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While many points of the human body have an aesthetic and characteristic appearance at a young age, with the advancement of age, this appearance is encountered at many different points. Especially in women, aesthetic appearance is more important in every point such as lips. Even just the lipstick used is asked to show lips full and smooth. However, with advancing age, the folds and aesthetic appearance on the lips disappear, and different processes are provided to make the lips become full and aesthetic again. One of these processes is called lip filling.

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What is Lip Filler?

Lip filling is provided by aesthetic surgery specialists in clinical conditions by performing a filling material injection called Hyaluronic acid. This procedure is applied to people who have thin lips or thinning lips with advancing age. It is also frequently applied to plump and shape the lips.


How is Lip Filler Applied?

Application of lip filling is a very simple injection, but it takes about 5 minutes. During the application;

– First of all, there is the technical, design phase.

– Then the preparatory phase is provided.

– Although local anesthetic injection is sometimes preferred, sometimes anesthetic cream application can be made.

– Hyaluronic acid injections such as 1 milliliter or 2 milliliter are used as mentioned to carry out the process.

– Massage is provided at the last stage.

– While the filling process is completed in a short time with the application of ice after the procedure, the result appears immediately and provides aesthetic lips.

What are the lip filling features?

Upon performing the filling process, a lip image with predetermined plump and striking lines is provided. Within the scope of realizing this design, priority is given to lip aesthetics. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is also found in the structure of the human skin. However, this substance is secreted in lower amounts irregularly with advancing age or in some individuals.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that allows the lip to retain water within the skin structure. It creates a seamless harmony with the human body. However, not every filling containing Hyaluronic acid necessarily creates a reliable structure. Because this filling material has a type produced and offered to the market by many different companies. In this context, the filling material produced by each company shows a different quality and creates a different effect on the result of the process.

Since hyaluronic acid filling material is applied by injection method, it is often presented with a 1 milliliter injector. However, some companies also provide 0.5 cc injectors. Generally, 1 milliliter injector is used for the first aesthetic operation when filling is performed in patients.

It is revealed that a lip with a filling process has a completely aesthetic appearance, especially with beautiful folds. Basically, the filling process is defined as the process that provides aesthetic, elaborate folds and appearance again in the lip region.

What Are Lip Aesthetics, How is it Provided?

In an aesthetic lip structure, the lower lip part should reveal a fuller appearance than the upper part. On the upper lip, the fold called the Eros bow should show itself clearly. In order to achieve an aesthetic smile, only the teeth should not appear on the lower lip of the upper lip during smile or laughter. In addition, the skin of the lip skin should provide a smooth and clear look.

Which Points of the Lip Is The Filler Applied?

Lip filling is not an operation applied to the same area of the lip in the same way for everyone. Because in some people, the lower lip and in some people the upper lip is requested to look fuller. For example, in people with lip edge down, this region can be supported and a more aesthetic appearance can be obtained.

In lip filling processes, the thickness of the lips is taken into consideration and lip thickness forms a different point in each woman. For this reason, the most appropriate process for making the lines and edges more prominent is shown as filling processes that provide medium thickness and elasticity. Because, thanks to this process, lip functions are preserved and an aesthetic appearance is provided. Especially, women over the age of 40 appear to prefer this type of filling.


Lip Shapes?

Basically, there are lip types that are known aesthetically for women. Among these lip types; There are variations such as Venus, Aphrodite, Eros or Hera lip. In this context;

– Venus lip; In order to comply with the golden ratio measurements, the upper lip folds reveal a distinctive and symmetrical appearance, while the edges provide a small appearance. The ratio between the lower lip and the upper lip in the Venus lip provides a ratio of 1.618. The edges of the upper lip should form a curved joint, not straight.

Aphrodite lip is seen as an accepted structure for universal lip aesthetics. This lip type, which creates a full and vibrant icon for attractive lips, is equal to the upper and lower lip thickness. On the upper lip, the fullness combines with the edges without decreasing. The cupid bow fold is more clearly visible and the lips are also smooth.

– Eros lip provides harmonious folds between the lower and upper lips for lips, which have a very important place in facial aesthetics. Especially the love bow called Eros bow reveals a curved and harmonious image right in the middle of the upper lip. In other words, the upper lip provides a fuller appearance than the upper lip.

As a final example, the Hera lip is among the preferred lip types for a more beautiful smile and an energetic look. This design, inspired by the mythological character Goddess Hera, tries to provide symmetry between the upper lip and the lower lip according to the golden ratio. In addition, the Eros bow bend creates a much more distinctive image.

Recommendations After Lip Filling

As the experts suggest after filling the lips

– A cold compress can be applied every few hours for 15 minutes on the first day.

– The lips should not shrink too much.

– Avoiding points such as makeup, sensitive foods, bath, shower, sports activities and pool in the first 24 hours will contribute.

– It is necessary to stay away from painkillers, garlic, cigarettes and alcohol in the first days.

– Lip moisturizing cosmetics can be used for a week to prevent lip dryness.

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