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Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt Surgery | Buttock Implants | BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Beautiful appearance in social life, business life and almost all of the bilateral relations appear as an advantage. Although it varies according to women and men, statistically, there are three body parts where people look at the most. If we give an example over the body of women who mostly undergo plastic surgery, the facial area, the butt area, and the chest area. If these three regions look as desired, the person is thought to have a beautiful appearance.

Genetic factors and environmental factors cause people’s images to deteriorate. While some can be prevented, it is almost impossible to prevent many. For example, it is not possible to eliminate the effects of gravity on the body. Aesthetic surgeries and preoperative treatments are the way to eliminate, or rather hide, these effects. The butt, the hip region, is also one of the regions where the alternative procedures are most common.

About Butt Injections | Buttock Implants | BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift

The butt area is one of the most prominent areas of the body. Since it is quite easy to observe the results of the effects it is exposed due to environmental and genetic factors, most of the aesthetic surgeries today are performed in the butt area. The butt is a very special structure. Due to its fatty structure, it is very sensitive to the effects that can be applied to it. Also, it is located in the middle of the hip and waist area and connects the two regions. While performing this binding function, it both affects and is affected by both regions in an aesthetic sense. In other words, when it comes to bbl surgery, the whole area starting from the waist region and including the hip area should be considered, rather than only the fatty mass between the hip and waist region.

The procedure of bbl surgery is also to meet this extended meaning. While fat is taken from one area, it is placed in the other area. While one region is modified, the other region is affected by this tension. To ensure a desirable appearance in the glutes region, it is imperative to intervene in the hipline. Every attempt can be made to provide an aesthetic appearance when viewed from behind. Today’s aesthetic surgery methods have developed to allow this and continue their development.

Treatment Summary

Operation Time

4 - 6 Hours

Type of Anesthesia

General Anesthesia


1 Night

Time to Return to Work


Warranty Type

Life Time Warranty


5 Nights

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What is Butt Injections | Buttock Implants | BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift?

Regardless of whether they are men or women, everyone wants their butt to have an aesthetic look. These expectations, which vary according to everyone’s aesthetic standards, usually entail that the butt is upright, protruding and plump. In other words, to reveal the ideal butt, it must be visible from the outside. Also, it must extend at the right angle due to the structure inside.

Butt aesthetics is one of the most relative topics. Regional effects and physical structure have a say in how the butt becomes desirable. A better appearance can be obtained by performing surgical interventions on the butt according to height, weight, and expectations. When the aim is to make the butt full, the liposuction and fat injection operations are the most preferred.

When it comes to butt aesthetics, Brazil prevails. The women’s butt in Brazil determines the limits and views of plastic surgery. Many people want to have a Brazilian style especially in Europe and our country. When analyzed statistically, the origin of the materials to be used in aesthetic surgery is Brazil. Many successful butt aesthetic specialists also come from this region.

The number of people who undergo butt aesthetic operations in our country is increasing every year. Although it is more popular among women, men also go for bbl surgery. Albblthough the main goal is enhancing the appearance from the outside, there are sub-goals. People like wearing tights, shorts, mini skirts, and high heels confidently.

Four techniques can be used in butt aesthetic surgery. These are fat injection, filling injection, silicone, and tightening methods, respectively. According to the wishes of the patient, the most appropriate method or methods are selected and performed. During bbl surgery, the hip is made full, and the angle with the waist is corrected. The appearance of the butt when viewed from the side profile is corrected. All these corrections are made to be permanent.

Who Should Undergo Butt Injections | Buttock Implants | BBL Surgery – Brazilian Butt Lift?

Any person dissatisfied with the appearance of their butt (even if considered desirable by the society) can undergo butt aesthetic surgeries. What is provided in butt aesthetics is the butt being tighter and plumper. Although some people have all this, they do not like it, but there may be butt aesthetic surgery to eliminate their discomfort.

However, when people who have traditionally applied for butt aesthetic surgery are examined, people over the middle age are encountered. The main reason for this is that environmental and genetic factors mostly affect people after middle age. Conditions such as gravity, nutritional habits, and sports habits, especially aging, can cause a person’s appearance to deteriorate after their thirties. People undergo butt aesthetic surgeries to eliminate this problem.

A second group is those who have problems with the aesthetics of their butt from birth. They want to have a butt aesthetic surgery based on some standards. These people are usually between the ages of twenty and thirty. Although eighteen age limit is applied ethically in butt aesthetic surgeries, some doctors ignore this limit. Those who are under the age of eighteen can also undergo bbl surgery.

In short, those with aesthetic loss due to age, genetic factors or environmental factors in the butt area undergo bbl surgery. These discomforts can be in the form of dimpling, shapelessness, excessive growth, excessive reduction, an angle with the waist, distortion of the angle with the hips, the union of the A region, sagging, skin collection. People with any of these conditions can have butt aesthetic surgeries without any problem.

Types of BBL Surgeries

Several different types can be applied in butt aesthetic operations, regardless of the method. One or more of these can be used in combination with the situation. In the these types of bbl surgeries, the most suitable method is performed. Thanks to these methods, it is possible to make the butt according to some criteria and the wishes of the patient. Due to the advancement of medical technology, these aesthetic procedures are quite comfortable.

There are three types of bbl surgeries performed. These are enlargement, lifting, and reduction. Also, operations such as tightening and changing angles can be applied, but these are generally auxiliary procedures used in combination with these three main methods. To provide the most suitable butt appearance according to the wishes of the patient, the most suitable of all methods is to make the operation permanent and satisfy the patient by performing the most appropriate techniques.

Due to the experience arising from the frequency of implementation in our country, there is a hundred percent satisfaction. It is possible to carry out all these methods without surgery, but there are difficulties in permanence.

Butt Injections | Buttock Implants | BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift

The volume and shape of the butt form the basis of the aesthetic appearance. Traditionally, the butt that looks fuller, has a rounded form and protrudes when viewed from the side profile, is considered aesthetically pleasing. Angle with waist and hip such that the butt cheeks do not overlap the hipline. These principles are at the heart of the butt aesthetic surgeries performed today.

The butt must look plump. The fact that this fullness is independent of its surroundings is the main issue. While the waist and hip area is thin, the hips are full, resulting in a very aesthetic appearance. Also, the butt cheeks, which increase in weight mustn’t show sagging and the skin must remain smooth. Here are two ways to provide all these views. Surgical methods and non-surgical methods.

For non-surgical methods to be viable, one’s butt must already be intact. For this, precautions should be taken at an early age. While the butt is affected by sports, massage applications and eating habits, neighboring areas can be slimmed down. In other words, aesthetic appearance can be revealed without surgery from the beginning. In many, this is not possible. Considering the misapplication of the patient, genetic factors and environmental factors, butt aesthetics start to deteriorate rapidly since the mid-thirties.

There are three methods to make the butt fuller. These are fat injection, filler injection and silicone implants, respectively. Fat injection is the most preferred. In this way, filling materials taken from the patient’s own body are used, the butt is made full, and the area (usually the waist and hip) where the fat is removed is reduced. While the butt is being filled, it is a priority to behave in a balanced way, not to be detached from the general aesthetics of the body and to choose the most appropriate method. In cases where there is not enough fat in the person’s body, other methods should be used. If fat is available, fat injection should not be dispensed with. Stretching can also be done to prevent skin sagging while the butt is getting full. In addition, some other methods can be applied to balance the butt cheeks.

Butt Lift

Due to many factors over time, the first thing that deteriorates in the aesthetics of the butt is the angle. When the side of the butt is viewed from the side profile, it is called sagging when the points that it maximizes succumb to gravity and approach towards the hipline. Although there are non-surgical methods that can be done to prevent sagging, the only method that offers the exact solution is butt lift surgery.

The main thing that keeps the butt upright is the strong muscles in the butt. Although these muscles are the largest and strongest muscles of the body, they lose their functions over time. It is not possible to keep the butt muscles upright, especially when the volume of the butt grows unpredictably. Accordingly, weakening in connective tissues also contributes greatly to the deterioration of the butt angle.

The main elements intervened in buttocks surgery are the size of the butt fat and connective tissues. In general, fat injection is applied during butt lift operations to make the butt look quite aesthetic. Thus, the butt skin is stretched. For this tension to be at the right angle, connective tissues are intervened. The angle is approached to the ninety-degree position by intervention on the horizontal plane from the line or waist between the two cheeks of the butt. Permanent uprightness is provided according to the intervention in the tissues.

Butt Reduction

The hip, the butt area, is the largest of the body’s fat collection centers. To protect the butt muscles, the fat layer created as a protector must be supported continuously, but excessive fat accumulation may occur in the butt area due to some factors such as inactivity, nutritional habits, and stress. Although it is possible to solve the fat accumulation in this region with diets and sports at the beginning, this opportunity disappears over time. Due to the weight of fat tissues accumulated in the butt area, butt skin, butt angle, waist, and hip balance change. The way to restore all these balances is butt aesthetic surgery.

The basic logic in butt reduction operations is the removal of adipose tissues, which put excessive pressure on the muscles and connective tissues of the butt. The amount of fat that will not put one’s butt in a flat state is taken from the butt. While taking fat from the butt, methods involving either liposuction or incision are used. In order to prevent skin sagging while shrinking operations are performed, a lifting intervention is also performed. By taking some skin, the butt is made tight and aesthetic. Butt reduction surgeries are rarely performed, but if applied, highly aesthetic, stronger butt appears.

BBL Surgery Methods

All the possibilities of plastic surgery can be used to make the butt area aesthetic. The large and fatty structure of the butt allows interventions to be made in a variety of ways. One or more surgical methods can be used during the realization of the purpose after its determination. In this way, an ideal butt appearance can be created and the patient’s wishes can be fully met. All methods are performed under local or general anesthesia. All of them require serious planning. Although the butt area looks like a safe zone, there are some unwanted consequences with the interventions to be made. While applying the methods, it is treated in a way that does not harm the general health of the patient. To eliminate the risk factor, attention is increased by extending the operation times.

Fat and Filler Injections

Fat injections are among the most effective methods to be used in enhancing the butt. Fat injection is followed by filling injections. Although the methods of both are the same, the substances used vary. We can list the main features of fat injections as follows:

Fatty tissues taken from one’s own body are used in fat injections. In other words, in order to perform butt aesthetic surgery with fat injection, one must have enough fat in his body. Fats to be taken are obtained from the waist and hip areas. Liposuction is used as a fat extraction technique. The fact that the fats are taken from the waist and hip areas provides a double-sided benefit. When fat is removed from the waist and hip area, these areas become thinner and more aesthetic. The fats taken are injected into the butt area and the butt area is made full and upright.

The possibility of developing an allergic reaction after the injection is zero due to the fact that the filling material used is taken from the body itself.

Fats are injected into areas that become pitted, deformed or desired to become full. As the volume increases after the fat injection, there is also tension on the skin.

Fat injection operation is a very easy procedure. It is applied under local anesthesia. First, the region where the fat will be taken and then the region where the fat will be injected are numbed separately.

The total duration of the operation is between one and a half hours. Depending on the situation, this period may be longer and shorter. If some other aesthetic operations are to be performed with the fat injection (butt area), the duration of the operation can be up to three hours.

After the operation, a corset specially prepared for the patient is worn in order to maintain the integrity of the fat tissues filled in the region by fat injection and to come together in a certain form.

The operation is very easy and comfortable. There is no problem in the patient returning to his social life after a three-day rest period. In general, patients can be discharged on foot immediately after the operation.

Contrary to popular belief, the fat injection operation produces permanent results. Permanent results of the fat injection operation can be observed with the disappearance of edema due to the intervention made during the operation from the first week.

If there is an image that does not satisfy the patient after the definitive results appear, a second and third session can also be held. In this way, the results of the fat injection operation are perfected. However, according to statistical studies, excellent results are obtained in ninety-nine percent of butt aesthetic surgeries with fat injection after the first session.

There is always a possibility that some of the fats injected into the region by the operation will not be retained, but this situation is not frequently encountered in today’s procedures. While all kinds of measurements are taken to prevent this, other techniques can be used to fix it.

In general, the application of fat injections in butt is like this. Today, it is the most preferred butt aesthetic surgery technique. The main reason for this is that it creates bilateral benefits to the body. The basic condition for being able to make a fat injection is that there is a sufficient amount of adipose tissue in the patient’s body. In cases where there is not enough fatty tissue, filling injections can be applied. The basic principles of filler injection and bbl surgery are:

1) It is generally performed on thin people. Making the butt more protruding and tense. Getting rid of cellulite is the main goal. It is also applied to correct the angle of the butt.

2) Not as permanent as fat injection. Despite the use of a special filling material, it can provide a maximum of seven years permanence that decreases as of the fourth year. In other words, those who have a bbl surgery by filling injection must be repeated every four to five years.

3) It is applied under local anesthesia. Since the substance used is artificial, only numbness is achieved during injection.

4) Thanks to the special needles used, there is no possibility of scarring. It is the most commonly performed butt aesthetic method in our country after fat injection.

5) Pits, regional sagging and deformities are eliminated.

6) The biggest advantage is that the requests of the person can be fully fulfilled. The amount of filling material used can be specifically adjusted to the desired butt shape.

7) The filling material used has been specially developed for the butt. It is harder than the filling materials used in the face area. In addition, the probability of developing an allergic reaction is close to zero. After the filling material used is injected, no foreign substance sensation occurs in the butt area. It has the same fluidity as the fat tissues in the butt.

8) Return to social life within three days after the operation.

9) The return to social life after injections of fat and fillings is quite fast, but returning to heavy work and heavy sports requires a certain amount of time. It is possible to return to them at the end of about three months. There is no harm in returning to sports on the butt. Especially for those who are interested in equine sports, there is not the slightest risk after three to four months.

Prosthetic (Silicone) Implants

The most preferred methods in bbl surgeries are always injection applications. In cases where injection applications are insufficient, silicone remains the only method that can be applied. In addition, the only method that can be used to comply with the recent trends like “Brazilian Butt” is butt silicone. While applying prosthesis to the butt area:

1) The main purpose is to make the butt protruding. When viewed from the side profile, it is desirable to have a maximum angle with the waist and hip. However, this angle should not be sharp, but more horizontal.

2) The silicone material used is thirty percent harder than the silicone materials used in other parts of the body. The main reason for this is that the butt area is exposed to external traumas.

3) As a result of being hard, it is the feeling of foreign matter in the two weeks after the operation. Touching or sitting on the butt feels like there is a foreign substance in the butt area. However, there is no such problem at the end of the two weeks.

4) The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The operation is carried out with the incision opened from the line between the two butt cheeks. Pocket is opened in a way to interfere to both sides. Silicone material is placed in the pockets that are large enough to meet the patient’s wishes. Then it is closed with special stitches. Since the cut is from the line between the butt, no scar is seen.

5) Butt aesthetics operations to install butt silicone takes approximately three to five hours.

6) The patient is hospitalized for a day after the operation. If necessary, the length of stay can be up to two days. After this surveillance period expires, the person will be discharged standing. After a total of five days of rest, he can return to his social life and light activities. The patient can start his heavy work and sports after a three-month rest period.

Lifting Methods

The methods developed to assist in fat injection, filling injection and butt prosthesis surgeries are based on tightening the butt. Excessive weight gain, rapid weight loss, and some other environmental factors disrupt the general structure of the butt. Although it is especially effective on the skin, regional sagging may also be encountered. Tightening methods should be applied to combat all these problems. Whether it is filled or the prosthesis is added, it is imperative to intervene in the skin for the full results. These methods can be applied for many purposes, especially to eliminate the orange-style appearance. We can list the general characteristics of these methods as follows:

1) When the person gains excess weight and suddenly loses, sagging occurs throughout the body. The most common place of these sagging is the butt.

2) Continuous weight gain and loss cycle also causes the butt skin to fold and sag.

3) Some genetic factors also cause the skin to sag on the butt. In order to solve all three problems, it is imperative to intervene in the skin.

4) Excess skin amount should be calculated. After calculating the excess skin amount, it is removed from the appropriate area by cutting.

5) Generally, skin removal operation is performed from the waist area or the line between the butt.

6) The stitches used in the operation are special and the incisions made are small. Even if there is a sign, it can be easily removed.

7) Thanks to the skin tightening operation, the waist can be made more prominent. In addition, the butt outline is made clearer.

8) It is performed under general anesthesia. It is combined with other operations since only skin tightening operation is not performed. Its duration also varies according to the nature of these operations.

9) According to the general characteristics of the operation, recovery may take up to a week. A month to three months is required for returning to heavy work and heavy sports.

10) In addition to the removal of the skin, intervention to the connective tissues is also possible. In this way, the basic elements that will keep the skin tight can be strengthened. It is also possible to reattach the skin tissue in stronger areas and bones. Operations are carried out in a way that best suits the person’s needs.

How Butt Aesthetic Surgery Is Done

Operations are performed under general anesthesia with patient comfort in mind. In simple and regional operations, local anesthesia is used. If the patient is not injected with fat, the patient’s lies face-down. This is quite normal since the intervened area is the butt. Every precaution is taken to ensure hygiene before starting the operation. The butt area requires extreme hygiene. Since the results of an infection that can occur in this region are quite bad, the hygiene problem is solved from the very beginning. Then, the equipment suitable for the operation is brought to the place where the operation will be performed. If the patient has a special problem, precautions are taken against the risk of this triggering during the operation. The necessary equipment is installed so that the vital values ​​of the patient can be observed. In the operation phase, since the waist, butt, and hip areas are generally intervened, surgery covers are used to cover every part of the body, except for these areas. This is very important for the patient’s hygiene and privacy.

After the operation is performed according to the technique used, the patient is awakened and directed to the post-operative care room. If there is no unexpected complication, the patient is discharged in accordance with the standard discharge procedures and the hospital part of the operation is completed.

Butt Aesthetic Surgery Price

It is never possible to say the price of aesthetic operations clearly. The factors that affect the price of the operation are many. The primary reason for these factors is that operations are performed for aesthetic purposes. We can list the factors that determine the price in butt aesthetic surgeries as follows:

1) For what purposes the operation will be carried out,

2) What is the technique to be used during the operation,

3) The amount of the substance to be injected into the area if fat injection and filler injection will be used.

4) The nature of the filling material to be used for filling injection,

5) The amount and type of silicone to be used if a prosthesis will be applied,

6) Conditions of the hospital where the operation is performed,

7) The expertise of the expert surgeon and team who will operate.

8) Whether the operation was carried out during the peak demand period.

9) Although these are the factors in general, dozens of other factors that may affect the price more or less can be counted. You can get the best price from your doctor after a detailed examination.

Before Butt Aesthetic Surgery

Butt aesthetic surgeries are very special aesthetic operations. It is very important to fully meet the needs of the hip area and to pay attention to the points where this area is sensitive. It is very important to plan the process before the operation to the finest detail, to include the patient’s wishes in the operation and to guarantee the results from the very beginning.

The surgeon should choose to eliminate the aesthetic problems in the butt. Today, aesthetic surgery is well developed, especially in our country. It is also possible to say that it is number one in the world in most respects. For this reason, there is no problem in finding a surgeon who will perform butt aesthetic surgery in our country.

Evaluation of the patient’s wishes and the medical tests and imaging techniques can allow the surgeons to make a decision. Then, in the continuation of the assessment of the general health of the patient, the critical process before the operation is started.

Surgeon and Clinic Selection

Our country has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to aesthetic surgery. Considering that we also provide services to the European and Arab countries in the health sector, we can say that those who will have aesthetic surgery will visit highly specialized doctors. Although it is generally concerned with facial surgeries, there are teams specialized in other procedures, especially fat injection.

Getting services from doctors and clinics specializing in bbl surgery is very important in terms of the results of the operation being close to perfection. Understanding butt anatomy, being able to evaluate with the hip and waist requires special expertise. Some clinics are concentrated only on the waist, hips and butt.

It is necessary to pay attention to expertise during surgeon and clinical selection. References of the clinic and surgeon should be examined, and samples from previous procedures should be requested. If possible, discuss with those who had it done, and long-term results should be observed. Finally, it would not be correct to say that every clinic is an expert in every subject. Fat injection, filler injection, silicone implants and tightening operations may require separate specialties. Making appropriate choices will also ensure that the operation is completely successful.

Examination Phase

After deciding the operation of bbl surgery and choosing the surgeon, it is necessary to proceed to the examination stage with a suitable procedure. The examination phase proceeds by evaluating many factors and receiving the requests of the patient. All factors and requests are melted in one denominator and research is done for the best possible result. Measuring the patient’s blood values, making use of special imaging techniques, conducting research on complication risks and preparing the patient for the operation are part of the examination process. Operations are more successful in patients whose examination process is efficient. The results of butt aesthetic surgery are more permanent. It is possible to say that up to sixty percent of the success of the operation depends on the process before the operation.

Blood Tests

Although the aesthetic operations of the butt are performed for aesthetic purposes, measuring the blood values ​​and hormone values ​​of the patient is necessary. Conditions that may cause problems during the operation must be determined in advance. Before butt aesthetic operations, a blood test is done as standard, and if necessary, urinalysis is performed. In these tests, findings related to diabetes and blood clotting problems are sought. If there is no evidence of these, it is concluded that the patient is suitable for the operation, at least for this stage.

Imaging Techniques

In order to reveal the anatomy of the butt area and to see all kinds of aesthetic problems, the use of imaging techniques comes after the physical examination phase. Thanks to these imaging techniques, sagging and muscular problems can be observed. In this way, the intervention can be planned in more detail.

Evaluation of the Patient’s Medical History

The treatments, chronic diseases and problems that patients receive before performing bbl surgeries have an important place in the planning of butt aesthetic surgery. It is very important to plan the butt aesthetic surgeries by evaluating the genetic problems. Before the operation, the medical history of both the patient and his family is taken and the risk of complications is tried to be reduced to zero. This stage must be overcome with a surgical intervention, even if it is not a special one before butt aesthetic surgeries. Especially if the medical history contains signs of blood clotting, diabetes and blood pressure.

Precautions Before Surgery

Butt aesthetic surgery is an operation that looks quite easy but has serious difficulties in itself. In addition to the difficulties that may arise during the execution phase of the operation, there are many issues to be considered before and after the operation. It is imperative that maximum attention is paid to the points to be considered in order to have a healthy pre-operative and postoperative process. The points to be considered before the operation are quite effective on the overall success of the operation. It may be necessary to prevent the butt from strenuous effort, and to make some form with its nutrition and sports habits. In addition, the use of any substance and drug that could harm the body should be avoided.

Cigarette and Alcohol Consumption

Both alcohol and cigarettes have a destructive effect on the body’s building blocks. Alcohol intake affects metabolism negatively. Especially in the consumption above a daily glass, blood pressure becomes unbalanced. This imbalance is not only in the time period when alcohol is consumed, it also takes effect when alcohol is not consumed. As it is known, stable blood pressure is the leading condition for an operation to be performed in a healthy way. Alcohol consumption should have a negative effect in terms of how it affects blood pressure, and should not be consumed during the month before the operation. It is useful not to consume at least two to three months after the operation.

Smoking causes deadly damages in cell size. It creates various imbalances throughout the body, especially the lungs, such as blocking blood vessels, which seriously affects blood pressure levels.

Nutritional Advice

The main reason for the deterioration of bbl surgeries is the eating habits. Then comes aging and gravity. The area where the patient can intervene is nutrition and sports habits. It is definitely not recommended to radically change the eating habits in the preparation process of the operation. Although eating healthy during the one month period prior to the operation is very important, nutrition forms affecting the metabolism should be avoided, which may endanger the results of the operation. Switching to green and vegetarian nutrition in particular can have a negative impact on metabolism, as there will be a radical change.

Any drink containing caffeine and acid should be avoided for one month before the operation and three months after the operation. Excessive sugary foods and drinks should also be removed from eating habits. Foods containing saturated fats, fries and proteins that are very tiring in body functions are among the foods that need to be removed. In general, a balanced and healthy diet is necessary to provide the protein, carbohydrate and fat that the body needs. Regarding the amount of calories, decreases should not be made as in diet periods. The calories that the body needs should be taken.

Sports and Regulation of Work Life

The importance of effort and how it’s spent in maintaining the aesthetics of the butt is very important. In city life and white-collar work, effort is usually spent through brain functions. Butt aesthetics are negatively impacted due to the continuity of business life. After a deterioration that requires butt aesthetics operation, sports and business life are the primary things to be considered and changed in the preoperative period.

It is impossible to radically change business life, but minor adjustments are possible. The preoperative process is the preparation period of the postoperative process. Instead of constantly working, small trips should be made at the workplace, and all possible activities should be carried out while standing. Small but effective habits can also be gained, such as using stairs instead of elevators.

The subject of sports is quite complex. It is not possible to radically change sports habits for a month before surgery. Light sports may be done in preparing for the postoperative period. Exercises that do not create a serious load on the butt muscles are allowed. It is important that the butt does not change in terms of the fat distribution. Sports could be performed to prepare for the post-operative process.

After Butt Aesthetic Surgery

Depending on the methods used in butt aesthetic surgery, the process after the operation varies. Whichever method is used, the only thing that does not change is the problem of hygiene. As the butt area is very suitable for the formation of unhygienic environment, the results of the operation can be compromised. To prevent this, the process after the operation becomes very important. The patient needs to know very well what to do and not to do to be able to analyze the healing process. It is also very important to follow these rules to get the results of the operation.

Silicones placement, on the other hand, heals the process very differently. Fat injections and filling injection is much easier than the prosthetic method. Usual complications occur after both methods of operation. The type and size of these complications may vary from patient to patient. In addition, as with any surgery, there is a risk of some unexpected complications arising in butt aesthetic surgery.

Operation Day

In butt aesthetic surgeries, hospitalization is generally done in the morning of the operation day. In general, the dinner before the operation is eaten. Afterwards, it is imperative not to consume food. Preparations for the operation begin after the patient’s hospitalization. Blood values ​​of the patient are measured. Compliance with the operation is checked for the last time. If the patient’s values ​​are positive, he is taken to a room and the operation time is waited.

The patient is taken to the operating room about half an hour before the time of the operation. Operations are carried out and performed within the procedures required for anesthesia. Depending on the methods used for butt aesthetics, the operation time can vary from half an hour to five hours. Although it is seen that it has exceeded five hours, this is very rare. The patient is transferred to the intensive care unit to get rid of the anesthetic effect. If there are no problems with his vital functions, he is sent to his normal room.

Ordinary Complications After Operation

Complications expected to occur after the operation vary according to the method of operation. Redness, bruising and edema are frequently encountered in fat injection and filling methods. All of them take about a week to pass. The most common complication that complicates the process after the operation is edema. Because edema causes the hip area to swell more than it should, it causes the butt to look different than it should be. Post-operative results disappear completely within two weeks at the latest and final results of butt aesthetics can be observed.

After the operation, mild nausea and vomiting may occur due to anesthesia. Also, depending on the pain reliever used, a slight pain may be felt in the butt area. It is common to face all these complications.


Movement is very high after butt aesthetic surgeries. In most butt aesthetic surgeries, the ability to be discharged will be better understood if it is thought to be standing three to four hours after the operation and standing. Generally, after the operation, after the effect of the anesthesia passes, the person can stand up and perform daily activities without any problems. Rest in bed for four or five hours only in prosthetic applications. On the first day, it should be hospitalized. Apart from this, there is no restriction on mobility.

After the completion of the operation, after the third month, dealing with heavy sports can be returned again. Previously, it is necessary to act, exercise or work in a way that keeps the whole body away from pressure.

Drugs to be Used After Surgery

Butt aesthetic operations are performed under local or general anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain or pain. In this way, it is not possible to feel pain during or immediately after the operation. After the operation, when the effect of anesthesia drugs starts to pass, minor pain may be felt. Your doctor will write painkillers to eliminate these pains. It is your responsibility to use these drugs as they are usually discharged on the same day. With the help of these painkillers for a week after the operation, the slightest pain or pain is not felt. Other than that, there are no drugs that should be used regularly or individually. Some drugs that can facilitate the acceptance of the prosthesis by the body can be used after wearing the prosthesis, but these are very rare applications.

Surveillance and Discharge Process

Surveillance and treatment processes show minor changes due to the techniques used in the procedures of butt aesthetic surgeries. The main reason for these changes is the difference and seriousness of the complications that may occur after the operation. As the size of the operation grows and the number of incisions increases, the surveillance time increases. The maximum is up to two days. If prosthesis has been applied, it is usual to stay in the hospital for a day.

Basically, the process of discharge is on the same day as surgery. If the patient’s vital values ​​are within critical limits, they can be kept under surveillance for a day. The patient is discharged from the hospital while standing. In other words, there is no restriction in mobility. The rest is taken care of at home. After resting for three days at home, it can turn into social life. In fat injection and filling injection operations, the return to social life is the second day.

Regular Check-up

It may take up to a week before the clear results of the butt, hip aesthetic operations appear. The main reason for this is that in an operation where fullness and angle are important, edema occurs due to the incisions opened to provide angle and fullness. The outward pressure and angle created by the edema may cause the results of the operation to look different for the first week. It is necessary to wait to eliminate this misleading effect. Edema will disappear within a week. With the disappearance of edema, final results will be revealed.

Afterwards, the results of the operation are checked once a month for the first three months. There is no possibility to change in the aesthetic operation in the third month. For this reason, there may be no need for regular check-ups from the third month. During the check-up, the condition of the prostheses and the condition of the injected fats or filling materials are examined. The fullness of the butt and other parameters are checked. If a deviation or problem is observed, intervention is made. The intervention may be in the form of small fat injections or a comprehensive operation.

Risks, Side Effects and Unexpected Complications

Butt aesthetic surgeries have risks, side effects and some unexpected complications. Although all operations are planned to minimize them, some unpredictable variables may be included in the operation when it comes to the human body.

The biggest risk is that the results of the operation are different than expected. The fact that the intervention area is quite wide and open to external effects may cause different results after the operation. The fullness, protrusion and angles of the butt may be wrong. This result is encountered in one out of every thousand patients, even if the operation times are extended and very careful. Elimination of such a result is also possible with the correction operation.

Things that can occur as a side effect after bbl surgery are quite rare. The most common of these side effects is that the body does not accept the filling material. While this is quite dangerous, it can pose serious problems if not responded to quickly. As the body feels a foreign object, it starts to give some reactions that will infect the region and cause redness and edema. There is always a risk of complications after butt aesthetic operations. Complications such as rash, edema, and bruising are considered natural. In addition, redness, bruising and edema that do not pass are quite problematic complications and the underlying causes are deeper. These also need to be solved.


Infection is one of the complications that are supposed to be prevented after butt aesthetic operations. Almost all operations involve large or small incisions. These incisions are located in a region that is very delicate in terms of hygiene. In general, an incision is made from the line between the two butt cheek. As can be expected, serious problems may arise if this region, where hair problems occur, is not kept clean.

For the one to two weeks after the operation, the butt area should be kept at the highest possible hygiene level. This two-week period corresponds to the period when the stitches in the butt area did not fully heal. Hygiene is the only way to prevent any bacteria from causing inflammation in the area.

If an inflammatory infection is encountered despite all precautions, the main treatment to be performed is antibiotic therapy. Thanks to the antibiotic treatment, the results of butt aesthetic surgery are taken under protection. If the inflammation is not interfered with, a process that can eliminate the results of the operation may develop.

Allergic Reactions

There is a rare risk of developing an allergic reaction after butt aesthetic operations. What causes an allergic reaction in the butt is silicone or sealant injection. There is no risk of fat injection causing an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions arising from the surgical equipment used in the operation disappear upon completion of the operation, but the reaction from the material used for implants continues for a long time. Although this is an unexpected risk, it can only be eliminated by removing the relevant substance from the body. Since the fillers and silicones produced today are developed so as not to cause an allergic reaction, this complication is very unlikely to occur.

Bleeding and Bruising in the Operation Area

The stitches used in the operation are special and the opened incisions are small. The main purpose is to intervene in the largest area with the smallest incision possible. Since the stitching technique used is also special, the chances of bleeding after the operation are very low. Although bleeding due to irritation between the butt cheeks is possible, it is usually minimal. There is no risk of bleeding unless there is an effective trauma in the area where the stitches are removed.

Disposal of the stitches after the operation causes the area to become sensitive. The area around the stitches becomes. While these bruises are expected to pass completely in about a week, rarely, these bruises may take longer to pass. When this is the case, it is thought that the stitches are problematic or the stitches are not regulated due to traumas. In bruises lasting longer than a week, it is absolutely necessary to consult the doctor who performed the operation.

Post-operative Sagging

After the operation, the butt area should be upright, plump and tight. Operations that do not meet these basic conditions are considered to be unsuccessful. Filler injections may not be retained in the region after the operation due to various reasons. Likewise, there are cases when adipose tissues cannot stay in place. In such cases, the filling materials are collected in the lower areas of the butt due to the effect of gravity, which causes some sagging in the skin.

The only way to solve negative situations like sagging is to repeat the operation. In the repeated operation, filling materials are taken out, new materials are replaced more meticulously. The situations that cause the filling materials not to stay in place are eliminated with the correction operation.

Negative Psychological Effects

If butt aesthetic operations are successful, there is no possibility of psychological problems. In cases where the operation is unsuccessful, psychological problems may arise due to needing to undergo the operation again and the resulting disappointment. A good plastic surgeon should do the operations in a way that will take care of these problems. However, if negative results occur, the doctor must relieve his patient.

Depression and excessive stresses usually occur after unsuccessful butt aesthetic operations. Both are known to have negative effects on a patient’s metabolism and health. These negative psychological effects continue until the patient undergoes a second operation. With the success of the second operation, psychology completely corrects it.

Things to watch out for after surgery

To maintain the successful results of the butt aesthetic operation, there are some points to be considered. It is very important to pay attention to these issues, otherwise the successful results of the operation may be affected. In addition, the comfort of the person after the operation largely depends on paying attention to these issues.


It is very important that the butt remains hygienic and dry. Some incision is made in the operation and closed with stitches after the operation. Maximum care must be taken for the hygiene of this area for a week after the operation. The way to ensure this hygiene is through keeping the area dry, and the way to keep it dry protects the area from water. Those who have butt aesthetic surgery are not recommended to take a shower for about three to seven days. If it is necessary to take a shower, it will be useful to wrap the area in a way to protect it from water.

Sexual intercourse

There is no sexual abstinence that should be applied after butt aesthetic surgeries. The person may have sexual intercourse, but movements that will force the region excessively should be avoided. It is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for a week or so to protect the stitches or injected fats with the operation. This recommendation should be followed to ensure that the stitches do not opened and that the fats are not distorted.

Sports and Work

The results of the butt aesthetic surgeries are as precise as they are. It is important to act in a way that protects the results in order to maintain successful results and keep the results for a long time. Approximately three months after butt aesthetic surgery is very critical. During this period, any kind of activity that will overexert the body should be avoided. Although light jobs and light sports are not a problem, heavy jobs and strenuous sports should not be done.

In all butt aesthetic operations, social life is continued within the first week. There is no reduction in mobility. Starting from the second week, light sports can also be started. It is necessary to wait three months to start heavy sports and sports such as horse riding. When the results of the operation are fully apparent after three months, all kinds of work and sports can be performed without any problems.


Corset application is started to ensure that the fat fillings can be shaped correctly. Thanks to the wearing of a corset, the fats in the butt area settle as desired and guarantee the wanted results. Clothing is also very important after butt aesthetic operations. Jeans that squeeze the area between the waist and the hips should not be worn and more comfortable clothing should be selected. From the end of the first month, tight jeans and other tight dresses can be worn. In general, the tightness required by the adipose tissues should be provided with a corset. As for clothing, it should be as comfortable as possible.


Two days are enough to return to social life after butt aesthetic surgeries. At the end of the first week, almost all signs of the operation disappear to a large extent. Patients who undergo fat injection, filling injection, silicone implants, as well as butt lifting procedures should not fly during the first week. At the end of a week, there is no harm in getting on the plane. They can use other transportation methods from the first day without any problems. There is no problem in sitting on their butt for hours. For those who think there will be a problem, it will be beneficial to walk in the corridors of the plane or take a break every two hours during the travel.

Sleeping Position

The biggest misconception of those who have butt aesthetic surgery is on sitting and sleeping position. They try to keep their butt away from external influences. Thanks to the filling techniques and materials available today, we can say that such anxiety is quite wrong. In general, any condition other than traumas that may cause serious damage to the butt area can not create an effect that will impair bbl surgery. This includes sitting on the butt for hours or sleeping on the back for hours.

Healing Process

The healing process is quite comfortable after butt aesthetic operations. The fact that the techniques used in the operations are minimally invasive also contributes to the comfort of the healing. The healing process proceeds as follows:

1) The operation is completed by operating the patient with one of four methods or several.

2) Generally, he is hospitalized one day. The main reason for hospitalization is the observation of complications.

3) Types of operations without hospitalization are injection applications. The patient is discharged within four to five hours after the application is completed.

4) It is recommended to rest at home for two days after discharge. The redness, bruises and edema that occur during this process are maximized.

5) The patient does not feel the slightest pain or pain because he drinks painkillers.

6) The patient can return to his social life from the end of the second day, without performing any hard tasks or strenuous exercises.

7) Starting from the first week, he can start doing light sports.

8) With the disappearance of edema between the first week and the first month, the final results are observed. The process is kept under control with regular check-ups.

9) In the third month, full recovery is achieved. From the third month, heavy sports and heavy work can be done. These do not play a decisive role on butt aesthetics.

10) As long as the patient pays attention to what he needs to pay attention to, the healing process is roughly so. Some situations may vary from patient to patient. The most appropriate advice about the healing process will be given by your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a medical team that specializes in performing HIV operations on patients with undetected HIV viral load. The surgery is performed in a special operating room reserved only for HIV treatment patients. After the operation is over, the operating room is sterilized with special cleaning and disinfectant materials and there is no risk of contamination.

Unfortunately no. For the both patient and our medical team, In terms of health, this situation can go in directions we do not want.

Yes. This increases the cost of the surgery, since every tool to be used during the operation and throughout the process is disposable.

It depends the level of active antibodies of HIV in your labs. You may go perfectly for the operation.

We treat every patient in the same way which is perfectly attentive and careful. Extra precautions are due to the fact that everything related to the operation and the process is disposable.

No it does not. The procedure allows you to have the perfect shape you want.

Yes. This situation affects your health as well as the health of your doctor and healthcare team. If you choose not to say, your disease will be learned by the doctors as a result of the preoperative blood test.

No. This operation has no connection with HIV disease. However, experiencing an unexpected situation during the operation may affect your health.

Yes, in consultation with your doctor. If the results of the further examinations performed by us are positive, they can undergo surgery whenever they want.
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