Jawline Surgery

Jawline surgery is generally preferred in cases where the chin is small, and in this case, the chin is taken forward or the chin is shaped using silicone, titanium, medpor implants. In the small chin problem, the arched and crooked nose and the jowl, which is more prone to drooping, are among the complaints. In cases where the chin is too large for the face, the chin is taken back or the excess bone is removed with chin surgery; If the size of the excess area is small, only rasping is sufficient. Care should be taken to ensure that the patient does not have chewing problems.

Jawline surgery is usually performed to correct congenital or acquired abnormalities in the chin or facial structure. Before the operation, a detailed discussion between the patient and the surgeon is made and the objectives of the procedure are determined. During the interview, before the jaw surgery, the patient should inform the doctor about his/ her health status and be careful to explain conditions such as drug use, allergies, and chronic diseases. The surgical method to be applied is determined by demonstrating the relationship between the imaging methods before the chin rasp and the jawbone and other bones of the face.

During chin aesthetics, the chin or facial bone is shaped by cutting or adding attachments, and then the facial structure is corrected using plastic surgery techniques. After the chin aesthetic surgery performed under general anesthesia, the patient is discharged after staying in the hospital for a few days and continues the recovery process at home. In Turkey, Jawline aesthetic surgery prices vary between 10 thousand and 30 thousand TL in 2023, according to the location and shape of the operation area, and considering the clinic and doctor's expertise.

What is Jawline Surgery?

The jawline is of great importance in maintaining the proportion of the face, therefore, jawline that are smaller than they should be, too close to the neck area, too far forward or behind are given a more aesthetic appearance with surgical procedures. Before chin aesthetics, a detailed interview is made between the patient and the surgeon, and the objectives of the surgery are determined. These goals are generally aesthetic correction of the appearance of the jaw tip, correction of the abnormalities present in the jaw tip, or correction of the gap between the teeth. The important point to note is that the jaw tip rasping surgery is performed in a way that does not affect the health of the teeth.

The position, size and shape of the chin on the face is one of the important factors that determine the facial expression, especially in the side profile, the state of the chin is at least as important as the nose. If the position of the jawline on the face also disrupts the harmony between the upper and lower teeth and makes chewing difficult, jawline aesthetics is also necessary for health.

Since the development of the bones in the facial area is completed at the age of 18, jawline aesthetic procedures are preferred after the age of 18. In case the jaw is larger than the face, the excess bone is removed or the tip of the jaw is taken back. If there is a small chin compared to the face, the tip of the chin is brought forward or some implants are used.

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In the small jawline problem, arched nose and jowl sagging are also seen together, and the problems that occur in the jowl part can be solved to a certain extent with these procedures. With the development of technology, there is an increase in demand for jawline rasping aesthetics, as operations for correcting deformities in the chin become easier. With jawline surgery, also called genioplasty surgeries, a more suitable chin structure is created by providing the percentage of the face.

The problem of the size and smallness of the entire lower jaw in some cases adversely affects the harmony between the teeth, causing problems in chewing. jawline surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is completed in about an hour. It is considered appropriate for the patient to stay in the hospital for one night after genioplasty (chin tip surgery). The procedures are done with incisions made inside the mouth, so there is no visible scar after the procedure and a high rate of success is achieved.

Why is jawline aesthetic surgery performed?

For jawline aesthetic surgery, the person’s profile is viewed from the side, the nose, forehead and chin are compared within themselves, and if the chin is small, it is noticed that the nose appears larger than it is. In this case, it is necessary to increase the size of the jawline. The first of several methods used for this is to cut the jawbone from the top and slide it down by lengthening these incisions. However, in this case, there are some changes related to biting in the mouth. Therefore, this jaw surgery is only performed on problematic jaws where the upper and lower teeth do not come into contact with each other. The second surgery is performed by cutting the front bone of the jaw and the jaw is moved forward without touching the teeth. Another operation, which is simpler than these two operations and has almost the same effect, is the jawline tip surgery, which has a chin implant. In this surgery, a pocket is opened at the end of the chin, at the back of the skin and in front of the jawbone, without touching the jawbone. Preferred prostheses made of silicone material are placed into this pocket, since it is generally easy to apply and is thought to be the healthiest in the long term.

Who Can Have Jawline Filler Surgery?

Jawline surgery is usually performed for children and young adults, because more effective results are obtained during childhood and adolescence, as the jaw bones are still developing. However, if there is a condition that causes chin extension, adults can also have this surgery.

Chin tip aesthetic surgeries are applied to people who have problems with the chin and face proportion or who have deformities in the chin. Chin tip aesthetics can be applied to people whose chin seems to be adjacent to the neck, whose chin is too small or large, and who has some asymmetries in the chin.

For cosmetic concerns, chin aesthetics is recommended for people older than 18 years of age; because it is necessary to wait for the jawbone to complete its development. However, it can be preferred at an early age if there are chewing problems or serious problems affecting psychology. People with diseases that affect wound healing, such as diabetes, should state this when they apply to a doctor. In addition, if there are diseases that will pose a risk in the application of general anesthesia, these should also be indicated.

How is Chin Tip Filing Surgery Performed?

During Chin Filler surgery, the surgeon first performs a restructuring of the chin, usually in one or two stages. In the first stage, it is structured by cutting the bone from the jaw tip or making additions to correct the anomalies that occur in the jaw tip. In the second stage, the facial structure is corrected using plastic surgery techniques after the reconstruction process to make the face look more aesthetic.

Chin filing is mostly performed under general anesthesia and the procedure takes between 2 and 4 hours. After the jaw surgery, the patient stays in the hospital for a few days, then rests at home. The healing process can usually take several weeks or months, and this time is shortened by post-operative pain control, wound care and other measures.

Since chin rasp surgery is a surgical procedure, it has risks and complications, so it is important to pay attention to the doctor’s recommendations and instructions before and after the surgery.

While performing jaw tip aesthetics, the procedure is planned by taking into account the expectations of the patient. Incisions are made from the inside of the mouth or the lower part of the chin, and there is no scar after the procedure. Depending on the patient’s needs, rasping, reduction or augmentation or advancement are made using implants, and finally, the incisions are closed and the surgery is terminated.

Jaw surgery is preferred as it will also benefit shape problems when there are conditions such as chin crookedness and chewing disorder. With this procedure, the lower jaw and upper jaw can be intervened together, or the problem can be solved by only intervening the lower jaw.

In case of side profile problem arising from both nose and chin, both nose and chin aesthetics can be performed during surgery; However, this process takes longer.

What Are the Methods of Jawline Surgery in Turkey?

Among the methods used for chin surgery in Turkey; There are open and closed method applications. The open method is generally used to correct conditions such as low or excess chin, bone is cut from the chin end or additions are made. The facial structure is corrected by using plastic surgery techniques after the chin tip reconstruction process with the open method.

In the closed method, bone cutting or additions are made at the tip of the jaw, and it is generally used to correct conditions such as the gap between the teeth at the jaw tip. With the closed method, the gap between the teeth is filled at the jaw tip and then the facial structure is corrected using plastic surgery techniques.

If the chin is back from normal, it is called micrognatism, and it is called prognathism when it is behind than it should be. In addition to these, if the chin is smaller or larger than desired, it may not provide the face proportion, and the appropriate method is preferred for each problem.

The problem in structuring the jaw should be determined and the technique should be determined accordingly. If the jaw is back, the problem can be solved by advancing the bone, and the bone that is too far forward can also be taken back. If the problem in the chin is that the bone is too large, the excess bone can be removed, the small-sized excess is filed, and if the chin is too small for the face, various implants are placed. In cases such as lower or upper jaw crookedness, orthodontic surgery is usually performed through the mouth.

What Are the Prices of Chin Filler in Turkey?

Chin tip surgery prices vary according to factors such as the experience of the doctor who will perform the surgery, the country and city where the surgery will be performed, the level of the clinic or hospital. In addition, prices may vary depending on the location and shape of the operation area. For example, an operation to only reduce the chin tip will be cheaper than an operation to completely reshape the chin tip.

In Turkey, chin rasp prices vary between 10.000 TL and 15.000 TL for single chin and between 15.000 TL and 30.000 TL for double chin surgery in 2023.

What are the Success Rates of Chin Tip Surgery?

Success rates are generally high, but, like any surgery, chin rasp surgery can have side effects such as pain, swelling and bruising. In addition, the normal movements of the chin tip may be limited in the post-rasp rasping period, which is an expected situation.

In addition, situations such as the aesthetic appearance of the chin tip as a result of the surgery or the regrowth of the chin tip in the postoperative period may occur. Therefore, people who want to perform chin rasp surgery should carefully research the experience of the doctors and clinics who will perform the surgery and carefully follow the doctor’s recommendations in the pre-operative and post-operative period.

Statistics on success rates are not very common, but people are generally satisfied after chin rasp surgery. In addition, it is known that problems such as the aesthetic appearance of the chin tip is not as expected in the postoperative period or the regrowth of the chin tip in the postoperative period occurs very little.

Chin tip aesthetics gives results that are compatible with the expectations of the patient and the general face. In addition, it is difficult to give a single success rate since chin aesthetics is used in the solution of many complaints.

Before Chin Aesthetic Surgery (Fisting)

Before the chin aesthetic surgery, the patient’s health status should be evaluated and the preparatory steps for the surgery should be done. Therefore, in the first step before chin aesthetics, an appointment should be made as the doctor will evaluate the patient’s health status. Then, blood tests, x-rays or other examinations can be performed to follow the patient’s health status.

At the same time, since it is important that the teeth are healthy before the surgery, if the patient has a dental health problem, they should be eliminated first. In addition, smoking and alcohol use before chin aesthetics will slow down the healing process, so it is recommended to quit about 3 weeks before.

Before the chin aesthetic surgery, there are usually blood thinners among the medications that the patient uses constantly. These drugs should be used under the supervision of a doctor before and after the operation. In addition, vitamin supplements, antibiotics, steroids, tranquilizers, which have a blood thinning effect, may also pose a danger due to the anesthesia applied during jaw surgery. Therefore, all drugs used should be reported to the doctor before jaw surgery, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations in this regard. Since the stomach of the patient must be empty while under general anesthesia, eating and drinking should be stopped about six hours before the jaw aesthetic procedure. Otherwise, there is a risk that the food in the stomach will escape into the trachea.

What should be done before rasping the chin tip?

While the patient is examined in detail by the doctor, the relationship of the upper and lower teeth with each other is also checked. The relationship between the imaging methods and the jawbone and other bones of the face is numerically revealed and the surgical method to be applied is determined accordingly.

What should be considered before the chin tip surgery?

You may need to follow a liquid diet before and after the surgery, you should talk to your doctor and decide on the appropriate diet for you. In addition, it is recommended to stop smoking about 3 weeks before the operation, and on the day of the operation, if there are jewelry, lenses and nail polish, they should be removed. In addition, the use of drugs and herbal teas with blood thinners, which increase bleeding and make it difficult to stop the blood before chin tip aesthetics, should be discontinued. For this reason, it is important for the patient to share with the doctor the drugs he / she used before the procedure and his discomfort, if any.

After Chin Tip Aesthetic Surgery (Fisting)

After the chin aesthetic surgery, the patient should stay in the hospital for a night or two. Although the patient feels the pain at a mild level with the effect of the drugs, the pain occurs in the next process, but the recovery is fast. In addition, the swelling felt after chin tip aesthetics may restrict chin movements, but it improves day by day. Also, patients are generally reluctant to walk; However, after the jaw surgery, the patient is carried out as soon as possible to regulate the blood circulation. Generally, after one night, when the effect of anesthesia wears off, the patient can walk comfortably and is discharged after necessary follow-ups.

The stitches placed in the chin surgery are inside the mouth, so dressing is not done, and the control day is set within two weeks when the patient is discharged. During this period, it is necessary to keep the head up, not bend over and lift heavy.

In the first week after chin tip aesthetics, the patient is recommended to be fed with liquid foods and to avoid smoking and alcohol. It is also important for the patient to use antibiotics in the first week after jaw surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

What are the Risks, Side Effects, Complications of Jawline Aesthetics?

Chin tip aesthetic surgery, like other surgical procedures, may include some risks, side effects and complications, including infection, edema, swelling, bruising, bleeding, blood accumulation, and allergic reactions. There is a risk of infection after every surgical procedure and this is controlled by antibiotics. The swelling in the mouth area after chin aesthetics also goes away within a few days, in cases where permanent swelling occurs, a doctor should be consulted.

In addition, the possibility of these complications may increase in the presence of previous dental and gingival surgeries, tooth deficiency, tooth extraction or other tooth and gum problems. Therefore, an examination and evaluation by a dentist or gingival surgeon beforehand is important.

Although the swelling in the treated area may be relieved within a few days after chin surgery, it is possible to see swelling for up to 3 months. Swelling is generally seen in the mouth, under the chin and on the cheeks, so it is recommended to use a high pillow after chin surgery.

In addition to swelling, bruises are also seen, and the degree of these bruises varies according to the patient’s sensitivity. The risk of bleeding after chin aesthetic surgery may be from the incisions in the mouth, but it goes away in a few days. The blood accumulation seen after the surgery usually progresses towards the tip of the chin and causes bruising towards the neck. Although all these symptoms decrease day by day after chin aesthetic surgery, it may take 3 months for the chin to take its original shape.

What is the recovery process like after the Jawline tip rasping?

The healing process after rasping the chin tip may vary from person to person, but in general, discomfort such as pain, swelling and bleeding can be seen after the procedure. These discomforts are expected and pass within a few days. In addition to these, changes in the shape of the gums can also be seen; but within a few weeks it is back to its old self. It is necessary to pay attention to dental cleaning and doctor’s controls during the recovery period after rasping.

Things to Consider After Jawline Aesthetic Surgery

Among the things to be considered after chin aesthetic surgery, the patient’s keeping his/ her head up while taking a shower, not bending over, not talking much after the procedure accelerates the healing process. In addition, since he/she  will not be able to perform the chewing function for at least 3 days, he/she should be fed with liquid foods and switched to solid foods depending on the situation. After 2-3 days of feeding with soft foods, it is possible to switch to normal chewing and feeding.

When necessary attention is paid to the use of antibiotics and other issues to prevent the formation of infection, recovery is accelerated and most of the complications are prevented.

When the incisions are opened through the mouth during chin rasping surgery, the stitches are of the type that can dissolve within 1-2 months, so there is no need to remove them. If an incision is made on the skin surface, this is usually under the chin and is taken one week after the operation.

Jawline Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Non-surgical jawline Aesthetics is possible by applying it like a filling. Today, many people who do not prefer surgical procedures provide an aesthetic appearance to their face with jawline filling.

The jawline tip and the tip of the nose are the two most important structures that make up the facial profile and should be compatible with other parts of the face. It may take some time for the jawbone to take its new shape and heal after the jaw tip surgery, but it is not a difficult surgery.

Jawline aesthetic surgeries are completed in 60-90 minutes; Depending on the defect in the jaw, this period can be extended up to 3 hours. It is considered appropriate to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days after the operation, and fluid nutrition is provided in the first days. If the operation was applied to a single jaw, the patient continues his/her normal life after 1 week, while this period is 2 weeks if it is applied to the lower and upper jaws together.

Scarring after Jaw Tip Aesthetics (Surgery) can usually vary depending on the size of the operated area, the structure of the jawbone and the experience of the person performing the surgery. However, even if it is possible to leave scars after the surgery, these scars are often not obvious because they are mixed with other tissues and structures in the body.

There is no age limit for mentoplasty surgery; however, the person's jawbone should be of sufficient size and healthy. Therefore, jawline aesthetic surgery for children and young adults should be performed during the period when the jawbone is fully grown and becomes healthy. In addition, the person must be physically and psychologically ready to perform jawline aesthetic surgery.

Jawline tip aesthetic disorders are not only a problem of appearance, these disorders also affect the health of teeth and gums. For example, gaps between teeth can cause tooth decay and gum disease. It is also known that jaw tip disorders can affect intraoral airways and breathing. In conclusion, it should be kept in mind that if these disorders are not treated with this surgery, which is performed to treat jawline tip aesthetic disorders, the health of teeth and gums may deteriorate and cause other health problems.

In addition, after the mentoplasty surgery, the jawbone and teeth may move or move over the years. For this reason, checks and interventions by your dentist may be required in the postoperative period.

Among the esthetic disorders of the jawline, there are problems such as low jawline, excess, asymmetry, and gaps between the teeth. These aesthetic disorders are usually due to congenital or acquired abnormalities in the jaw and facial structure. However, it can also occur due to tooth and gum diseases, tooth loss, tooth extraction, trauma or other reasons.

Plastic surgeon, assistants, examination team, anesthesiologist, operating room personnel, nurses, health professionals participate in jaw tip aesthetic surgeries. If there is a malfunction in the jaw function (such as a problem in closing the mouth), the orthodontist is also involved in the surgery.

Stereoscopic facial aesthetic surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to correct the facial structure and is performed together with the jaw tip rasping surgery. For this reason, the surgical procedure focuses on a wider area and provides a more aesthetic appearance of the facial structure.

Implants used in jawline surgery do not have any known harm or side effects. However, since it is a foreign material placed in the body from the outside, the reaction from person to person varies.

There may be pain, swelling or other side effects after the surgery, so a companion is needed so that the patient can get the care he/she needs. In addition, there may be disability or restriction of movement for the first few days after the operation, so the need for a companion is important.

Smoking and alcohol use before jaw surgery can slow down the healing process by reducing blood circulation and increase the risk of infection. It is also known to cause more pain, swelling and crust formation, so it is recommended that you stop smoking and alcohol use before jaw surgery.

Although patients generally think that they complain of a jaw disorder and that there is no need to wear braces, this situation is valid for very limited people. Because with jaw disorders, the positions of the teeth change, they come to a different position than they should be, therefore, braces treatment is necessary in jaw disorders.

Especially if the stenosis of the jawline is skeletal, jawline surgery is a must; but if it is dental, it can be solved only with orthodontic treatment (with braces, etc.). In case of skeletal stenosis, jawline surgery can be performed in individuals over the age of 15-16, since the development of the jaw is over.
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