Breast Enlargement Surgery, Breast Aaugmentation Cost in Turkey

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breasts, which have been seen as a symbol of femininity, fertility and fertility since history, also have the feature of being one of the important areas of aesthetics. Breasts, which are also seen as an object symbolizing women's femininity in societies, are not only aesthetics; appears as an element symbolized by art and art history.

Many women want to have breasts that look aesthetically beautiful and natural. However, due to factors such as the physical characteristics of the person, the changes brought about by the natural process after childbirth, and the morphological changes in the shape of the breasts, not every woman may have these features in order to have this aesthetic appearance. This is where plastic surgery comes into play. Breast enlargement surgery is one of the most common and preferred aesthetic surgeries in recent years in the light of all these reasons.

Thanks to breast enlargement surgery, the breast; it has become possible to have a larger and fuller appearance and to have more aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. Breast enlargement surgery is not just about making the breast look larger. At the same time, the beautiful and aesthetic appearance of the breast is seen as one of the most important building blocks in terms of a woman's beauty. In this case, every woman who knows that her breasts are beautiful and looks aesthetically feel more self-confident.

The Importance of Breast Enlargement Aesthetic Surgery for Women

Every woman has parts of herself that she finds beautiful and also that she does not find pleasant at all. Women who are satisfied with their own characteristics are more self-confident in social terms, and they establish a more comfortable relationship in both work and personal relationships. Contrary to what is known, the self-confidence of a person is not just a subject that develops from the inside out and can improve herself. Our appearance, the reactions to our appearance play a decisive role in our lives in terms of self-confidence. If we are not satisfied with ourselves or if we have a health problem that needs to be resolved because of a health problem; Our interest in aesthetic surgeries is increasing in this direction.

In recent years, interest in plastic surgery has increased considerably, especially as a method frequently used by women. While many aesthetic operations such as breast augmentation create a positive self-awareness in women, every innovation and change that occurs in their appearance; It makes a very effective contribution to the spiritual development of the person. Breast enlargement surgery, which is increasing day by day, has an important place among aesthetic surgeries. Breast aesthetics has many effects on the psychology of women in terms of both physical and social reasons. It is an undeniable fact that after this aesthetic operation, women feel better and happier. Every woman who wants her breasts to be natural and beautiful due to both genetic reasons and physical characteristics may want to have breast augmentation surgery in the context of aesthetic surgeries.

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How is Breast Enlargement Surgery Performed?

Breast enlargement surgery, which has increased its popularity in recent years, is an aesthetic operation that can be performed in a very practical and easy way today. The only thing that stands out in breast augmentation surgery is not just an aesthetic appearance. This permanent aesthetic operation, which is performed with a natural appearance and in a healthy way, should be performed in the most natural and most suitable way for the person’s body structure.

Every woman has different physical features. In some women, the breast structure can be large, while in some women it is small. Breast enlargement surgery is not only surgery where enlargement or reduction procedures are performed in terms of aesthetics. In the absence of symmetry between both breasts, that is, if one breast is smaller than the other, breast enlargement aesthetics is preferred. In addition, due to genetic factors, some women may have a congenital breast deformation. In summary, many women want to have breast augmentation surgery for many reasons. Breast enlargement surgery, which is applied by every woman who thinks that her breasts are not the size and volume they want and wants to change this, is an aesthetic operation with several surgical methods. One of them is breast enlargement surgery with silicone prosthesis.

The most commonly used method in breast augmentation surgeries is silicone prostheses. Thanks to this method, which is extremely easy to apply, one of the main methods that provides permanence in the aesthetic enlargement of the breasts is the procedures performed with prosthesis. The prostheses used in breast enlargement surgery with silicone prosthesis are artificial materials produced from various materials. The prostheses placed in the lower part of the breast tissue can be of different shapes and sizes. The reason why silicone breast enlargement surgery is more preferred; the method used will be used for many years more efficiently in terms of permanence and the process is easy to apply.

The prosthesis is selected and applied according to the options that vary according to the physical characteristics of the person, the changes she wants to make regarding her appearance, or other health-related wishes. Of course, the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation decides which prosthesis is suitable for which patient. In breast enlargement surgery with silicone prosthesis, the person is examined before the operation. After the measurements and examinations of the desired breast form, the doctor makes plans for the surgery. The operation takes about 1-2 hours. This aesthetic surgery, which can be performed under the breast or from the nipple and sometimes under the armpit, is mostly performed with a method performed under the breast. Breast enlargement surgery with silicone prosthesis performed under general anesthesia; Thanks to the prosthesis placed on the lower part of the muscle or on top of the muscle, the person can achieve the desired aesthetic breast form.

The patient wears an underwear (bra) designed for this type of operation for about 10 days. The patient, who can return to her daily life in a short time like two weeks, has a new and desired appearance thanks to this operation, which is a long-lasting method. Another breast augmentation surgery is the operations performed using the person’s own fat tissue. Breast enlargement surgery performed using the person’s own fat tissue; It is a method that is preferred in breasts that look smaller in size. In this surgery, which is performed with the injection method to the breast; oils are subjected to a certain process before application. Thus, the fat tissues are injected into the designated areas of the breasts and applied. This method, which does not require any surgical technique, is extremely easy to apply. Fat injection method, which is another most preferred method among women; when it is ranked in terms of permanence, it comes in second place according to the silicone prosthesis method. Since breast augmentation surgery will give good and permanent results in general, it is inevitable for the patient to feel better psychologically after the surgery.

What is Breast Prosthesis?

The breast prosthesis used in breast augmentation surgeries is a technical material used to improve the tissue of the breast that is deformed, sagging or not in the desired size. Prostheses used in breast enlargement aesthetic surgery; It is known as silicone or implant. As a structure, the outer part of the prosthesis is covered with a hard silicone, and the inner parts are made of a soft and gel-like material.

Prostheses are divided into some classes based on their diversity. Each one differs among themselves in terms of form, content and outer surface. Since each prosthesis used will be different in terms of the physical characteristics of the person undergoing surgery and the techniques that the doctor will use, the prostheses chosen according to the person’s surgery will also differ.

In Which Situations Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Preferred?

There are several situations where breast augmentation surgery is suitable for multiple reasons:

  • Congenital problems caused by various hereditary conditions
  • The unbalanced image between the two breasts, that is, the situations caused by the asymmetric breast image
  • Cases where the breast size of the person is small
  • The person’s desire to have an aesthetic appearance by regaining the old appearance of the sagging and lost breast structure that may occur during the postpartum or breastfeeding period
  • The person’s wish to have the desired appearance due to excessive weight loss or the aging process in later ages.
  • Breast augmentation surgeries performed to create breasts as a result of gender reassignment

What Should Be Considered Before Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery, as in other surgeries, begins with the collection of information about the patient’s health history beforehand.

After the general health checks of the patient are made, the examinations requested by the doctor are performed and the pre-process procedures regarding the operation are completed.

Having a breast ultrasound or mammography before the operation is also important for the detection of any mass in the breast area.

No pain relievers and aspirin should be used for an average of one week before the operation. Likewise, blood thinners or natural supplements that may pose a bleeding risk should be stopped.

Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped at least 2 weeks before the operation, as infections that may occur during the surgery may adversely affect the healing process.

Even if being on your period does not constitute an obstacle or a negative situation for breast augmentation surgery, it would be appropriate to inform the doctor about this situation.

For a person who has just given birth, it will be healthier to have surgery 9 months after the breastfeeding period is completed.

Paying attention to the sleep pattern and nutrition program before the surgery will ensure that the surgery and the next process are healthier.

Before breast augmentation surgery, which is an operation that takes an average of 2 hours, informing your doctor about every drug you use continuously will produce healthy results.

Choosing comfortable clothes on the day of surgery and having a companion with you while coming to the surgery will make you feel better.

Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After breast enlargement surgery, the person does not go through a painful process. Since breast enlargement surgery is an extremely easy operation, you can be discharged on the same day if there is no situation that requires you to stay in the hospital after the surgery. In order for the process to be healthy after the operation, a wrapping process is applied on the operated area. In case of any mishap that may occur in the application areas of the prosthesis, which is placed according to the technique applied during the surgery, it may be preferred to use a drain from time to time to drain the leakage out of the body, and it can be removed within a few days. After the breast enlargement surgery, the person should try to lie on her back for the first week and correct the way of lying on the side to ensure that the healing process is positive. Sensitivity in the breasts is a natural result in the short period after the end of the operation. The 4 days after the operation may be more intense in terms of the patient’s recovery process, but since it is a temporary situation, it is normal to feel swelling and tension in the operation area during this period. After a few days after the operation, the patient can return to his work life and daily life.

The time taken to return to sports activities must be decided by the doctor. After the operation, the use of medications given by the doctor and the care of the breast area should be done with care. After breast augmentation surgery, a special bra recommended by the doctor must be worn in order for the surgical area to regain a healthy form.  The duration of use of underwear varies between 4-6 weeks and the person who will decide on this process will be your doctor. Since smoking and alcohol consumption can reduce the healing rate of any wound that may occur, it should definitely not be smoked after the surgery. It will be beneficial for post-operative care not to have sexual intercourse within two weeks after breast augmentation surgery. In breast enlargement surgery, suturing is performed very rarely. However, in cases where it is present, the removal of the stitches from the body will end after a few days. The patient should not take a shower for three days after the end of the operation, and after taking a shower, she should stay away from extremely hot or extremely cold water. After three days after the operation, the person can travel. However, due to the pressure it will be exposed to, it is recommended to avoid air travel. The full compliance of the person with the doctor’s recommendations during the postoperative period will increase the speed of recovery. In order for the patient to get the result of the aesthetic procedure done in the next life more efficiently; After the operation, it is necessary to have regular doctor checks during an average of 6 months following the operation.

Doctor Selection in the Breast Augmentation Surgery Process

In every operation performed, the experience of the doctor who will perform the operation and the current knowledge in that field have an important place. Since our health is the most valuable asset we have, the choice of the doctor before the operation is one of the most important building blocks of the process. A very detailed research needs to be done at the point of choosing the doctor who will perform the surgery. Being an expert and effective doctor in her/ his field will help us with the satisfaction of our appearance, especially after plastic surgery.

With the technological developments in every field in recent years, breast augmentation surgery is an extremely simple operation and at the same time, the recovery process is very rapid. Of course, the experience of the doctor who will perform your surgery and the fact that the techniques used in the surgery are within a functional and innovative application greatly affect the outcome of the surgery. In addition, the trust relationship that develops between the doctor and the patient is extremely important in aesthetic surgeries, especially since it will affect the external appearance. The doctor should be able to give clear answers to every question of the patient and should be able to share every step that may occur after the surgery with his patient in detail.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Cost

In recent years, when aesthetic surgeries have increased a lot, breast enlargement surgery has created a very large area for itself. The inability of the breasts, which is one of the most striking places in the body, to maintain their form, small breast size or having an asymmetrical appearance for people with different physical characteristics are among the most important reasons for breast enlargement surgery. Especially for women, the appearance of the breasts becomes more aesthetic, which increases the interest in this surgery. The fact that women have breasts of the size they want after the surgery makes them feel more self-confident and more comfortable. For all these reasons, since the technique determined in each breast enlargement surgery will be different, the pricing range of the surgery also varies for this reason. The most clear and correct information on this subject; It will be given to you by the doctor who will perform the surgery.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

The possibility of scarring after every surgery is also valid in breast enlargement surgery. However, the surgical scar is applied to areas where the scar will not be visible.

Since the loss of volume of the silicone prostheses used in breast enlargement surgery will take a long time, there may be a problem with the form, however. Thanks to every innovation that has developed recently, there is no question of an explosion in silicones.

The lifespan of silicones used in breast enlargement surgery is designed to be used for a long time. However, after 10 years, it will be healthy to provide controls.

If the prosthesis material used in the surgery is not approved by the FDA, which has been determined within certain norms, an allergic reaction may develop in the body. For this reason, FDA-approved prostheses should be used and the person should be subjected to allergy testing before surgery.

Breast enlargement surgeries are not recommended in the age range where the breast cannot be developed. If there is a traumatic situation that affects the patient's health status, the operation can still be performed.

Due to the material it has, the prostheses can be easily removed when necessary or desired.

Since the prostheses used are subjected to certain processes as materials and approval processes are carried out with precision, there is no harm.

Since each of the breast enlargement surgeries is performed with different techniques, the prices also differ according to the methods and materials used in the surgery.

Since breast enlargement surgeries are evaluated at the point of aesthetic surgeries, they are performed by plastic surgery specialists.

In breast enlargement surgery, there is no loss of sensation in any part of the breast.

Since there is no effect on the milk ducts after the operation, breastfeeding can be done after the third day after the operation.

The prostheses applied in breast enlargement surgeries are placed under the breast, not inside the breast. They do not have a structure that can be understood by looking from the outside.

While it can be a process that varies from person to person, surgeries in which the prosthesis technique is applied must be chosen for a permanent result.

Pain may occur after any surgery. There may be some pain in the first few days after the operation, but the pain gradually decreases with the effect of the painkillers given by the doctor.

In order for the result of the surgery to be aesthetically correct and healthy, it would be appropriate to use a special underwear called a sports bra, so that the doctor's advice can be shaped as desired after the surgery.
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