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DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

DHI hair transplant (direct hair implantation) – one of the most important features of this technique is that it requires no stitches, scars and incisions. The purpose is to minimize the amount of time the grafts are extracted from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area, which causes them to be both stronger and healthier.

For hair follicles/grafts taken for transplantation from the donor area, no holes are opened in the areas where the hair will be transplanted and the hair follicles are planted directly with the special tips used.

The fact that no incisions will be made in the recipient area allows for a larger number of grafts to be implanted, and gives more density. This technique is more laborious and requires a longer period of time than the classic FUE technique, however, the healing process is faster as it’s minimally invasive.

The most important feature of hair transplantation performed with this technique is that it minimizes the amount of time the grafts are extracted from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area, which causes them to be both stronger and healthier. No incisions are made in the recipient area, the hair follicles are implanted directly on your scalp with special tips without any pain.

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Hair Transplantation with DHI Technique

DHI technique can be applied only numbered places including Turkey as this hair transplantation technique is one of the newest and most special techniques.

DHI Hair Transplant
DHI Hair Transplant

How is DHI Hair Transplantation Technique Performed?

With standard FUE technique, grafts/follicular units (hair follicles) are classified together in hair transplant. The grafts taken are then subjected to a special healing process before being implanted by the surgeon, and the grafts prepared for implanting are placed in the opened canal or incisions.

DHI technique, on the other hand, can be described as a technique in which implanting is done individually. Unlike the strip cutting technique, there is no incision made in the DHI technique. A very thin needle creates round, natural channels mimicking the appearance of natural hair roots. Thanks to the special needles, grafts can be placed at desired intervals one after another at more frequent intervals.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation with DHI Technique

The main advantage of this technique is the density it provides. It is twice as much as the strip/lateral incision technique, 40-60 grafts per square centimeter. This density provides great coverage in the recipient area.

More successful results with a more natural appearance are achieved with this technique, especially when applied to critical areas such as hairline.  It enables the control of the angle that the hair grafts are implanted in, which is determined based on the natural direction the hair grows in.

Thanks to the fine-tipped needles used in DHI hair transplant technique, there is a very minimal risk of any scar formation.

Since it is a very critical technique that should be applied carefully, one by one, a specialist and highly experienced medical team performs the procedure in hair transplant centers where this technique takes place.

DHI technique can achieve the most natural and successful results. The most advanced technique in hair transplant, DHI creates results that resemble natural hair, poses a low risk of scarring, provides the highest density, and thanks to the special needles, fast recovery.

DHI Hair Transplant

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