Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a method that provides a solution for people who have lost their hair or have hair loss problems. This process is usually performed by transplanting hair follicles taken from the nape area to the thinned area. Hair transplant usually gives permanent and beautiful results, but there is a risk of complications in some people.

Today, the commonly preferred hair transplant methods are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplants. Another important thing to know about hair transplant is that this procedure is widely used not only in men but also in women.

In addition, Hair Transplant Prices are also among the topics of interest. However, it is necessary to know the number of grafts to be transplanted when determining hair transplant prices. For this reason, before deciding on hair transplantation, it would be appropriate to consult with a specialist doctor.

In addition, the experience of the clinic where the hair transplant operation will be performed and the materials they use should also be investigated. By considering the post-procedure care instructions of the clinic where you will have the hair transplant procedure, your chance of getting the expected results from the procedure increases.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical method applied to eliminate the problems of baldness and hair thinning of people with hair loss. For hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the donor area of the body, such as the nape, and transplanted to the area where baldness or hair loss is experienced by microsurgical methods. The hair transplant donor area is the area where the hair strands used in hair transplant will be taken. The donor area is the area where hair strands are abundant, which are usually found on the back and sides of the skull. According to the number and quality of the hair strands taken from this area, the amount and quality of hair transplantation is also determined.

The aim of hair transplantation is to restore hair growth and achieve a permanent hair appearance. Hair transplantation is a small microsurgical operation applied individually. Hair transplantation should be performed by an experienced doctor and team in a hospital environment. With the application of hair transplantation, the person gets permanent hair. It is regaining the natural hair appearance with hair transplantation.

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Local Anesthesia



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How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Hair transplantation is specially designed and applied for the person. Hair transplantation is performed by planting new hair tips in areas with sparseness or baldness. Hair transplantation is performed by a dermatology or plastic surgery specialist with local anesthesia. During hair transplantation, several hair follicles are taken from the nape of the patient and added to the areas where the patient has shedding.

The time lengthof the hair transplantation process varies from person to person, but usually takes 6 hours. It is possible that there will be a slight swelling and pain after hair transplantation.

To Whom Can Hair Transplantation Be Applied?

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 and under the age of 60. However, it is important to identify the causes of spillage. These reasons include hormonal changes, medications, stress, health problems and nutritional deficiencies. In addition, it may be risky to have hair transplantation in people with certain health problems. For this reason, the health status of the person who will have a hair transplant should also be evaluated before the hair transplant intervention. For this reason, it is recommended that people considering hair transplantation should consult a dermatology or plastic surgery specialist.

Before the hair transplant intervention, issues such as the evaluation of the person’s hair condition and how the hair transplant procedure will be performed should be discussed. In addition, since anesthesia will be used during the hair transplant procedure, it should be evaluated whether the person has any allergies to anesthesia.

What are the Hair Transplant Methods?

Commonly preferred hair transplant methods are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplant techniques.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

With Fue hair transplant, the hair follicles are taken in small pieces and applied to the areas where shedding is experienced. In this method, hair follicles are collected one by one, so Fue hair transplantation is a more sensitive application than other methods. The higher the quality of the patient’s hair follicles, the more successful the hair transplant will be. Collected hair follicles are planted after local anesthesia. The application time takes about 2 to 4 hours.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

With DHI hair transplant, a number of procedures are applied to give the hair a natural and healthy look. In the DHI hair transplant method, the hair follicles (the places where the hair grows) are repositioned as close to their natural appearance as possible. During DHI hair transplantation, less damage is done to the operation area and a faster healing process is experienced.

In the DHI hair transplant method, hair follicles are injected directly into the skin with a specially designed needle. In this way, the amount of damaged tissue during hair transplantation is reduced and the hair looks more natural. The DHI hair transplant method is more expensive than other hair transplant techniques, but provides higher success.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation saves people from baldness and gives them the aesthetic appearance they wish. In addition, with hair transplantation, it is possible to achieve the desired hair model. For example, a person with straight hair can achieve a curly-haired appearance with hair transplantation. At the same time, the hair of the person who has the hair transplant is not noticed by anyone because it looks natural.

Since hair transplantation technology is gradually advancing, it has high success rates. However, the results may not be the same for every person, so it is recommended to consult a specialist before having a hair transplant. One of the advantages of hair transplantation is that the transplanted hair is permanent. In addition, the hair obtained as a result of hair transplantation does not require special care.

What are the Disadvantages of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgery procedure and, like all surgical procedures, it can have certain disadvantages. For example, although hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure, you can feel mild and short-term pain. Also, a small wound is opened on the skin during the hair transplant procedure, which can cause infection. Minor bleeding may be seen during the procedure, as well as short-term irregularities and redness on the skin.

How Much The Prices of Hair Transplant?

While determining the Hair Transplantation Prices, the most important point is the number of grafts to be planted. This calculation is usually made based on the number of grafts transplanted in the hair transplant session. However, this situation changes according to the hair transplant center. In Ixora Life Clinic, on the other hand, the price remains constant, whether the hair transplant is 2500 or 5000 grafts. Hair transplant prices are calculated by adding accommodation and transfer fees for people coming from abroad or from outside the city. The Ministry of Health has a publication ban regarding hair transplantation prices. For this reason, it is necessary to contact the institutions to get information about hair transplantation prices.

Things to Know About Hair Transplantation

An important point to know about hair transplantation is that this procedure is widely used not only in men but also in women. Hair transplantation is usually performed under anesthesia and the procedure time varies between 3-8 hours. After the hair transplant procedure, there will be a slight pain and swelling on the skin. At the same time, it should be known that the hair will fall out by entering the process called shock loss in the first month.

Hair transplantation gives lifelong results, but it should not be forgotten that the hair may continue to fall out naturally over the years. It is recommended to avoid activities such as swimming and sauna for a few weeks after hair transplantation. Special shampoos and serums can be used to accelerate hair growth after hair transplantation.

The hair transplantation process can be repeated in some cases after it has been done once.

Before Hair Transplant

To whom can hair transplantation be applied?

Hair transplantation can be applied to all individuals over the age of 18, men and women, under the age of 60, and all individuals with sufficient donors. People who have lost their hair completely or have thinned hair are considered suitable for hair transplantation. It is important to determine the cause of hair loss before hair transplantation in terms of the permanence of the treatment. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the hair by a specialist doctor beforehand.

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplantation?

The best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation is to be examined by a specialist doctor. Hair transplantation is applied to people with permanent hair loss, those who have a forehead line behind or those who have thinning in the crown area.

Can hair be transplanted at a young age?

Hair transplantation is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18 because hormonal changes are observed. After determining the causes of shedding, hair transplantation gives healthier and permanent results.

What is Pre-Hair Transplant Planning? How is it done?

Hair transplantation is carried out in a healthier way with the planning before hair transplantation. The hair transplant specialist provides information about the hair transplant options suitable for the person by making hair analysis. Then, you will be informed about the procedure by deciding whether you are suitable for hair transplantation.

What is the most important factor for hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is carried out to intensify the hair by giving it its natural appearance. It is important to plant the grafts at the right angle during hair transplantation to ensure a natural appearance.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaved hair transplantation is performed by taking hair follicles from the donor areas of the body and adding them to the anterior, posterior or lateral areas of the skull. It is called “unshaved” because the needles used in unshaven hair transplantation are not visible. In this technique, since the needles are very thin, they do not leave scars and hair transplantation can be done painlessly. Unshaved hair transplantation is applied for the purpose of revitalizing the hair of people with hair loss problem.

Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplant operation is applied to those who lose their hair due to genetic predisposition or other reasons. The hair transplant operation is carried out by transplanting hair follicles from one area to another. It is usually performed by transplanting hair follicles from the nape of the patient from other areas with a low risk of shedding.

Hair transplant operation is performed painlessly as local anesthesia is applied to the area. At the same time, for hair transplantation, there is no need for a large opening in the person’s hair. Hair transplantation is also applied for areas with slight thinning or areas with partial opening.

Is hair transplantation an aesthetic procedure or a medical procedure?

Hair transplant is both an aesthetic and medical procedure. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic procedure performed to reduce the discomfort that people experience due to loss or reduction of their hair and to make them look beautiful. For this reason, hair transplantation is usually done to increase the person’s appearance and confidence. Hair transplantation is also a medical procedure and is an effective treatment against many factors that cause hair loss.

After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation After 10 – 15 Days

After the hair transplantation, the wounds heal after 10-15 days. It is normal to experience itching in the first 10 days. The first wash after hair transplantation should be carried out in the hospital environment under the control of a doctor, and the person should continue the washing process at home as indicated by the doctor. Performing the first wash under the control of a doctor after hair transplantation is important in terms of preventing the displacement of hair follicles that have not yet fully adhered. At the end of 10 days after hair transplantation, shock loss occurs.

Hair Transplantation between 1 and 3 months

Hair Transplantation It is observed that the crusts that have formed usually fall out between 1 and 3 months. The shock shedding that started in this process continues, but the swelling heals completely. The redness in the front hairline will also be greatly improved, and after this stage, light exercise movements can be done.

Hair Transplantation between 3 and 6 months

The formation of new hair takes place between 3 and 6 months after hair transplantation, but the hair strands are weak in the beginning. During this process, there is a risk of crusting and infection in sensitive skin. To get rid of infections that occur after hair transplantation, it is necessary to use drugs. In case of infection after hair transplantation, contacting your doctor will provide a quick recovery.

When 6 months pass after hair transplantation, a rapid increase in hair growth is seen. In addition, the hair strands become stronger and thicker, resulting in an increase in hair density.

Hair Transplantation between 8 months and 1 year

Hair transplantation can achieve the desired result in hair transplanted between 8 months and 1 year. After 1 year, there is no shedding in the transplanted hair, but clarification may occur due to other hairs that continue to fall out. For the sparseness that occurs after 1 year, it is not considered appropriate to perform a hair transplant again.

What is the lifespan of hair transplant?

The lifespan of hair transplantation can vary between 10-15 years. Sapphire FUE hair transplantation life can be extended depending on whether the right care is taken or not. The health status of the person who has hair transplantation can also affect the process. Having a healthy lifestyle can help extend the life of the hair transplant.

What percentage of the transplanted hair grows?

The retention rate of the transplanted hair after hair transplantation can usually reach up to 95%. This rate is determined within a few months after the hair transplantation process, when the hair loss process is completed and the hair begins to hold on completely. However, this rate varies depending on the genetic structure of the person, the techniques applied to the hair transplantation process and the care after the hair transplantation. Before deciding on the hair transplant procedure, good research of the doctor and the clinic increases the chance of getting the expected results from the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

There are some important points that should be considered after hair transplantation. It is very important to rest among these things that are required after hair transplantation. Another important thing to consider after hair transplantation is to avoid scratching the transplanted area. In addition to these, avoiding smoking and alcohol use for about three weeks is among the things to consider after hair transplantation.

Hair transplant recovery time varies from person to person. Generally, hair transplant recovery time ranges from several days to a week. However, it is difficult to give an average time for hair transplant recovery time.

After hair transplantation, a process called shock loss occurs during the growth and growth of the transplanted hair. After hair transplantation, shedding is a normal situation, but if the hair transplantation is not done correctly, more hair loss occurs during the growth and growth of the transplanted hair. If an abnormal amount of hair loss is experienced during the growth of the transplanted hair it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Hair transplant results can usually be seen within 3-6 months. However, the results of hair transplantation are seen exactly after 6-12 months. In this process, the growth of transplanted hair is like normal hair growth. After hair transplantation, some factors are effective for the hair growth and growth. Among these, there are factors such as the patient's level of hair growth hormones, hair transplantation technique and the quality of the transplanted hair.

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it carries some serious risks. For example, infection, bleeding, pain, swelling and hair loss can be seen in hair transplant risks. Failure to take aseptic measures during hair transplantation causes infection. At the same time, the inability to control the bleeding that will occur during the opening of the canal in the hair transplantation process causes excessive bleeding. Although it is normal to experience pain after hair transplantation, it increases in severity when pain control is not achieved. Again, the unnatural appearance that will occur as a result of the wrong placement of the hair also disturbs the people in terms of aesthetics. For this reason, it is important that hair transplantation is performed by experts.
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