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Face Lift Surgery

As people get older, they go through some changes. Although these changes that occur in the process are extremely normal, they play an important role in one's life, both physically and psychologically. Usually, the first signs of aging occur in the human body in the face area. With advancing age, challenging living conditions, stress, intense exposure to sun rays and sagging of the skin occur mostly in the face area and are more noticeable. Since the face of the person is the most defining side, every situation that develops on the skin is important in every respect.

As a result of these exposure conditions, wrinkles and lines form on the skin. For this reason, the skin begins to lose its vitality and radiance over time. Especially with aging, some changes occur in the appearance of the face, as it is a condition brought about by the process. At this point, facelift surgery comes into play and it is a method used for every person who is not satisfied with her appearance. Face lift surgery, which is carried out with the aim of making the face have a younger appearance, is usually one of the surgical operations performed for aesthetic concerns. In summary, face lift operations are performed to reduce the consequences of aging and to have a healthier appearance in terms of aesthetics.

What is Face Lift Surgery?

With aging, various changes occur, especially in the face and neck region. The skin tissues of the person change over time, and lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. Aesthetic surgeries are among the primary surgeries that affect a person's appearance and self-confidence in social relationships. Facelift surgery is one of these surgeries. Facelift surgery has the feature of being a highly preferred surgery due to the changes that occur especially in the face and neck region, and the signs of aging due to age-related reasons. Techniques used in surgery give more positive results thanks to the innovations in recent years. Facelift surgeries affect a very large area of the face and give the person a younger and renewed skin appearance. Thanks to facelift surgery, the person looks younger for an average of ten years and achieves the desired appearance. Face lift surgery is to give the person a more renewed, young and healthy appearance.

Treatment Summary

Operation Time

5 - 8 Hours

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia



Time to Return to Work


Warranty Type

Life Time Warranty


Luxury Hotel

VIP Transfer


How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Facelift surgeries are generally preferred by people who have aged and whose skin has begun to show signs of aging. After the examination of the person, the necessary examinations are made and the most accurate and most appropriate methods to be applied in the surgery are chosen by the doctor in line with the wishes of the person. With the completion of the preparatory phases, the surgical process begins. Facelift surgeries are generally performed with general anesthesia. However, in some cases, the sedation technique may also be preferred. According to the surgical method to be used, a surgical incision is made in a large area determined from the anterior part of the ear.

Since the operation is performed in the face area, the incision is made from the places where it will be least noticeable. The incision process is completed by continuing from the scalp section by including the forehead line to cover the back of the ear as well as in front of the ear. Afterwards, the skin is pulled to tighten and the incisions are closed with the help of aesthetic sutures. Facelift surgery is completed in about four to seven hours. Thanks to the thin suture materials used in the surgery, the incisions that are closed generally heal without leaving any scars. After the facelift surgery, the patient is usually discharged from the hospital on the same day as the surgery or the next day, by wrapping the face.

For Whom Is Face Lift Surgery Suitable?

Face lift surgery is a type of plastic surgery that is mostly preferred by people aged 50 and over with the effect of aging and is suitable for those in this age range. Everyone in this age range can generally feel younger and better with this surgery. However, in some cases, people whose skin has undergone significant changes before the age of 50 can also have this surgery. Especially because of the appearance of wrinkled skin and sagging in the neck, face lift surgery is highly preferred. At the same time, face lift surgery is preferred in the advancing age range in cases where cosmetic products are insufficient or botox procedures are not sufficient.

Face lift surgery applied to women aged 50 and over; In some people, it is applied to certain areas at certain intervals. When face lift surgery is applied together with other aesthetic applications (such as nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead correction aesthetics, eyebrow lifting surgery), the results can be more efficient. Facelift surgery is preferred by male patients as well as females.

Before Face Lift Surgery

After the decision to have a facelift surgery, the process of the surgery is started by complying with every instruction given by a doctor who is an expert in this field. As in any surgery, this surgery also starts with the collection of information about the patient’s health history. Before the operation, the operation process begins with the most appropriate methods determined by the doctor in line with the patient’s facial structure, physical characteristics and the changes they want to make in them self.  After the patient’s general health checks are made, the examinations are made and the process related to the surgery is completed. Painkillers and aspirin should not be used for an average of one week before the surgery. Before the surgery, alcohol and cigarette consumption should be stopped at least 2 weeks before.

The recovery period is longer in patients who continue to smoke and the permanence of the surgery is greatly reduced. Before the facelift surgery, if there is a medication that the patient uses regularly, this should be reported to the doctor. Since face lift surgery is an operation performed in the face area, which is generally performed for an aesthetic purpose, the preparation process performed before the surgery consists of very important and detailed stages. Face lift surgeries performed in recent years have been applied with extreme care and undesirable results have been seen in a very small number of them.

Surgery Day

After the facelift surgery, the person needs to stay in the hospital and therefore a companion should accompany him.

The patient, whose examinations were performed before the facelift surgery, should stop eating and drinking the night before the surgery. In the morning, after hospitalization, the controls are made and the operation phase is started. If no problems are encountered at the end of the surgery, the patient’s existing stitches are dressed and the process is completed.

Is It Possible to Have a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

In non-surgical facelift surgery, this process is usually performed by appropriate face bands. However, due to the fact that it does not require too many procedures among the methods applied to the patient, face lift procedures that do not require botox, filler or laser surgery can also be performed. Of course, these procedures should be applied by experts. Otherwise, it is possible for people to encounter very negative results and unpleasant consequences are encountered.

After Face Lift Surgery

The duration of facelift surgeries varies according to the patient’s condition in terms of general structure and varies between 4 or 6 hours on average.

In the first days following the surgery, it is appropriate to wear a neck brace in terms of bruising and swelling.

Swelling may increase in the first seven days after the surgery, but this is not a cause for concern and these swellings will begin to decrease over time.

The patient can take a shower after the stitches and bandages are removed.

During the healing process, you should stay away from the sun as much as possible, or sunscreen should be preferred when going out in the sun.

People who wear make-up can apply make-up after the stitches are removed.

Swelling usually disappears within a few weeks after surgery.

The person will be able to go back to sports activities after an average of one month.

It is perfectly natural to suspect the risk of infection when there is pain that may develop a few days after the surgery. In such a case, the person should immediately consult his/ her doctor and recovery can be achieved with the help of antibiotics that will stop the infection.

Good follow-up of the post-operative process and compliance with the doctor’s instructions lead to healthier and more positive results.

How Long is the Permanence of Face Lift Surgery?

With facelift surgery, a rejuvenation appearance of about 10 years occurs in the appearance of the patient. Thanks to this long-lasting result, the person gets the young and new look he/ she wants. Other conditions also come into play at the point of permanence of the surgery. Because each person’s living conditions will vary, the results will also vary. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, poor eating habits and insomnia, as well as exposure to intense sun rays affect the process. When all such factors are gathered together, this permanence period, which is given on average, shows itself as 10 years, and even more permanently when better protection is provided.

The Importance of Choosing a Doctor in Face Lift Surgery

In every surgical procedure and plastic surgery, the doctor who will perform the surgery must have an extremely good knowledge and experience. Choosing a doctor before surgery is one of the most important stages of the surgical process and the recovery process after surgery. A detailed research on the doctor who will perform the facelift surgery is also very important in terms of the efficiency of the results. Being an expert and effective doctor in his/ her field is an important detail for us in terms of the importance of our appearance, especially in plastic surgeries and even in surgeries performed in the face area. With the effect of technological developments in the field of medicine in recent years, face lift surgeries are also extremely easy and the recovery process is a rapid development.

In addition, the experience of the doctor who will perform your surgery and the current practices of the methods used in the surgery; It plays an important role in the outcome of the operation. The importance of choosing a doctor in aesthetic surgeries concerns us more from an aesthetic point of view as well as health. The trust that develops between the doctor and the patient has an important place in these surgeries that affect the appearance. The doctor should answer every question of the person with great care and should be able to clearly share with the patient any complications and other consequences that may occur after the surgery.

Face Lift Surgery Prices

Face lift surgery prices vary according to the procedure to be performed during the surgery and the materials to be used. As a result of the examinations and examinations performed before the operation, the most appropriate operation to be performed during the examination phase of the patient is selected and the price of the facelift surgery is determined accordingly. In summary, each preferred plastic surgery shows price variability according to the technical material and method to be used. The most useful information is of course given to you by your doctor in this process.

Face Lift Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Facelift surgery is generally preferred by people over the age of 50. However, due to the facial structure and skin characteristics of the person, this age range can be drawn into earlier processes.

Facelift surgery depends on many variables. The characteristics of the patient, the expertise of the doctor performing the operation, and the attention to the self-care of the person after the surgery affect the process. This period, which is determined for an average of 10 years, can take up to three or five years with good care.

If the person is subject to a very intense diet program or is in a disease stage such as obesity, he / she may experience a serious decrease in the weight loss process and accordingly changes in his body and face. It is not recommended to perform surgery in such intensive weight loss processes. However, after the weight loss process is over, facelift surgery can be easily preferred.

Since the result of facelift surgeries will be directly proportional to the living conditions of the patient, this period of time, which is specified as 10 years, can also show itself as 15 years.

Stitches that are placed for aesthetic purposes after the operation dissolve on their own.

Face lift surgery is done by plastic surgeons.

Before facelift surgery, the planning of the surgery should be done to the finest detail. All kinds of risks should be well calculated since any transaction that may have negative results will cause irreparable errors. Facial symmetry may shift after an incorrect or poor or incomplete application. There may be risks such as post-operative infection.

As a result of the incisions made in the surgery, there may be edema depending on those areas. However, this edema and swelling disappear after a week.

After the operation, the person can return to daily life in a very short time. Mostly, the patient can return home one day after the operation and can return to his7 her daily life within an average of 10 days.

A second facelift operation, which is needed after the first operation, can be repeated within 10 years.

While such a result is largely not obtained, in rare cases it is about four in a thousand.

Despite the risk of infection after the surgery, the care materials used should be chosen among those with natural ingredients and should be under the control of a doctor.

The success rate of the surgeries differs according to many variables. However, the success rate of this surgery is mostly 95%.

As with any post-operative pain, mild pain in this surgery also manifests itself for 1-2 days. These pains can be relieved with the help of painkillers after the surgery.

Thanks to the small operations that the person will have on his face when he needs it, and if he has a healthy life understanding, the duration of permanence increases.
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