In Turkey, the center of Medical Tourism, we provide services in hospitals with doctors who are experts in their fields. We are among the preferences of international patients with our quality and affordable healthcare services. We offer you all the medical services you choose in our contracted hospitals. During your trip; We provide every service you may need, such as hotel, accommodation, airport pickup, domestic transfers, translator.

Health Institutions We Have Contracts with

You can find detailed information about Health Institutions with International Health Facility Accreditation Approved by the Ministry of Health here. We also provide intermediary services such as transportation and accommodation to Ministry of Health Approved Hospitals to our guests who want to receive Health Service. As Ixora Life , we benefit from the following health institutions.

Ixora Life Clinic

As Ixora Life Family, which provides patient acceptance at international standards with its up-to-date technology and expert staff in a short time, we produce solutions in the fields of plastic surgery, obesity surgery, dental treatments and medical aesthetics, especially hair transplantation and treatments.

We are always with you with our expert staff who know that health is more valuable than anything else…


Our Mission

Ixora Life Clinic, which grows with the value it receives from its patients by combining a guest-oriented approach, experienced physician staff and multidisciplinary work, aims to be the pioneer of reliable and quality healthcare service. As Ixora Life Clinic, which aims to bring advanced diagnosis and treatment methods to the world simultaneously, our aim is “your health and beauty”.

Ixora Life Clinic, which constantly raises the bar in its sector with its professional approach and advanced technology in health, brings patients together with health and beauty with the quality health services it offers.

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