Jawline filler is also referred to as the jaw line filler and emphasizes the jaw contour. With practice, the chin is brought forward; The jaw lines that are inconsistent between the chin and the face or that have lost their prominence, are revealed. If you want to have a desired facial contour, and to achieve harmony between your chin and face, you can take advantage of Jawline filling application.

What is Jawline Filler, Why is it Made?

Filling applications are generally done to remove skin wrinkles, sagging and hollow areas. The chin line filling is also preferred to maintain the “V” shape of the face, and to balance the proportion between the face, neck and food with the chin tip filling.

The filling is injected under the skin and above the bone, allowing it to plump and rise. With the filling injection, there is a positive change in the general projection of the facial area. The face becomes more harmonious in itself. The ideal angle in the line extending from the tip of the nose to the lips and the tip of the chin is tried to be achieved and a more oval and aesthetic appearance is obtained. In addition, with the prominence of the jaw line, which we call jaw line, the appearance of food decreases and clearer and sharper facial lines are obtained.

Most Distorted Shape Disorders in the Jaw Region

Different deformities are encountered in the jaw region. These deformities may be structural or related to aging and weight gain. All this can be resolved with jaw filling. The main deformities are:

– Lack of volume

– The chin is small and behind

– Uncertainty of the jaw line line

– Asymmetry

– Under the chin sagging

People may also have different complaints regarding the jaw areas.

– Jaw shape that does not match the face

– Weak chin

– big chin

– Dangling food

– Wrinkled neck skin

– Uncertainty of the jaw line

– Dimples at the tip of the chin

With the chin tip and jaw line padding, you can have a stronger and sharper jaw shape and line, and increase your youth and dynamism. If you want to have a more impressive and distinct jawline, you need to have a mandibular line that extends straight on both ends of the chin.

How Do Jawline Fillers Change the Appearance?

The face profile and projection of people whose jaws appear farther back may appear weak. Such a appearance may occur over time, not only by genetic features, but also by the influence of the age factor. The jaw line filler eliminates the weak appearance on the chin, the chin and the tip of the chin become clear and a clear and clear jaw line is obtained. Thus, the projection and oval appearance of the face increases and a younger and attractive appearance is obtained. With this application, which is also called “liquid lifting”, you can have the face image you want.

How Permanent Is The Jawline Filler?

The chin tip and chin line filling are made with thicker and dense fillings with high lifting effect in order to adapt to the tissue in that area and to make the lines clear. The permanence of the filling varies between 12-18 months, although it varies from person to person. After application, stiffness and edema may be felt in the jaw area for a while. After about 2 weeks, the filler integrates with the tissue and softening begins in the region.

A positive difference is immediately felt in the appearance of the facial line after the jawline filling. After the edema has passed completely, the desired striking appearance becomes more evident.

How long does jawline filling application take?

Jaw filling is done by injection method to the targeted tissue. This region is a place with important anatomical structures through which the vessels and nerves pass. It should be done by an experienced specialist doctor for him. Since it is a place where important vessels pass, we do jaw line and jaw filling application with cannula in order not to damage the vessels. Thus, we both apply a safe filling application and prevent bruising after the procedure. Dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic acid are used to fill the cupping that occurs in the chin, to shape and reconstruct the lower part of the face. Dr. American Food and Drug institution FDA approved, healthy filling materials are used in Ektan Demir clinic with the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Anesthesia is not applied in the application of chin filler, but local anesthetic creams are applied to the people who take the application, and it is prevented to feel pain. The filling material is injected under the skin and over the bone area with the help of small and fine needles and cannulas that are not pointed and do not damage the vein. The process takes almost 15 minutes. After the procedure, you can get a strong jaw line, pitting and sagging in your chin can be removed. A more distinct and clear jaw line is obtained. Face projection and angles become more aesthetic and attractive.

Do Jawline Filler Prices Change?

Jaw filler prices vary depending on how many tube fillers will be used during application and the type of filler material to be used.