Hollywood Smile

Smile design is the name of the processes that include a small whitening process, as well as works such as laminated coating, zirconium. For this reason, the Hollywood Smile should be considered as a whole, in which multiple factors such as the position of the teeth, the visibility of the gums and the position of the lips are evaluated together.

Hollywood smile aesthetics is completed in about a week in cases where there is no dental health problem in the mouth. Hollywood smile design is created by the doctor in line with a common decision by creating a plan for the patient's tooth structure and needs. For example, the procedures applied to the gums are generally called pink aesthetics; The procedures applied for white and smooth teeth are generally the applications that are discussed in the white aesthetic title such as zirconium and porcelain lamina.

With the before and after photos of the Hollywood smile, it is seen that the existing dental disorders of the person are eliminated and a natural and aesthetic appearance is achieved. The price of a Hollywood smile is determined by the doctor according to the patient's oral and dental health and varies between 3 thousand and 30 thousand TL on average.

What is Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile started with the changing of the front surface of the teeth of the actors while the movies were being shot in a very short time in Hollywood and became widespread. Hollywood Smile zirconium and laminate veneer, which can be applied in patients with dark tooth colors and very few crooked teeth, is coated on the tooth with special adhesives and these procedures are carried out without damaging the existing healthy tooth.

How to Make Hollywood Smile?

For Hollywood Smile aesthetics, digital smile design is made with photography and measurement processes at the first stage, and then a model is prepared for teeth and gums. Afterwards, this model is applied to the patient and if satisfied, real teeth are made and the smile design is finished by whitening and general controls.

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Who can the Hollywood Smile be applied to?

Hollywood Smile can be applied to people with thin teeth, those who want to lighten their teeth, or those who have cavities in their teeth. While performing these procedures, attention is paid to the existing dental health, and smile aesthetics can be applied to every individual, male or female, who wants to have an aesthetic smile.

What are the Hollywood Smile methods?

Hollywood smile means that the processes such as whitening the teeth of the person, smoothing the crookedness, filling the cavities or covering them with leaf porcelain are carried out together.

Hollywood Smile methods are methods that aim to have smoother and whiter teeth, and the appropriate method is determined according to the person’s dental aesthetic needs and the condition of their teeth.

These methods are: porcelain laminate, zirconia veneer, Bonding (whitening), veneer in laminate (leaf porcelain), gingivectomy (removal of gums and pink aesthetics). The bonding method is the resin layer applied on the teeth and these layers are also used to lighten the tooth color by providing a natural appearance. Since zirconium consists of a more durable and transparent material than metal, it provides a natural appearance by reflecting the color of the underlying tooth. Porcelain lamina is a material with similar properties, it is quickly applied to the anterior surface of the tooth and provides an aesthetic appearance.

What are the Advantages of the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile has advantages such as providing people with a more aesthetic and beautiful appearance, as well as providing healthier teeth by increasing the durability of the teeth. With these methods, it is seen among the advantages of getting results in an average of 2 sessions and being permanent for about 2 years.

What are the Disadvantages of the Hollywood Smile?

Among the disadvantages of the Hollywood smile, there are complaints such as the high cost, as well as mild pain during the procedure. In addition to these disadvantages, it should be noted that smile aesthetic procedures increase the durability of the teeth by protecting their health.

How long does a Hollywood smile last?

The Hollywood Smile is usually completed in 5-6 days if there is no health problem in the mouth and all teeth are present. However, if there is a tooth cavity in the patient, it must be filled first, so after the implant procedure, Hollywood Smile aesthetics is performed. For this reason, the duration of smile design varies according to the process required by the person’s teeth; It is completed in about a week.

How Much Are The Prices Of The Hollywood Smile?

For Hollywood smile prices, a specialist doctor’s examination is required, and the treatment is planned by the doctor by looking at the dental condition of the person. For this reason, the prices vary according to the person and the right Hollywood smile procedure for you is decided in line with your dentist’s advice. For example, laminated tooth coating starts from 300 Euros, while zirconium tooth coating starts from 300 Euros. For the price of a Hollywood smile, the price ranges from approximately 3 thousand to 30 thousand TL.

What are the Hollywood smile design processes?

Hollywood smile design processes are determined according to the needs of the person, treatment and smile design for many problems are made. These design processes are performed with processes such as teeth whitening, porcelain lamina, composite lamina, zirconium coating. In addition to these, Hollywood smile design procedures include gum treatment, lip filling, implant treatment and orthodontic treatments.

What is Hollywood Smile pink aesthetics? How is it done?

Hollywood Smile pink aesthetic, the two places that normally appear when we laugh are teeth and gums, and there is a certain proportion of it. In other words, if the gingiva is more than it should appear when we laugh (this is called a gummy smile), the smile line is distorted. In this case the white area is; In other words, to increase the patient’s tooth length, tooth lengthening processes are applied.

What is Hollywood Smile white aesthetics? How is it done?

Hollywood Smile white aesthetic, porcelain lamina applied to teeth, bonding, zirconium and e-Max porcelain crowns and bleaching applications. Porcelain Lamina is a white aesthetic application, known as leaf porcelain among the people, and this process is prepared by measuring the teeth after slight abrasion. Bonding, which is another white aesthetic application, is the filling process applied for shape and color disorders. Zirconium and Max application has become a highly preferred method in white aesthetic procedures thanks to its structure similar to natural teeth. The breaking process, known as tooth whitening, is the white aesthetic process to lighten the colors of yellowed teeth and can be applied in three or four sessions.

What is porcelain laminate dental veneer? How is it done?

Porcelain laminate dental veneer is an aesthetic coating applied on the teeth and helps to maintain the beauty and health of the teeth, while helping the teeth to become more durable. Porcelain laminate dental veneer consists of a thin layer of porcelain applied on the teeth and is designed in colors suitable for the existing tooth structure of the person to obtain a natural appearance. In the porcelain laminate dental veneer application, the teeth are cleaned and a protective layer is applied, thus creating a color that is compatible with the tooth color and increasing the durability of the teeth.

How many sessions does porcelain laminate veneer take?

Porcelain lamina dental veneers are usually completed in one or two sessions; This period varies according to the needs of the person.

What is zirconia dental veneer? How is it done?

The esthetic appearance of the zirconia tooth veneer teeth is improved and veneers made of white zirconia glass fiber are placed on the teeth with this process. At the same time, it is possible to help people with broken, cracked or yellowed teeth with zirconia tooth coating.

For zirconia dental veneers, the dentist first performs the necessary preliminary procedures for cleaning and treating the teeth. After the teeth are covered with a special adhesive that the veneer will adhere to, the veneer made of glass fiber is shaped by applying it on the teeth.

How to care for zirconia veneers?

When zirconia veneers are taken care of, their permanence time is extended, so regular brushing is important. By recommending the use of oral solutions to the patient, the protection of the teeth against bacteria is provided and the life of the zirconia coating is increased.

How many days is the zirconia crown tooth done?

Zirconia crown tooth duration is determined according to the needs of the person; But this period is usually completed in 2 sessions.

Hollywood Smile FAQ

Hollywood smile aesthetics is to give a more aesthetic appearance to the existing dental disorders of the person with porcelain coating, to eliminate the gaps between the gums or similar problems. All these processes are also known as aesthetic smile design or Hollywood smile.

The Hollywood Smile session varies according to the dental problems and the treatments that need to be applied.

When we want to have a smile design, easier and more protective procedures such as bonding and recontouring can be applied, so tooth cutting is not necessary to have a smile design.

The smile line is the intraoral window that appears in the person's rose, and in some people, the gums appear more than they should, thus expanding the laugh line in this window. This situation is called gummy smile (over-appearance of gums).

In the treatment of Hollywood smile, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers and zirconium veneers are generally used and these materials are durable materials that are very similar to the natural appearance of the teeth. With the Hollywood smile treatment, materials such as porcelain lamina and zirconium are coated on the teeth and maintain the beautiful appearance of the teeth. Porcelain crowns used in the treatment of Hollywood smile are white, thin and durable materials that cover the anterior and posterior parts of the teeth. Porcelain and zirconium veneers, on the other hand, are coated on the teeth to obtain a Hollywood smile without causing any damage to healthy teeth.

Teeth whitening, smoothing and beautification processes are performed for Hollywood smile, however, laser methods are used for whitening. In tooth straightening processes, applications such as porcelain laminate or laminate crowns or zirconium are preferred for Hollywood smile.

With the Hollywood smile, there is a solution for yellowed, cracked or broken teeth, and an aesthetic appearance is also provided to people who have gaps between the teeth and have short teeth.

Factors such as age and gender are not important in Hollywood smile treatment; but in some cases, these factors need to be taken into account during the planning stage of smile aesthetics. For example: because children's teeth are still developing, children are not suitable for some aesthetic procedures. Likewise, some genders may have congenitally smaller or larger teeth, so they are also taken into account in Hollywood smile aesthetics. Your dentist will determine the most suitable treatment option for you for aesthetic procedures such as Hollywood smile.

Among the foreign celebrities who have a Hollywood smile are names such as Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus. Among the Turkish celebrities who have had smile aesthetics, there are names such as Beren Saat, Burak Özçivit, Demet Özdemir, Murat Boz and Serenay Sarıkaya.
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