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It is the creation of smile shape, which includes detailed aesthetic analysis, which relationship between a number of aesthetic criteria such as lips, gingiva and teeth are evaluated separately and with each other.

With digital smile design, it is possible to design a personalized smile by scanning the person’s face and inside the mouth and adding the radiological image taken with three-dimensional imaging when necessary and to provide this integrity by analyzing all aspects.

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1 - 3 Hours


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How to make a smile design?

When designing the smile, the aesthetics of the area formed by the teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the area formed by the gums (pink aesthetics) are evaluated. For this purpose, firstly in which level of the gingiva should be on the photograph, which teeth will be included in the design are evaluated. Afterwards, the tooth-gingival-bone levels of the teeth are examined clinically and radiographically. Then the treatment plan is clarified.


How is the evaluation of gingival aesthetics, which is called pink aesthetics in smile design?

In all aesthetic applications, the aim should be to find which design is best suitable for the person. When smiling, the level of the gingiva and their symmetrical appearance are as important as the appearance of the teeth. At this point, it is necessary to interfere the gingiva, preferably with a laser.

If only the intervention on the gums is sufficient, the procedure can be performed with a diode laser. But if a more advanced arrangement is required, hard tissue or a combined laser device is required. Hard tissue lasers are also more preferred for post-procedure comfort.


How is the evaluation of dental aesthetics, which is called white aesthetics in smile design?

In order to achieve white aesthetics, procedures such as porcelain laminates (leaf porcelain, composite laminates, bonding applications, smile design, teeth whitening, inlay-onlay applications, recontouring) can be performed.


How many sessions is necessary for completing the smile design?

The number of sessions may vary depending on the treatment to be performed according to the current condition of the patient. The treatment can sometimes be completed in a single session and sometimes in a few weeks.


When we want to get a smile design, do we should to have our teeth cut and veneered?

It is not always necessary to cut and veneer teeth for smile design. Generally, your aesthetic expectations can be met with easier and more protective methods such as composite laminates, bonding, recontouring or teeth whitening.

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