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Fractional Laser

Fractional laser is an extremely successful procedure at the point of solving all kinds of skin problems such as spots, acne or scars on the skin that cause an aesthetically unhealthy appearance. Skin problems, which are challenging for many people, are effectively treated with fractional laser, which is among the preferred laser methods in recent years. There are two types of fractional laser treatments. Carbon dioxide laser therapy, called CO2, and Erbium laser therapy are fractional laser methods. Carbon dioxide laser is the most preferred treatment method among these treatment methods.

Fractional laser is an effective laser method used both in skin rejuvenation processes and in the treatment of skin problems that may cause aesthetic discomfort such as changes in the skin due to the aging process, wounds and pimples that cannot produce results with long-term treatments, and burns. Fractional laser process is a laser method used in other areas as well as burns, scars and acne scars. It is also applied in cracks and sagging caused by pregnancy and postpartum period.

Fractional laser, which is the laser technology where the most effective results are obtained, used for reasons such as rejuvenating effect and skin renewal; It is one of the most preferred methods due to its high effect in a short time. Fractional laser is a laser method that shows its healing effect especially on the upper and lower layers of the skin.

How is the Fractional Laser Process Applied?

While the lowest level of wrinkles or acne and wounds are treated with fractional laser; Intense wrinkles and spots can also be treated. With the fractional laser, the treatment of acne, scars and burn scars is extremely easy, but permanent results can also be obtained. With this application, laser beams are applied to the skin in the presence of microscopic methods, and thus renewed and strong tissues are gained. It is aimed to correct the damaged parts in the application areas with fractional laser.

Fractional laser process creates a controlled scar in the skin tissue by opening micro channels up to a certain depth in the skin. The living cells around these micro-channels provide more collagen production in the skin by regulating the wound formation in this area and providing renewal. Thus, while the skin tissue, which started the production of collagen, started the rejuvenation process; By renewing the skin, the spots on the upper skin are treated and collagen formation is ensured.

Before the fractional laser application, a cream is applied for the local anesthesia procedure to minimize the pain sensation of the person. After the procedure, the person may feel a burning sensation for an average of one or two hours. After the fractional laser application, the person should not come into contact with water for 2 days and should repeat the creams with sun protection factor every 2-3 hours. The swelling and redness of the skin after the fractional laser treatment varies according to the procedure to be performed. However, over time, this swelling decreases within 2-3 days and the person regains a healthy appearance. Fractional laser can be applied to the face area for the treatment of acne scars, as well as to the chest, back or arm areas for treatment.

What are Fractional Laser Usage Areas?

While the usage areas of the fractional laser are especially performed for skin rejuvenation, rejuvenation, tightening and wrinkle treatment, it is also used in some areas for solving problems such as spots, acne scars, various scars, pregnancy and birth cracks:

  • Skin resurfacing
  • Wrinkle
  • Pimple treatment
  • Stain treatments
  • Capillary treatment
  • Rejuvenation
  • Tightening
  • Genital area and underarm bleaching
  • Removal of surgical scars
  • Acne blemishes
  • Scar treatment
  • Wound treatment
  • Wart treatment
  • Vaginal aesthetics
  • Pregnancy and birth stretch marks
  • Treatment of pores
  • Excessive sweating

Who Cannot Have Fractional Laser Treatment?

Fractional laser process is a laser process that should be applied by professionals who are experts in this field, but it should not be applied to some people:

  • In case of an inflamed structure occurring on the skin of the person,
  • During pregnancy and lactation,
  • In skin problems due to intense inflammation that may occur after the application,
  • In people using blood thinners,
  • In people who have been exposed to applications such as solarium before the laser procedure,
  • In people at risk of hypertrophic scars and keloids,

implementation is inconvenient.

What are the Benefits of the Fractional Laser?

Fractional laser is a laser treatment method that has very successful results especially in the treatment of acne scars. In addition, it can be applied in the rejuvenation of the skin and also in the processes of obtaining a smooth appearance. Fractional laser helps the skin to renew itself and to be treated. Fractional laser, which has a very fast recovery process, is an effective laser treatment method for skin tone differences. The treatment of acne scars is provided by fractional laser and the person does not feel any pain because the areas of the body are anesthetized with local anesthesia.

After Fractional Laser Process

After the fractional laser application, the healing process of the skin is quite fast. After fractional laser treatment, people can usually return to work immediately after the laser treatment or the next day, depending on the treatment applied. You can take a shower with warm water after an average of one day after the fractional laser procedure. In the first week after the procedure, the skin should be cleaned three times a day and the creams to be used in accordance with this process should be used for both skin restructuring and moisturizing.

After the fractional laser treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to the formation of stains caused by the sun’s rays. It is necessary to protect the skin from the sun, especially within 6 months, and when it is exposed to sunlight, it is necessary to take precautions with a sunscreen factor cream. During the healing process, the moisture content of the skin should be provided at certain intervals every day, accompanied by protective creams or lotions.

During the healing process and within a few months after the fractional laser treatment, the treated area should be protected with a moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 50+. After the fractional laser, the skin may have a pinkish tone within 3 or 5 days. However, this is a temporary result that can be seen after the procedure. In addition, swelling after the procedure is mostly seen very little and this situation improves within 2-3 days. After the fractional laser, the healing process and the effect of the procedure are not immediately visible. Recovery can be seen in approximately three or four months.

What Are the Side Effects of Fractional Laser Therapy?

There are generally no side effects in fractional laser treatment. However, people with sensitive skin may experience redness and slight swelling on the skin within an average of 3 or 5 days after this application. In such cases, cold application should be applied to those areas and these side effects are helped to heal.

Among the side effects seen in a very few numbers in fractional laser treatment, intense edema may occur in the application areas. In addition, although rare, increases such as spotting and acne can be seen in some cases. After the fractional laser, excessive peeling or crusting can be seen on the skin. However, this is a very rare complication.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fractional Laser

Fractional laser application is mostly applied especially in winter seasons.

Treatment methods such as PRP and mesotherapy can be used with fractional laser, and more effective results can be obtained with these treatments applied together.

Recovery after fractional laser may take an average of one week. There may be mild redness and edema on the skin for the first three days. However, the person can return to his/her daily life in about a week.

After fractional laser, it is necessary not to be exposed to the sun, especially. After the application, the person should not go out to the sun on average within 3-5 days after the procedure and then use sunscreens with high protection factor.

If the fractional laser is applied regularly depending on the aging process, it gives the skin a renewed appearance. This repetition process varies according to the person's aging process, lifestyle and genetic status.

Fractional laser is done in sessions and the process takes 20-30 minutes on average. Depending on the treatment to be applied, this situation changes as 3-5 sessions and can be done in a period of 4-8 weeks.

Some patients may experience pain in fractional laser treatment. However, the feeling of pain can be minimized by the use of local anesthetic cream or by cooling equipment after the procedure.
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