one of the pricing criteria for buttock aesthetic surgeries in Turkey.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is the injection of fat tissues taken from the patient's body into the buttocks. The results obtained after this surgery are usually permanent, but in some cases, it is possible for the results to be temporary due to the resorption of fat tissues over time or fat accumulation. Therefore, it is important to maintain the results with regular exercise and a healthy diet after the surgery.

It is generally accepted as ideal for butt aesthetics to be done in the age range where the body's development is completed. People who have congenital deformities or visual impairments can apply to a doctor for butt aesthetics from the age of 18-20. However, ideally, people who want to have butt aesthetics at a later age can also apply to the doctor because the butt sagging or losing volume, or as a result of sagging due to excessive weight loss.

Buttock aesthetics is only localized; In other words, if it is considered only as a fat transfer to the butt, it is also applied in men. Since the butt aesthetic application in men is a different, more muscular, square butt shape, this process is injected into the muscle part where the buttock is desired to be developed. Generally, men have a space right on the side of the butt, this area creates a more masculine (masculine) appearance to the man, and then fat is injected into the buttock muscles. In this way, a more athletic image is obtained in men with butt aesthetics, the posterior waist gap is created, the projection of the muscles is created and the desired image is obtained by thinning the waist.

In butt lift procedures, after the BBL (Brazilian Buttock) procedure, which is the most common type, the fullness of the buttocks becomes immediately noticeable. However, since it may take a few weeks for the side effects such as swelling due to the operation to disappear, the final results are fully revealed within 6 months after the operation.

While the BBL procedure makes the butt appear more curved and raised by removing excess fat from the body and injecting it back into the buttock area, there are other butt aesthetic procedures such as silicone butt implants and liposuction, which are used as an alternative to the BBL procedure. While silicone butt implants increase the volume and contour of the butt, liposuction makes the butt appear more rounded and upturned by removing excess adipose tissue around the butt.

There are no creams, drugs, herbal solutions, foods or other substances that can be used for hip enlargement aesthetics. Marketing such substances can be counterfeit and misleading and may endanger your health. The only way for hip augmentation is surgical, and the most common of these procedures is to place BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) or silicone implants.

In the first week after the surgery, the hygiene of the butt area should be taken care of and it is important to keep the area dry to ensure this hygiene. Therefore, it is not recommended to take a shower for 3-7 days after buttock surgery.
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