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Ear Correction Surgery

Ear Correction Surgery is an operation performed to correct the deformity of the ear, one of the most important organs on our face. Correction ear is a term used especially among the people, and it creates a state of anxiety in the person because of the appearance of the ear. Due to the sensitivity of the cartilage structure in the ear, the folds in the ear are not formed at the required level, and the fact that the ear structure is curved more anteriorly and laterally than it should be is called " prominent ear".

Ears are located on both sides of our face and are noticed at first glance by the person looking at us. Any structural disorder found in our ear structure; it is in direct connection with the image we have and reflect. The prominent ear is the most common deformation in the ear structure. The surgery performed to correct this deformation is called “Otoplasty” in medicine. Another meaning is ear aesthetics. Anyone who is dissatisfied with their ear structure can have ear correction surgery (otoplasty). Ear correction surgery,which is also known as otoplasty, is an operation that changes the size and shape of the ears, as well as the negative ideas of the people about their self. In other words, this surgery is performed not only for reasons brought by physical concerns, but also for reasons that psychological reasons take a large place. For this reason, ear correction surgery is performed for aesthetic purposes; It helps the person regain their self-confidence.

About Ear Correction Surgery

Today, the number of plastic surgeries is increasing. Many people prefer plastic surgery for health, social and psychological reasons. As human beings are social beings, they are in constant interaction. The effect of these interactions on us is an undeniable fact. In terms of having an idea about ourselves, other people's comments for us have an important place in our lives.

The state of being "made fun" by friends, especially in school age and which has a very intense pressure on the person during childhood; It is a very effective reason to decide to have plastic surgery. In cases where we do not like our appearance or need to be changed in terms of health, aesthetic surgeries come into play. Ear aesthetic surgery is one of these types of surgery. Ear correction surgery is an operation that is in demand among people. Especially when we look at the ear surgery data of women and men, we see that men have a higher number of these surgeries. The main reason for this situation is our physical features. In other words, women's desire to have ear correction surgery is less common than men, as their hair can cover their ears.

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At the same time, the size of the ear and the ear correction structure that disturb the person, the feedback received by the person’s environment in this regard or the peer bullying suffered in childhood; affects the decisions taken at the point of having ear correction surgery. Ear correction surgery, to put it under another name, ear aesthetic surgery (otoplasty) is a surgery that is valid for anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of their ears.

In ear correction surgery, 5-6 years of age or later is considered ideal as the age of surgery. In some cases, it can also be performed in adults for the purpose of plastic surgery. In addition, this surgery can be performed not only for prominent ears, but also for all deformities that occur in the ears of individuals. In terms of ear aesthetics and psychological point of view, performing ear correction surgery before primary school; It provides immense benefits both in terms of physical appearance and psychological reasons.

Ear Correction Concept being the Subject of Aesthetics

Ear correction is a problem that can be seen frequently in our country in terms of aesthetics. The reason why prominent ear condition, which is not a disease, is seen as a problem is based on the fact that people are not satisfied with themselves from an aesthetic point of view. To correct this problem, ear aesthetic surgery is performed.

The main reasons for ear aesthetic surgery to be the subject of aesthetics are; There are “pronounced ear” warnings directed to the person by the people and even the discourses that will cause a complex. The desire of people to look beautiful and pleasant in terms of appearance and to be liked causes both the subject of aesthetics and the preference of aesthetic surgeries.

Why Prominent Ear Causes?

Prominent ear is usually and largely an inborn feature. It also has the property of being genetic. It is more common in people who have prominent ear problems in their family. Prominent ear; It arises from the fact that the tissue called cartilage in the ear cannot fully complete its own structure in the childhood and earlier ages. Since the cartilage tissue is not fully developed, the distance between the ear and the head widens, and the ear structure tends to sag forward. At the same time, prominent ear problem can also occur due to traumatic reasons that occur later. A severe blow to the ear can cause ear curvature, that is, prominent ear, when it damages the cartilage structure in the ear area. A severe accident or exposure to a severe blow can cause these traumatic occurrences.

Anyone who is faced with the appearance of prominent ears can have ear aesthetic surgery at any age. However, treatment at a young age will make the person more comfortable and more confident both psychologically and socially, and it is also an important condition in terms of health.

Ear Correction Surgery Techniques and Methods

Ear correction aesthetics is a surgical procedure performed to relieve aesthetic concerns of both women and men. Ear surgery aesthetic, which is a very simple operation, means the correction of the deformed ear shape in the auricle. Ear correction is a condition in which the ear structure is larger than that seen by people and is tilted forward. It is possible to eliminate this situation with surgery. The aim of the operation is not to solve the functional problems of the ear. Only the unusual appearance of the ear is corrected.

Ear aesthetic surgery can be performed with both general anesthesia and local anesthesia methods. It is performed under general anesthesia in young patients. The reason for this is to try to reduce the fears of the patients because of their age (children). In adult patients, it is performed with local anesthesia with drugs that will calm the patient. However, in some cases, general anesthesia is used in patients not suitable for local anesthesia. Both methods differ according to the age range of the patient and are applied in this direction.

Ear correction aesthetics; It starts with removing a small piece of skin from the back of the prominent part of the ear structure and determining the appropriate points where the stitches will be placed for the ideal fold. Then, the cartilages of the ear are rasped and made to bend at the ideally determined points. In order to place the distance between the head and the ear in a healthy way, the ideal shape is given to the ear by stitching the area between the skull bone membrane and the ear base. In this way, depending on the ear structure, the earlobe is rotated backwards. An important point here is to try to reach the right curl. During the ear correction surgery, the incision applied to the back of the ear is closed with the aesthetic suture method, preventing the surgery. The surgery ends with the necessary dressings. There are several methods that are applied in ear correction aesthetics and of course determined by your doctor. The first of these; It is prominent ear aesthetics with a thread (without surgery).

Although this method is called surgery, it is applied without making any incisions in the ear structure and without scarring that would be caused by any knife marks. Afterwards, a medical (a material suitable for use during surgery) thread is pulled from the cartilage on the upper part of the ear with the help of a needle and the process is completed in a way that ensures the ear to have the ideal appearance. A second method is ear correction aesthetics, which is applied surgically. In this method, a vertical incision is made in the back of the ear. By entering the incision made, the cartilage structure of the ear is given an ideal shape and the shape of the ear is fixed with permanent stitches. The ear is covered with a bandage and a hair band must be used during the patient’s recovery. Another method is called non-surgical prominent ear treatment. This method is mostly used in newborn babies. In order to correct the deformation in the ear, the ears are corrected without the need for surgery. Since it is a new birth, the softness and flexibility of the cartilage structure of the ear is an important factor in this method.

For Which Problems Is Ear Correction Surgery Applied?

Ear correction is usually a congenital genetic condition. However, it is possible to say that it occurred later in some different situations. The situations that require ear correction surgery can be listed as follows:

  • In cases of ear correction appearance
  • Congenital earlobe deformities
  • In the absence of an earlobe
  • In disorders that may occur later in the earlobe
  • When the earlobe is exposed to sagging in later ages
  • Curling of the ears in the upward direction in shape
  • Intense tilting of the ears to the front
  • In traumatic situations after a severe blow to the ear

Success Rates in Ear Correction Surgery

The vast majority of ear correction surgeries, up to 90-95%, are completed in a very healthy and trouble-free manner. Of course, the expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery and their share in this matter is an undeniable fact. However, as in any surgery, any possible risk should be calculated in the best way possible.

Things to Do Before Ear Correction Surgery

In order to obtain a healthy result in ear correction aesthetics, preparations must be made within the time specified by your doctor before the surgery. The first step to be taken is to start the surgical procedures by determining a specialist and authorized doctor in his field. Before the operation is performed, an examination must be made. Thanks to this examination, the doctor will decide whether you are suitable for ear correction surgery. The necessary tests are started with the decision of the operation.

Another important issue that should be considered in ear correction surgery is the age range of the patient. Since this surgery is also performed on people in childhood, it would be a more appropriate decision to make an explanation in line with the child’s psychology in terms of his/her feelings. In fact, if this situation cannot be conveyed to the child in an appropriate language by the parents, it will be a good decision to get psychological help and talk to a pedagogue.

If general anesthesia will be applied to the patient on the day before the operation, the night before the operation and the morning after it; The patient should not be eating or drinking any liquids. At the same time, the patients should pay more attention to their nutrition before the operation. In terms of general surgery, aspirin use should be discontinued an average of two weeks before the surgery. Of course, it would still be a good decision for a patient who uses cigarettes and alcohol to stop smoking and alcohol use at least 2-3 weeks before the surgery date. In order to spend a more comfortable time before the surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing more comfortable clothes when coming to the hospital. Accompanying you with a companion will also prepare you better for the process.

Examinations had to be Done Before Surgery

No matter which surgery is performed, it is necessary to have a blood test before every surgery where general anesthesia is applied. In the same way, a blood test is requested before ear correction surgery. The patient’s medical history, existing diseases, and medications are reviewed and examined. If the anesthesia method to be applied is local anesthesia, the decision for the patient to undergo an extensive examination procedure, as in general anesthesia, is made by the doctor based on the patient’s health history.

Physical Examination Before Ear Correction Aesthetics

Before the treatment methods to be applied to the patient are determined, the doctor who will perform the surgery performs the physical examination. In this examination, the size of the ears, examination of their structure, the ratio and symmetry of the ears to the face are taken into account. Since the dimensions of an ideally determined ear are within certain norms, determinations are made at the point of evaluation of whether there is a different situation during the physical examination and whether it is evaluated as prominent ear.

How long does ear correction surgery take?

Ear correction surgery, also known as otoplasty, takes an average of 1-2 hours. This period is valid for surgeries performed under general anesthesia. However, the duration of the operation also varies according to the procedures performed on the ear and the methods applied in order to achieve the ideal aesthetic appearance of the ear.

After Ear Correction Surgery

After the ear correction aesthetic surgery, the bandage wrapped around your head completely covers your ears. The removal times of the bandages will be within the timeframes determined by the doctor. The degree of pain after the surgery is mostly mild or in some cases moderate. For pain, drugs determined by the doctor are used. Of course, since ear correction surgery includes children in the age group, the medications and post-operative care will be in this direction. At the same time, there may be a temporary blockage in the ears after surgery. As in every surgery, the post-operative diet also has a very important place in ear correction surgery. A diet plan will be shared with you under the supervision of your doctor, which will ensure the establishment of a healthy diet and the rapid recovery of the patient after the surgery.

Postoperative Surveillance Time

After ear correction surgery, we can list the necessary items for the patient to be kept under surveillance by his relatives as follows:

  • In the first week after the surgery, care should be taken not to get the ear wet and to keep it dry.
  • During the first 24 hours from the end of the surgery, care should be taken not to let the bandage fall and it should be worn for a few weeks.
  • Heavy objects should not be carried for at least 2 weeks.
  • For at least 2 weeks, it is necessary not to engage in activities that will tire the body.
  • It will be a healthier situation for you to spend the post-operative surveillance process with a companion or a relative.

Scar After Ear Correction Surgery

The scar that will form after ear correction surgery is extremely normal. The surgical scar may be evident in the first period, but the doctor’s post-operative care provides convenience in terms of healing of the wound in the future. The absence of an operation scar after ear correction surgery also varies according to the expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery. At the same time, since the post-operative scars are mostly located on the back of the ear, it will not be possible to see them from the outside.

Taking a Bath After Ear Correction Surgery

After an average of one week from ear correction surgery, hair and ears can be washed gently with the help of soap/shampoo and water without applying too much pressure. Care should be taken not to wet the stitches. If the temperature of the hair dryer used during drying the hair is kept at a low level, it will be healthier in terms of not damaging the ear. After the operation, it is necessary to wait for a certain period of time before taking a bath or shower. The determination of this period is also determined by your doctor.

Postoperative Recovery Process

Prominent ear appearance, which is a problem that bothers the person especially in childhood, is also a problem that people of all ages can feel the same discomfort. This problem, which causes the person’s self-esteem to be shaken, can be corrected with an aesthetic operation. However, in order for the operation to continue successfully, the patient must be extremely attentive during the recovery period and take into account every warning made by the doctor after the operation.

The treatment methods to be applied after ear correction aesthetics vary according to the techniques and methods used in the surgery. For example; It is possible for a person who has ear correction surgery with laser to be discharged from the hospital on the same day. Of course, this is valid after the surgery, after the doctor’s approval, by making the controls. However, the recovery process for a patient with general anesthesia method varies. Due to the anesthesia given during the surgery, the patients do not feel intense pain after the surgery. Afterwards, a slight pain can be seen in the ear and head area. These pains are reduced with painkillers given by the doctor. Postoperative bandages remain in the patient for 3-7 days. It is recommended by the doctor to use a hair band for about 2 weeks after removing the bandage. In this way, the ear is protected against external impacts and folding is prevented. This is extremely important for the stitches not to open and for the ear to perform its functions in a healthy way. In order for the ideal shape given to the ear to be permanent for a long time in ear correction aesthetic surgery, the patient must be protected from such traumatic situations.

As in every surgery, the patient should definitely be cut off from water for at least 3 days for the risk of infection that may occur after ear correction surgery. After this period, it is possible to take a short and mild shower. Of course, for all these, the approval of the doctor who performed the ear correction surgery must be obtained. Mild bruising and swelling in the ear after ear aesthetic surgery is extremely normal. After about 2-3 weeks, this situation returns to normal. Complete recovery takes place approximately 6 months after the operation. People who have ear correction surgery can return to their normal daily life within an average of 1 week.

Is Ear Aesthetic Surgery Sufficient for an Aesthetic Appearance?

The answer to the question of whether ear aesthetic surgery, which is an important surgery from both an aesthetic and a medical point of view, is sufficient for the person who has decided to have the surgery, varies. These results, which are obtained according to the method and procedures performed during the surgery, vary from person to person. For some patients, ear correction surgery may be sufficient on its own, as it is suitable for their face shapes and ear structures. However, in some patients, if the ear aesthetic surgery does not give the desired results, different treatment methods can be discussed again after the surgery. All these surgical methods determined by the surgeon vary for each patient due to the medical history they have and the differences in the practices during the operation.

What are the Prices of Ear Correction Surgery?

As of 2023, ear correction surgery prices vary according to the condition of the prominent ear deformation in the ear, the earlobe problem, the type of anesthesia, and the methods to be used in the surgery. For example, local anesthesia to be applied in an adult patient and general anesthesia to be applied to a child patient may affect the results in terms of post-operative pricing. Of course, you can get the most specific and most accurate information for ear correction surgery pricing through your doctor who will perform your surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Correction Surgery

Thanks to the increasing technological innovations today, ear correction surgery, together with these changes, has the feature of being an operation that is extremely easy and has a low risk rate and is not difficult. Of course, it should not be forgotten that there are complications that may occur in every surgery. However, ear correction surgery is not a difficult operation when a grading is made.

According to different aesthetic operations, ear correction surgery is one of the operations that is performed with the least pain and the patient recovers the fastest. In line with painkillers and medications determined by the doctor, the process is passed with minimum pain.

The age limit determined in ear correction aesthetic surgery is considered in two aspects. It covers two age ranges, an operation performed in the first two months of a newborn baby and an operation performed mostly after 5-6 years of age. At the same time, there is no upper age limit for surgery. Since the age ranges are different, the health history of the patients is also an important factor in this decision.

The most important factor in the non-surgical treatment of ear correction aesthetics is that if the ear can be detected immediately after the birth of the baby, it can be corrected in a short time since it has a flexible structure. Since the ear has a flexible and soft structure with new birth, the ear can be reshaped with the tape technique. For an adult patient, non-surgical ear correction aesthetic treatment is accompanied by the methods determined by the doctor, and these procedures are a temporary solution at the same time. For adults, the surgical method is a more preferred method.

The patient may have pain within the first 24 hours after ear correction surgery. At the same time, since the ear will be swollen again, the patient will need to be given a 3-day rest report in order not to get hit. Depending on the patient's health status, this period may be extended to one week.

Ear Correction surgery is performed by plastic surgeons who are experts in the field.

Since ear correction surgery is an operation performed with the aim of providing an aesthetic appearance, the stitches thrown are also the stitches that should not leave any traces. These stitches disappear by fusing with the ear skin in an average of one week.

The incisions that occur in ear correction surgery cannot be seen by other people because they are in the natural folds of the ear, even if the stitches placed in the ear leave a very slight trace.

In ear correction aesthetic surgery, a permanent change occurs in the ears, as permanent stitches are made on the inner part of the ear and on the outer part, which can dissolve over time. Therefore, after ear correction aesthetics, the appearance of the ears can return to the ideally defined appearance.

Ear correction aesthetic surgery is an aesthetic surgery that is frequently preferred by adults, especially in recent years. Any adult person who has a self-confidence problem and has aesthetic concerns due to his ear correction appearance can have their surgery.

Since the ear correction condition in children can negatively affect children both socially and psychologically, performing the surgery in the pre-school period gives a more positive result for the mental health of the children.

Prominent ear appearance in babies does not show spontaneous improvement. Especially in the first two months of birth, it shows improvement in the presence of certain methods performed by doctors.

After prominent ear surgery, the most suitable sleeping position for patients is the supine position.

Bandages usually stay in the patient for 3-7 days. After removing the bandage, it is recommended to use a hair band for about 2 weeks.

Heavy work should not be done for 15 days after the surgery, strenuous sports activities should be interrupted, nutrition and sleep patterns should be sensitive, and treatment and care procedures (washing, sleeping position, bandage opening) should be carried out without interruption by using the medications determined by the doctor.
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