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Breast Plastic Surgery is that women’s breasts are as desired in terms of aesthetics and posture. While most women suffer from the fact that their breasts are small, some suffer from being large. Some women complain about sagging breasts after some processes. For these reasons, their self-confidence decreases and their lives are negatively affected.

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These problems bring negative aspects to the patient’s appearance, cause functional problems and affect them psychologically. Chest aesthetic operations are carried out in order to eliminate all these negativities and to have an aesthetic appearance of the patient. Breasts are a socially charged body for women. For this reason, every woman cares about her breasts. It combines with the whole body and tops the aesthetic appearance. Breast Plastic Surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery performed today. Breast Plastic Surgery preferred by women in the first place is a type of plastic surgery for men. Many surgeries offer women the beauty of the outside world, especially for themselves, to increase their self-confidence, and for health, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, erection and shaping.

About Breast Plastic Surgery

Women have tried many ways for beauty from past to present. Breast Plastic Surgery is one of them. Breast Plastic Surgery began to be made in the 1960s. Salt-filled or semi-liquid silicones, made according to the conditions of the time, were used. Surgery was performed for breast augmentation and correction. Considering that there are health risks, plastic surgery was not performed after a while. Since the researches and examinations carried out towards the end of the 1990s support that there is no risk of Breast Plastic Surgery, it was started to be repeated. Many different types of implants offer options for those who will have plastic surgery in the 21st century.

What is Breast Plastic Surgery?

Breast plastic surgery, in general terms, is to put women’s breasts into desired shape. In our society, women with small breasts are under psychological pressure. Some women do not grow a congenital breast and their breasts sag after breastfeeding in lactating women. Breast augmentation and erection surgeries are performed for all these problems. In addition, breast reduction surgeries performed, it is an operation that is preferred by women who have a very large breast compared to their body and are no longer a problem for their health.

How Is Breast Plastic Surgery Performed?

Breast plastic surgery procedures, which can be done by individuals with very small or very large breast sizes, can be done by various methods. In order to fix the sagging problem, we can say that the same procedures can be made for the purpose of erecting again. Breast plastic surgery is an aesthetic operation performed by placing a silicone prosthesis behind the breast in general definition. In this method, which is performed with silicone, which is one of the least reactive substances to the body, it is performed with silicone capsules that have a silicone gel inside and a harder structure outside. Encapsulated capsules placed in the lower part of the breasts, armpits or cuts from the nipple sections make each breast look steeper and fuller. In addition, the same procedure can be made with capsules containing saline, that is, a saline solution. After the individual’s chest sizes are obtained by imaging and examined, the most appropriate capsule type and size are also clarified and the operation plan is prepared. After reconciliation with the patient, the plan is clarified and the operation begins. After the operation, which takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours on average, the patient is discharged on the same day. In order not to leave any traces in breast aesthetic procedures applied with silicone, sutures are hidden using specially aesthetic threads. Silicone capsules are not able to burst or dissolve, unless there is impact with a very sharp and hard material. The prices of these procedures, which can only be applied by specialists who have the title of operating doctor, may vary according to the size of the chest, the structure and other features of the prosthesis, clinical quality and other factors. It is also possible to state that shrinkage operations can be made for breasts that are too large with a surgical intervention. Injection method and other methods that are applied without any surgical intervention, results can be obtained about breast enlargement. However, it should also be noted that temporary or certain risks exist in these procedures. First of all, it can be said that breast enlargement method is widely used, which can be applied with fat, aqua filling or filling agent injection. However, this method, which has some risks, can also show a temporary result. Injection, which can only be applied in a sterile environment and by doctors who are experts in plastic surgery, takes about 1 hour. Apart from the injection, it is said that breast enlargement is also performed by using some herbal products, breast enlargement massage, exercise and sports plans. The most effective and permanent solution is of course known as silicone prosthesis procedure.

Who Can Undergo Breast Plastic Surgery?

There is no general limitation for those who want to have Breast Plastic Surgery. Anyone who is uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts, does not like their shape, who are uncomfortable with their sagging, want to be a little larger, or, on the contrary, who are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts and want to shrink, can undergo breast plastic surgery. For breast augmentation surgery, the patient has small breasts compared to the body. This situation can be congenital or it can be experienced after birth. Structural differences that may occur in two breasts of women can create psychological problems in individuals, and these problems can be prevented with breast augmentation surgery. Likewise, breast reduction surgery should be performed in line with the problems experienced by the patient who has very large breasts. Although there is no specific age limit for these surgeries, the development of the patient’s body is generally expected. For this, operations are usually performed for ages 18 and older. For women who are in pregnancy and lactation, it is better to wait for 6-9 months. In terms of breastfeeding as well as taking the final shape of the breast. It is more important for those considering surgery to obtain the most relevant information for themselves from the doctor they apply to.

Breast Plastic Surgery Risks

Even in the easiest operations, there is a small risk. There are also some minor risks in breast aesthetic surgeries. In breast augmentation surgeries, capsules called drains are placed to enlarge the breast. There may be leaks after surgery. If blood residues inside the chest do not flow out, the capsule (drain) placed inside the chest may not develop. To prevent this risk, the place of surgery should be chosen well. The risk of infection is low. Antibiotics given by the doctor can be used to prevent. Since there are no large vessels in the breast area, the risk of bleeding is almost nonexistent. In breast reduction surgeries, complications such as bleeding, infection and skin tenderness can be seen. Differences can occur in the shape and symmetry of the breast and nipple.

Types of Breast Plastic Surgery

There are 5 types under the name of aesthetic surgery. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, gynecomastia, breast lift and asymmetry repair. The most preferred of these aesthetics is breast augmentation and breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Lift (Mastopexia)

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical operation where the breasts are removed and the breasts are tightened and the breasts are reshaped and an aesthetic appearance is created.

Breast lift surgery is performed as a solution of sagging caused by gravity and during postpartum breastfeeding, genetic cases, and weight loss.

There is a degree of sagging breasts and surgery is performed according to these degrees. Conditions affecting surgery include the size and shape of the breast, the size and position of the areola (nipple) surrounding the nipples, the degree of sagging in the breast, the quality of the skin and the excess of the skin are the factors that affect the operation.

With breast lift surgery, asymmetries and differences in breasts can also be corrected by surgery. Breast lift surgeries aim to bring the breast to its required form. If there is an abnormal size in the brown colored area called areola at the tip of the breast, its narrowing in this area can be achieved with surgery. If the patient has a slight sagging, it can be both erect and breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Asymmetry Repair

Breast asymmetry is when women or men have different breast sizes. This condition, which is mostly in women, occurs in 70-75% of women. It is usually neglected because it is at a level that is not noticeable. But some conditions require surgery.

While asymmetry is sometimes just the size of one breast compared to the other breast, in some cases it is also different in the shape and shape of the nipple or breast tissue on one side.

Breast asymmetry surgery is the most difficult of breast aesthetic surgeries. The difficulty angle of the surgery is for doctors. Because the disproportionality found by using more than one technique in the surgery is tried to be corrected. Sometimes, not only the asymmetry is corrected, but also breast augmentation or breast reduction is applied.

Prostheses Used in Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, which is an aesthetic operation performed by individuals with extremely small breast sizes, can be performed with various prostheses. In addition, it is known that aesthetic prosthesis treatment can be performed for the solution of erectile and asymmetry problems. Although there is no use of any prosthesis for reduction or other types of aesthetic operations, treatment is usually completed with fat masses taken from the breast tissue. We can say that the prosthesis used in aesthetic operations applied in order to have a larger size of the breasts is usually covered with silicone. These prostheses are in the form of capsules and their types vary according to the substances in them. Prostheses with a silicone gel inside and with a silicone outer surface and prostheses with a saline inside and with a silicone structure outside can be used in this direction. The outer surface of both prosthesis types has a hard structure. The reason for this is to prevent the capsules from bursting as a result of any impact or pressure that may occur after the aesthetic treatment is completed. We can state that a structure resistant to any kind of pressure is valid in both types of prosthesis, except for injuries caused by an extraordinarily hard and pointed object. The most preferred type of prosthesis filled with saline, that is, saline solution, is the type of prosthesis filled with silicone gel. The reason for this is the structure of the capsule and the image it creates. The use of a silicone prosthesis gives a fuller and also more upright structure than the prosthesis filled with saline solution, and the level of durability is also higher. It should be noted that both types of prosthesis do not pose a health hazard under normal conditions and the substances used are compatible with the internal tissue of the body. Implantation of the Prosthesis In order to make each breast appear larger, firstly, the chest measurements of the individual are obtained in detail with various imaging tests and new dimensions are determined in this direction. Then a detailed breast enlargement surgery plan is prepared by the doctor. At this point, where the cuts will be made becomes clear in the interviews with the patient. Cuts can be opened from the armpit areas, from the nipple or under the breast areas. Silicone prostheses placed in places where the cuts are opened can be placed under the muscle tissues or directly under the breast tissue. When this process is also completed, the cuts are closed with aesthetic structure stitching threads to ensure that no signs remain and the operation is completed.

How to Choose A Clinic?

Clinical selection is a choice that is up to the patient’s preference. It is more convenient to go to the preferred clinic after a good research and to give a preliminary speech and to receive information.

Breast Plastic Surgery Prices

Prices valid for breast aesthetic operations may vary according to the method and various other factors. It is known that prices vary according to different aesthetic types such as enlargement and reduction practices applied in cases where the breasts are too small or too large than normal, anatomical dimensions, operations performed in the case of asymmetry, and other erection. In general, we can state that the base price of 7000 TL and the ceiling price of 20.000 TL are valid for enlargement, reduction, erection and asymmetry operations. In addition to these prices, which are shown only as operation fees, it is necessary to say that an average of 100 TL is required for medication, examination and additional fees. The reason for such a difference between the lowest price and the highest price is that the aesthetic conditions that individuals demand are different. As an example, we can say that the fee charged for a fat extraction operation applied only for the reduction operation may be low. However, with the asymmetry situation, it should be known that a higher cost will arise in the demand for an enlargement of each breast. Therefore, in order to determine a clear fee, it is necessary to take the chest size by examining the patient and determine the most suitable size with the imaging method and prepare the operation plan. In this case, the fees to be incurred for the operation to be performed can also be determined clearly.

Before Breast Plastic Sugery

Before the surgery, it is necessary to share all anxiety and expectations, especially in the examination phase, and create an expectation in parallel with the result to be obtained in this direction. This is important for the result to satisfy the patient. If there are people in the family who are exposed to cancer diseases, it is necessary to share information in this direction. You will also need to share your story with your doctor about the medications you used during your pre-surgery, the diseases and treatments you have had before. It is recommended that examinations such as mammography or ultrasound should not be left to the last day. It is recommended that the tests that you need to give on an empty stomach should not be left until the last day and that additional tests may be requested. After anesthesia control, you should definitely share any flu and similar anomaly conditions. Newborns are also asked to wait at least 9 months after the breastfeeding period ends. You should also stop taking aspirin, antibiotics or derivatives 1 week ago. Smoking negatively affects the healing process as alcohol consumption reduces the oxygen level in blood cells. For this reason, smoking consumption is prohibited for a certain period before and after surgery.

You will be asked to get enough sleep on the day before the operation and stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery. In line with the plan, it will be useful to be in the hospital 2 hours before surgery. Vascular access and preoperative drawings will be prepared without haste and surgery will begin.

Sharing the Medicines Used with the Physician

If there are drugs used before surgery, sharing is an important issue. In particular, drugs that contain the active ingredient of aspirin (salicylic acid) and drugs containing vitamin E may increase the risk of bleeding, so the use of drugs should be discontinued 10-15 days before your surgery. If use is concerned, the situation should be discussed with the doctor.

Evaluation of Previously Taken Treatments

If someone in the family has been treated for cancer or has had an operation before, this should be shared with the doctor. It is necessary to tell the doctor about an important disease, allergy or chronic disease that is experienced at any time before the operation.

Nutrition Before Surgery

Since aesthetic surgeries are planned surgeries, it is possible for the patient to have a regular and healthy diet some time before the surgery date and to have a better post-operative process.

Pre-operative Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

As in every surgery, cigarette and alcohol consumption should be stopped 2-3 weeks beforehand for the health of the patient. It is an important factor for the absence of any problems in the tissues and blood circulation during the surgery performed with anesthesia and for the rapid healing of the wound.

Preparation of the Surgery Plan

Pre-operative planning is at least as important as surgery. In order to prepare the plan, it is necessary to determine the shape of the prosthesis suitable for you. How to insert it after the shape of the prosthesis, that is, the appropriate placement type is determined. Along with these, after the appropriate size is determined for your body, the operation phase is now started.

Operation Day

On the day of the operation, the patient is put to sleep with general anesthesia and surgery is taken. It has a clock that varies according to the surgery performed. The longest lasting operation is breast reduction surgery and it takes a maximum of 3 hours. Other surgeries range from 1 to 1.5 hours.

After the Surgery

On the day of surgery, the patient is put to sleep with general anesthesia and surgery is taken. It has a duration that varies according to the surgery performed. The longest lasting operation is breast reduction surgery and it takes a maximum of 3 hours. Other surgeries range from 1 to 1.5 hours.


Although postoperative pain is not very intense, it is a situation that varies from patient to patient. Pain medications given by the doctor should be drunk regularly.

First Day Nutrition

It is not appropriate to drink water and eat right after the operation. The first feeding can be done in the form of liquid foods for 6 hours after surgery.

Duration of stay

The patient can be discharged directly after the surgery with the permission of the doctor. However, it would be better to stay in the hospital for 1 day. After discharge from the hospital, it is necessary to rest at home in 2-3 days. During this time, heavy work should be avoided.


The success rate of the operation also depends on the high psychology of the patient. The question in everyone’s mind is whether the surgery will be successful and whether they will be satisfied with the result. For this, the developing technology provides many benefits. Prior to the operation, it makes it easier for people to make a decision with the 3D model technique and also keeps its psychology high.

Medicines to be Used

The patient who has trouble after the operation should use the medicines given by the doctor after passing the doctor’s control. Other than that, the medications given by the doctor are pain medications to reduce the pain in general.

Things to be Considered on the Day of Surgery

As with any surgery, there are some issues to be considered in the surgery of breast surgery. It is important for the patient to remain psychologically calm on the day of surgery. Some people try to get a calming needle because they are not successful. Plastic surgery doctor and anesthesiologist come and share information with the patient again and it is important to listen carefully.

Do Not Fast

It is necessary to stop eating a certain time before surgery. It should be fasted for approximately 6-7 hours before the surgery. No matter how simple the surgery, the rules are the same as anesthesia will be applied. If something is eaten, it should definitely be shared with the doctor.

Entry to the Hospital on Time

It is useful to come a few hours before this, not at the exact surgery time. Doctors may have another request for analysis.

The Companion and the Importance of the Surgery Bag

When coming to the surgery, it is very important for the patient to come with a bag with the patiental belongings. Sometimes the items in the hospital may not be suitable for the patient. For this, slippers, which may be essentially necessary, for the bathroom, such as shampoo, liquid soap and towels can be taken. In order to be worn comfortably after the surgery, it is useful to buy something with zipper, button or shawl style from the front. It will be much more comfortable to have a companion with you after the operation. Because, while lifting the arms for a certain period of time, the patient will have difficulty in getting dressed or eating.

Risks and Complications

As with any surgery, some risks and complications may occur in breast surgery. Bleeding, infection, loss of sensation, deformation, permanent deformity, cancer, sagging and psychological complications are the risks that may occur.


Since there are no large vessels in the chest area, the risk of bleeding is almost nonexistent. Drained drains eliminate the risk of bleeding.


As long as antibiotics given by the doctor are used to reduce the risk of infection, there is no risk of infection.

Loss of Sense

It is usual to experience loss of sensation after surgery. But it is a temporary situation. This problem will disappear after about 6 months.


Today, implants with silicon inside and rough surfaces are used frequently. These Turkish implants were found to be less deformed than the old method silicones. Prostheses, which are not common, can be deformed and cause deformities in the breast. In order to avoid this problem, prostheses that can adapt more easily with newly used breast tissue should be preferred.

Permanent Shape Disorder

Deformity, a problem that may occur after deformation, is not permanent. After such a problem, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. If necessary, an operation can be performed again.


The most discussed and researched subject of Breast Plastic Surgery is whether it causes cancer. After the researches, it has been proved that Breast Plastic Surgery does not cause any cancer and all the questions in the minds of women have been answered.


Although it does not appear in every patient who is operated on, it is a condition encountered in some people. The implant placed in the breast may not be compatible with the body. In this case, the prosthesis is removed and the operation is performed again.

Psychological Complications

Whether the operation will be successful or not creates a psychological pressure on the patient. Since the success rate of the operation is high, this pressure passes at the end of the operation.

Things to be Considered After Surgery

No matter how beautiful the operation is, the patient’s post-surgery can shadow the beauty of the operation. For this reason, there are some points to be considered after surgery.


After 3 to 4 days after breast plastic surgery, people can take a shower. It is important not to put too much pressure on the chest area.


If it is necessary to travel immediately after the operation, it is useful to share the situation with the doctor.


After discharge, the patient can move enough to meet their own needs. Sudden movements should be avoided and they should not force themselves to reach high places at home. In this case, it is best to get help or use stool.

Sleeping On Face

It is necessary to pass 3-4 weeks to sleep face down. First of all, the patient should sleep on the back and the patient can lie on the side in the continuing period.

Custom Sports Bra Usage

After the operation, the patient is wearing a sports bra. A doctor will give detailed information about the duration of its use. Usually it is worn for 3 weeks all day and for 3 weeks ongoing it is worn only during the day.

Drug Use

Since surgery is passed, prophylactic antibiotic medication is given to the patient to use against the risk of infection. It is important to use it regularly. Apart from this, the patient should not use aspirin-style drugs that can cause bleeding.


As it is an aesthetic operation, dissolvable stitches are used in chest surgeries. These will disappear over time.


You can go to places such as solarium, hammam and sauna 6 weeks after the operation.


In the sunbathing like a solarium, one must wait 6 weeks.

Sexual Intercourse

2.5-3 weeks should be expected for sexual activities. During intercourse, overloading the chest may cause pain.


As long as the patient does not strain himself right after the operation, the patient can do certain sports.


For fitness, the patient will have to wait 7-8 weeks. It should be waited for heavy sports in case the prosthesis is placed in a difficult position.


For Pilates, the health of the patient needs to wait 7-8 weeks.


The patient can walk about 2 weeks after surgery. These walks should be short. It is necessary to wait at least 3 weeks for long walks.


The patient can swim 7-8 weeks after the operation. But he should avoid risky movements like jumping.

Healing Process

The full recovery time of the breast after surgery is between 4-6 months. During this process, one has to pay attention to some things that one has to do and not to prolong the healing process. Following the operation and paying attention to nutrition speeds up the healing process. Post-operative disease psychology should not be overlooked. On the contrary, it is important to perform your routine work, albeit heavily, in terms of blood circulation of the body. If you feel pain while doing your work, you should not force yourself too much. The patient should avoid lifting heavy items.

Breast Plastic Surgery Permanence Status

Breast Plastic Surgery is a life-long aesthetic. But in some cases it may deform between 15-20 years. After this deformation, the patient may have surgery again.


There is no specific menu after surgery. What needs to be done is to eat a balanced and healthy diet.


As long as the rules stated by the doctor are followed, it will take the shape of the breast within 4-6 months and if the patient has not had any problems during this period, it is appropriate to go for a routine check-up at the end of the 6th month.

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