Nasolabial Fold Filler

As our skin gets older, collagen production decreases and slows down. Among the results of this situation seen over time, sagging occurs in some areas. As a result of these sagging, wrinkles occur. With the nasolabial fold filler, which is an aesthetic procedure, deep and unwanted lines are removed and the person has an aesthetic appearance. Nasolabial filler is an aesthetic filling application that is applied to eliminate the lines starting from the wings of the nose and going down to the rim of the mouth.

Nasolabial lines that appear on the face over time are seen in everyone for different reasons. The skin type, anatomical structure and genetic reasons that the person has are also common causes of these lines. People who will have nasolabial filling procedure; There are people who experience wrinkles and lines that occur mostly in the area starting from the edges of the nose and extending to the edge of the mouth. If the nasolabial filler is applied correctly, a younger appearance appears. In this respect, the filling process should be done by an expert in this field.

The effect of the nasolabial filler application begins to appear immediately after the procedure, and it takes about two weeks for the filler to adapt to the skin with the effect of the substance in it. After two weeks, the result of the nasolabial filling procedure is positive.

What Do Nasolabial Lines Mean?

Nasolabial lines, which can be seen in everyone, are referred to as smile lines with the most general definition, and they vary depending on different reasons. Environmental factors, skin structure, skin thinness or thickness ratio, anatomical structure; It is among the causes of nasolabial lines. Nasolabial lines are corrected with a filler containing hyaluronic acid to remove facial lines from the nose wing to the corner of the lip, which defines the borders of the cheek and lip. In this way, the person has the youthful and positive appearance they want, and by removing the lines, the person feels better and at the same time has a better appearance in terms of aesthetics.

How is the Nasolabial Filler Made?

The method of application of the nasolabial filling process and the amount of dose to be applied are decided by the doctor who will apply it. Before the nasolabial filler, the area to be filled is examined. Before the filling process, the person should be examined an average of 2 weeks in advance. After the nasolabial fold filler, which varies according to each person, an average of 2 sessions, if necessary, 3-4 sessions are determined by the expert.

Before the nasolabial filling, the area to be treated should be thoroughly cleaned and the filling process is started with anesthetic cream or, in some cases, local anesthesia. With this method, the person is prevented from feeling pain during the nasolabial filling process. The filling process is applied to the designated areas with the help of a fine needle. It is possible to return to daily life after a short time after nasolabial filling.

For nasolabial fold filler, the person should consult someone who is an expert on this subject. Then, the dose of the procedure, which varies according to the person, and how it will be applied are determined. Filling process cannot be recommended for people under the age of 18 who have any chronic diseases. After the procedure, heavy sports should be avoided and strenuous movements should not be done. In order to have a healthier process after nasolabial filling, it is recommended to take a break from alcohol and cigarette consumption.

The permanence of the nasolabial filling process varies depending on more than one reason. In this process, which varies from person to person; regular care of the patient after the application, following the instructions given by the doctor; It directly affects the permanence time of the filling process and the results of the filling process are thus healthier.

Nasolabial Fillers Benefits

The benefits of nasolabial filling, which is a frequently used aesthetic method, especially in the aesthetic field in recent years, are listed as follows:

  • It gives vitality to the skin.
  • After filling, the person can quickly continue her / his daily life and put on make-up.
  • It increases the collagen production of the skin.
  • It contributes to the appearance of the skin younger and fresher.
  • It is preferred easily due to the fact that the filling application gives quick results.
  • It can be easily done during the day due to its application in a short time.
  • Its permanence and effect increase when applied with other aesthetic procedures.
  • It is a very effective filling process at the point of eliminating lines on both sides of the lip.
  • Since it makes the appearance younger and more positive, positive increases are observed in the psychological state of the person after the filling procedure.

Who Is Nasolabial Filling Suitable For?

We can list people who prefer nasolabial filling application as follows:

  • Everyone with wrinkles and lines on the face prefers this procedure.
  • The filling process is suitable for all skin types.
  • It can be applied to anyone with deep and unwanted lines on the face.
  • No age distinction is made.
  • It is especially preferred by people who have the appearance of collapse on the cheeks.
  • The filling process gives effective and positive results in every person whose expression is unhappy and sad due to the existing wrinkles on his/ her face.

Considerations After Nasolabial Filling

Nasolabial filling application does not have any side effects, however, slight redness and bruising may occur due to the application techniques used during the procedure. This situation is both temporary and normal. During the healing process, such symptoms decrease after the first three days. It is necessary not to take a hot shower within a week after the nasolabial filling procedure. After the filling process, places such as Turkish bath, sauna and pool should be avoided. It is recommended not to apply make-up on the day of the nasolabial filling procedure and immediately after. It is necessary to stay away from heavy sports activities and wait a few days.

Nasolabial Filling Prices

The prices of aesthetic procedures, which have skin rejuvenation properties and make the person look younger, vary according to the skin structure. The amount determined in filling processes varies according to the intensity of the wrinkles on the skin. From this point of view, the price range of nasolabial fillers also changes. Many factors such as the quality of the clinic to be applied, the experience of the specialist, and the quality of the materials play an important role in determining the prices of nasolabial filling aesthetics, and the price of nasolabial filling, which is determined by a specialist, varies depending on these conditions.

How Long Does the Effect of Nasolabial Filling Last?

The nasolabial filling begins to show effective and positive changes in the skin as of the time it is applied. Although the effect of the filling varies from person to person, the effect of the filling process is seen on the faces of the people within about 2 weeks. It shows its effect for one or one and a half years after the application of nasolabial filling. If the effect is desired to be permanent, the filling process should be applied at certain periodic intervals.

After nazonabial filling, people are happy to have this procedure done because the filling process is fast and easy to apply and it starts to show its effect as soon as possible. Although nasolabial filling is frequently preferred by women, men also prefer this filling process. The deepening of the nasolabial lines with age causes people to look unhappy and tired. Thanks to the nazonabial filling, it is possible to get rid of this appearance and give people a healthier and more positive appearance.

Nasolabial Fold Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Since the nasolabial filling process does not cause any harm to the skin and has a positive effect on the people, it can be re-done.

Nasolabial filler is not applied to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The permanence period of the filled filling varies between 9-18 months on average and this period varies from person to person.

Hyaluronic acid-containing filler used in nasolabial filling; It is not harmful to health because it exists in human structure.

Since the nasolabial filling is not applied under the muscle, it does not prevent the laughing muscles and thus their reflexes. The application does not cause a disorder in the person's smile.
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