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Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery is an aesthetic application that is mostly applied as a result of sagging in the arm, along with reasons that can make a difference for each person. Arm lift surgery can be performed frequently when a sagging appearance occurs on the arms or when the arms tend to sag with advancing age due to their structure.

While it is aesthetically disturbing, it can also negatively affect the person psychologically. Every person who wants this situation to disappear may need arm lift aesthetics, which is an aesthetic operation, and may want to have arm lift surgery. Arm lift surgery, also known as Brachioplasty, is one of the most preferred methods, especially in advancing age.

In addition, arm lift surgery is a treatment method that can be preferred not only in sagging due to aging, but also in rapid weight loss, excessive weight gain or changes in the arms in the process following sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Why Does Sagging Occur in the Arm?

In the arms, which have the feature of being one of the most suitable places for sagging in the body, sagging is seen with the decrease in the collagen ratio in the skin, especially in advancing ages. Along with this, a loss of elasticity in the skin also occurs as we age. As a result of arm sagging due to high amounts of weight gain and loss, which can be seen in women, every person can apply for arm lift surgery. At the same time, it is an aesthetic method that is widely used in women due to sagging after childbirth and after gastric reduction surgeries.

Sagging in the arm area or the lower part of this area, advancing age, situations that cause changes in the balance of weight gain and loss, changes in the body after birth, cause the appearance of sagging arm skin and this situation disturbs people aesthetically and psychologically. People who are uncomfortable with sagging in their arms, especially when they prefer short-sleeved clothes, can be negatively affected in their social life and human relations. The person may want to have arm lift surgery in order to prevent this sagging appearance.

Treatment Summary

Operation Time

1 - 3 Hours

Type of Anesthesia

General Anesthesia



Time to Return to Work


Warranty Type

Life Time Warranty


3 - 5 Days

VIP Transfer


How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Arm lift surgery is a type of plastic surgery that can be performed very comfortably, as well as being a type of plastic surgery that can be preferred by people with sagging arms. Before the surgery, some tests are requested by looking at the patient’s medical history, and the operation process is started with the determination of the cause of the sagging in the arms. The treatment method, which varies according to each patient, is selected, the techniques and methods to be used in the surgery are determined, and a treatment is applied accordingly. Arm lift aesthetics, which can take 1-3 hours on average, can vary in duration according to the patient’s condition, as in every surgery.

Arm lift surgery is an operation that is performed under local anesthesia and sometimes with general anesthesia. Anesthesia methods vary depending on the patient processes, which may vary from person to person, and the treatment methods that the doctor will apply.

Arm lift surgery is performed by making an incision in the area covering the area from the inner part of the arm to the armpit and removing the fat tissue from the sagging skin. Aesthetic suture technique is used in the surgery, and with this suture method, which shows spontaneous disappearance over time, an aesthetic appearance is provided. Patients recover quickly after arm lift surgery. However, since general anesthesia is preferred in some patients, the discharge process of the patients can be delayed 1 day after the surgery.

Things to Consider Before Arm Lift Surgery

Before arm lift surgery, some tests and examinations are requested from the patients, as in every operation process. Before the operation, the patient must first fulfill everything that is said by the surgeon who will perform the operation. Since it increases the bleeding that may occur during the surgery, it is necessary to interrupt the use of drugs such as aspirin before the operation. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped 2-3 weeks before as it will negatively affect the process and delay the healing of postoperative wounds. Paying attention to the patient’s nutrition and sleep pattern will also affect the healing process positively.

Day of Surgery

The patient, whose examinations were performed before arm lift surgery, should stop eating and drinking the night before the surgery. In the morning, after hospitalization, the controls are made and the operation phase is started. If no problems are encountered at the end of the surgery, the patient’s existing stitches are dressed and the process is completed. Arm lift surgery is not a type of plastic surgery that will cause patients to worry. It is important for the patient to be fully prepared physically as well as mentally ready for the process. There should be no smoking and no alcohol consumption on the day of the surgery. Eating-drinking balance and sleep balance is an important condition in this surgery, as in every surgery.

Recovery Process After Arm Lift Surgery

People with arm lift aesthetics may experience short-term pain depending on the post-operative process. In such cases, the pain of the patients can be reduced by the pain relievers given by your doctor. After arm lift surgery, the person needs to be more sensitive to the stitched areas. It is more appropriate for them to use an arm corset in order not to damage the stitched area and to ensure that the tissues are closed more easily after the surgery. Arm corsets are used for 1-1.5 months on average. Patients can easily use the arm corset, and at the end of this process, they can easily return to their daily lives. In order to prevent the risks that may occur after arm lift surgery, keeping the arms elevated especially in the first days after the surgery accelerates the recovery process.

Risks That May Occur in Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery is a surgery with less side effects and risks compared to other operations. Arm lift surgery, which has an extremely simple and short-term recovery process, is a type of plastic surgery in which people are more comfortable in their surgical decisions as well as being an easy surgery. There are risks associated with almost every operation in this surgery. Therefore, strictly following the doctor’s instructions and being more careful in the pre-operative period, of course, increase the recovery rate.

After arm lift surgery, one of the most disturbing issues for patients is numbness in the arm. This situation may be experienced for a while after the surgery, but it should not be forgotten that this situation is temporary. Of course, you will be given the most accurate information by your doctor. In rare cases, if the numbness does not go away, it will be useful to consult with your doctor immediately.

Arm Lift with Liposuction Without Surgery

With the liposuction method, it is possible to get rid of sagging and excess fat in the arm area without the need for arm lift surgery. However, for this application, the cause of sagging must be determined accurately. While this method is useful in some patients, the desired result may not be obtained in others. In this case, surgical intervention may be necessary. With liposuction, which is an application that takes about 30 minutes on average, it is possible to remove sagging in the arm and to have a tighter and more aesthetic appearance of the skin on the arm. The patients do not feel any pain or pain during this procedure, and the procedure is completed in a very short time.

Arm Lift Surgery Cost

Arm lift surgery cost may differ depending on the methods preferred in the surgery and whether liposuction is applied or not. For this reason, it is not very possible to give a clear figure about the prices of arm lift surgery. You can learn the most precise and correct information through the doctor who will perform the operation, and thus you can have an idea about the price of arm lift surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery usually takes between 1-3 hours.

The suture methods applied during arm lift surgery are not aesthetically pleasing to the patient. In addition, various creams recommended by your doctor can be used, which will prevent the surgical scar, along with the recovery process after the surgery.

Arm lift surgery can be performed with liposuction. Of course, liposuction can be applied if the patient who will have the surgery has a problem of lubrication other than sagging.

Arm lift aesthetics is a permanent plastic surgery. However, the patient who has arm lift surgery needs to maintain weight balance and perform care practices regularly.

Arm lift (brachioplasty) surgery can be performed on every patient over the age of 18.

After the operation, sports can be done 1-1.5 months later.

After arm lift surgery, the patient can generally stay in the hospital for 1 day and rest for 1 week after the operation.

After the surgery, there may be pain for up to 1 week. However, with the help of medications prescribed by your doctor, the pain decreases.

If the balance of weight gain and loss is disturbed after the surgery, sagging may recur.

Generally, specialists do not recommend this type of surgery during pregnancy.

After an average of 2 weeks, it is possible to return to daily life.

Arm lift surgery is an extremely simple and positive aesthetic surgery.

The fact that the operation is performed by a specialist and experienced doctor affects the healing process positively.

The price of the surgery, clinic and doctor selection also vary according to the treatment methods. The doctor who will perform the surgery gives the most accurate information.

As in any surgery, there are risks in arm lift surgery, albeit small. However, if progress is made in line with the doctor's recommendations after the surgery, the healing process is carried out more healthily and the surgery is successful.
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