Many of these role models are actors, artists, models, or people who have phenomenon through media, social media. The Hollywood cheek is also inspired by the female characters in Hollywood movies, where there are the most admired characters. In Hollywood movies, female characters often have lower jaws with thin lines, weak but strong facial expressions and tense angles.

Bishectomy – How Is Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Performed?

In the bichectomy operation, in the old methods, cheek prosthesis or fillers were used to emphasize the cheek lines. With this method, it was not possible to thin the face, on the contrary, it would sometimes give an exaggerated and rough look. The new method used on the Hollywood cheek is completely cheek focused and the desired image can be obtained in a controlled manner without leaving any surgical scars. In addition, asymmetry in this area can be largely corrected. The operation is carried out completely in the mouth and under sterile conditions under general or local anesthesia. The processing time is 45 minutes for both parties. With a very small incision, the fat pads that provide filling this area are accessed and the process is carried out. To achieve the desired result, adipose tissue is removed in a measured amount.

Bishectomy – Who Can Do Cheek Slimming Surgery?

Anyone who has thick facial contours due to the fat on his face, especially in the cheek areas, can do this easily after overcoming adolescence and sitting on the facial contours. Although not overweight, only those who have fat in the cheek area can also get a bichectomy to have proportional and aesthetic facial features.

Bishectomy – Does edema and pain occur after cheek Slimming surgery?

This surgery does not cause edema and pain. The patient is discharged on the same day and can return to work the next day. The patient is fed with liquid on the first day. All foods are suitable for the patient, except for very hard foods (bread, etc.) after three days. In this method, the results are permanent and the facial contours do not change unless they are overweight. In addition, this method has a preventive effect, as it reduces the mass of the fat pads on deformation that will occur in the aging zone. There is no serious complication of this method. Possible problems include asymmetry, excessive collapse, numbness in the cheek area. However, these are very rare problems and there is no risk in a rigorous operation.