About Arm Lift

Aging, environmental factors as well as genetic factors can cause sagging in the arm area. Improper skin care or the use of wrong products are among the most important causes of these sagging. The resulting sagging creates an aesthetically bad image, but you don’t have to worry because it is now possible to eliminate this problem with the arm stretching surgery. Depending on the excess skin and the cause of sagging, liposuction can be performed and after the surgery, a more tense skin structure is created by removing excess skin. It is a very simple operation and it is worth saying that the rate of success has increased very much in the last time.

 What is Arm Lift?

The condition of recovering sagging caused by old age, genetic factors, environmental factors and lastly weight loss and action and obtaining a tighter, firmer skin structure is called arm stretching. While this is sometimes a procedure that does not require surgical intervention, it is sometimes accompanied by surgical intervention. Arm stretching has been preferred by many more patients recently, and doctors have been very successful in this regard. If you want to get rid of the visual problems immediately, you can knock on the doors of the doctors and take the first step for intervention.

Conditions Requiring Arm Lift Surgery

Sagging occurring in the arm region or sagging occurring in the lower part of this region are among the situations that require arm lifting operation. Especially in summer, if the people wear their sleeves, the sagging becomes more visible and remarkable. It is possible to eliminate this sagging as a result of a short operation of 1.5 to 2 hours, and more importantly, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation.

How is Arm Lifitng Surgery Performed?

Before the arm stretching operation, some examinations are performed and the reason for sagging is determined with these examinations. Once the cause of prolapse is determined, the appropriate treatment method is selected and action is taken. If needed, first intervention is done with liposuction and then excess skin will be removed by surgical intervention. The surgery is a local anesthetic-supported surgery and it occurs for an average of 1.5 to 2 hours. Patient and physician comfort is at a high level and the patient will not have any complaints during the operation since it is an anesthetic-supported intervention. In some patients, general anesthesia is preferred, and the discharge of these patients is delayed 1 day after the operation.

Causes of Sagging Arm

Among the most important causes of prolapse is signs of old age. Another reason is genetic factors. If you have relatives who experienced this problem at an early age, you are also in the risk group. Another reason for sagging arm is losing weight frequently. The weight you lose after dieting and the weight gained after a short time can cause this sagging. The sagging treatment is very simple and as we have already mentioned, we can see that it has been performed more successfully in the last period.

Arm Slimming with Liposuction

It is possible to get rid of excess fat in the arm area with liposuction treatment without the need for surgical intervention. In order to realize this procedure, the reason for sagging must be determined correctly. While liposuction treatment is sufficient in some skin structures, this procedure will not be sufficient in some skin and surgical intervention may be required. In the arm region, it is seen that the area called under the sun is sagging much more and those who wear t-shirts in summer say that they are uncomfortable with this situation in terms of aesthetics. With a simple half-hour liposuctio, it is also possible to remove these excesses and make the skin look firmer. Moreover, there is no pain or anxiety during the operation.

Non-surgical Arm Lift and Tightening

Along with liposuction to be performed within the framework of aesthetic operation, non-surgical arm stretching intervention is also possible. As we have already mentioned, arm sagging may have different causes, and after examining these causes, it becomes much easier to decide on the method of intervention. Liposuction treatment has become more popular recently and it is preferred by people because it is easy to perform and it is a painless intervention method. If you do not want to have aesthetic problems and want to have a tighter appearance, you can knock on your doctor’s door without wasting any time.

Arm Lift Surgery Prices

It would not be correct to provide a price information for arm stretching operations. Depending on the procedure, the prices may vary, and the clinic and doctor you prefer will have an important share in the price change. Instead of doing your research from the online world, we find it more accurate to visit the clinics. However, it will be much healthier and more accurate to have a one-on-one meeting with your doctor in terms of price information. Private clinics may offer slightly higher numbers in this regard, but it is also worth noting that success rates are higher. If you wish, you can make your visits online or in the real world and get more detailed information.

Who Performs Arm Lift Surgery?

Plastic surgery specialists are the people who have experience in arm stretching surgery and they are the people who will perform this surgery. Besides theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is also of great importance. The fact that the doctor you prefer will have undergone this surgery many times before will reveal their practical skills more clearly. If you are going to do research on this subject, you should research very carefully. Because even though the way of surgery is the same, the importance of the doctor’s hand workmanship emerges in these surgeries. As a result of a simple operation of 1.5 to 2 hours, you can have a firmer and more impressive appearance based on the arm area.

Before Arm Lift Surgery

Along with health screening and anesthesia examinatios, the relevant examinations should be carried out in full and the general health status of the patient should be discussed in detail. If there is a health problem that will negatively affect the operation, the operation may be postponed or canceled. You should also stop using medication before arm lift surgery and your doctor will make necessary warnings about this. Before the surgery, it is useful to follow your doctor’s warnings and make sure that if you proceed in this way, the process will be easier and healthier. As a result of the preoperative examinations, surgery planning is made much easier.


Along with anesthesia examinatios, blood tests and general health status, you will see a short-term examination process. These examinations are carried out smoothly in the hospital where you will be operated and a planning is made according to the results to be obtained. The result of the examinations will be examined and evaluated by the doctor who will perform your surgery. It is useful to share the question marks in your mind with your doctor before the surgery. Along with physical preparations, mental preparations are also of great importance, and it will be in your favor to be in contact with your doctor in this context. If you wish, let us consider these examinations in detail and answer all your questions.

Blood Tests

A blood test is needed to obtain information about the general health condition and to reveal the patient’s health problems, if any. The blood test is carried out smoothly in the hospital or clinic where you will be operated, and the results are examined by your doctor. After the blood test, a detailed analysis will be needed for anesthesia. Performing the examinations completely is of great importance for the surgical process and the postoperative period. If you have a complaint about your general health condition, you can share it with your doctor and make the information exchange faster.

Anesthesia Examinations

In arm lifting surgery, local or general anesthesia can be performed depending on the condition of the patient and the existing problem. The reaction of each patient to anesthesia is different, so in order not to take risks, anesthesia tests should also be carried out without any errors. As a result of anesthesia tests, if there is no negative situation, the general health status will be examined and if no problems are encountered in this regard, related planning will be made for the surgery. A short examination period is waiting for you and you will not be mentally worn during this period.

Health Screening

It is useful to convey your complaints about general health problems to your doctor and if there is a negative situation, the operation may be postponed or canceled. As a result of the health screening, all problems occur in a short time and the effects of these problems on the operation are determined more accurately as a result of the examinations made by the doctor. If you have any health problems or medications, you should share these details with your doctor. In addition, you will be asked to communicate your previous treatments and diseases to your doctor. After all the examinations are completed and examined, the preparation process for the arm stretching surgery can begin and the related planning will be done by your doctor without any errors and you will be informed.

Sharing the Medicines Used with the Doctor

Preoperative drug use is not a recommended action, however, you should also share the medications you are currently using with your doctor in a complete list. Blood thinners carry a great risk before surgery and it is also worth mentioning that it is one of the details that will affect the operation negatively. If there is a drug that will affect the operation among the drugs you use, your doctor who will perform the surgery will give you all necessary information in terms of health. It is beneficial to abandon the use of medication at least 10 days before the operation and you are told that you should definitely inform your doctor if you use it, even if it is a simple painkiller.

Review of Treatment History

The treatment history of the patient is discussed in detail before each surgical intervention. A detailed screening is needed with the drugs used, the operations passed and the treatments received. The reason for this is to determine whether there is a negative situation that will affect the operation as in other controls. If this is the case, planning of the surgery will be re-made and even the surgery will be postponed. The general state of health is of paramount importance, and otherwise it would not be the right decision or choice to take action for the operation.

Preparation of the Surgery Plan

The preparation of the surgery plan is done by the doctor and we can say that a healthier process has been determined as a result of the examinations. As we have already mentioned, if there is a problem with the general health condition, this problem should be addressed firstly and the planning should be done after this problem is eliminated. After the surgery plan is prepared, your doctor will inform you about the process and the question marks in your mind will be eliminated in this way. After the surgery plan is prepared, you need to be mentally ready for the surgery, and if there are any, share your question marks with your doctor. It is very important for you to convey your concerns to your doctor and to be mentally ready.

Cigarette and Alcohol Consumption

You should avoid harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol, which have a negative effect on body health, have a much greater effect especially in the preoperative period and it should be noted that they will negatively affect the operation process. Be sure to proceed by considering your doctor’s warnings during the preparation for the surgery, and it positively reflects both the operation and the postoperative period. Along with medication use, smoking and alcohol use should be abandoned at least 10 days before the operation and steps should be taken with a healthier body.

Preparation for Hospitalization

With the operation performed with local anesthesia, you encounter a 1.5 to 2 hour process. You are discharged shortly after the surgery and you can continue your daily lives smoothly from where you left off. Patients undergoing general anesthesia will stay in the hospital for one day. This situation may vary depending on the reaction of the patient and the length of hospital stay may be longer. In order for the patient not to push himself and help his needs, a companion must be accompanied. After you are discharged, you can continue your daily life from where you left off, but there are also details that you should pay attention to in the postoperative period.

After Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lifting is not a difficult operation, and since anesthesia is also available, patient and physician comfort is also at a high level. If you want to contribute to the recovery process in the period after surgery, you need to be in harmony and communication with your doctor. What matters you need to pay attention to will be shared with you after the surgery as well as before the surgery and necessary information will be provided. If you do what your doctor says, you will have a much faster and healthier process. We recommend that you consider the warnings and contact your doctor without delay in the smallest problem.

Operation Day

Arm stretching surgery is not an operation that will require you to worry. A very successful and healthy operation process is waiting for you. You will be physically ready when the surgery comes and fights, but mental preparation is also of great importance. There should be no question marks in your mind, and your doctor will do the necessary help. In addition, we recommend that you do not smoke on the day of surgery because harmful drinks such as cigarettes can change the course of the operation and your doctor will warn you especially about this. It is recommended that you have a companion with you on the day of the surgery, because of the anesthesia to be administered, the time to be discharged may also increase and during this period, the hospital related procedures will be handled by the companions.

Standing Up

We have already mentioned that it is a simple operatio. You do not have to wait too long to stand up, and if local anesthesia is administered and the operation is performed in this way, you are discharged on the same day and continue your daily lives from where you left off. Patients who undergo general anesthesia stay in the hospital for one day, but as we mentioned in other topics, this period may be shortened or extended depending on the reaction of the patient. Your doctor will provide more accurate information on this subject and will not keep you in the hospital for a very long time, depending on the reaction you will already give. Since it is a simple operation, standing up takes place in a faster time compared to other surgical operations.

Medicines to be Used

One of the most common mistakes patients make in the postoperative period is the use of non-prescription drugs. It is recommended that you do not go beyond the prescription given by your doctor. After the use of medication, you can inform your doctor during the checks and request a new prescription if needed. These drugs are usually painkillers that will be used to relieve pain that may occur in the postoperative period. With regular and correct use, you will be more comfortable in the postoperative period and you will get rid of severe pain especially to some extent. What kind of usage will be used is also presented to you by your doctor and necessary warnings are also given.


The patient is anesthetized with local or general anesthesia and the operation is performed more smoothly. In the postoperative period, pains may occur and if these pains are not intervened, they may reach the level to divide your sleep from time to time. You will feel better with pain medications. Your doctor will write a prescription for you in this matter, and if you take the prescription correctly, make sure that your pain will also listen. If the pain becomes severe, we recommend that you contact your doctor without delay. Depending on this problem, the dosage of drugs can also be increased.

Duration of Sureillance

This will vary depending on the patient and the anesthesia administered. Patients undergoing local anesthesia are discharged on the same day, while patients undergoing general anesthesia are hospitalized one day and then discharged. You can get the most accurate information about it from your doctor because the reaction you will give after the surgery may also affect the time to be discharged. Do not worry, it is a very simple operation and you will stand up in a short time and you can adapt to your daily lives. After arm stretching surgery, you do not face too much risk and we can say that a very healthy process is waiting for you.

Risks, Side Effects, Complications

Compared to many surgical interventions, we can see that the side effects and risks are less and weaker. In addition to being a simple operation, we can say that this is an intervention that will not disturb people. It is of course normal for some risks to occur because every surgical intervention brings along such risks. So if you do what your doctor says, you will have a chance to recover in a much shorter time. In the meantime, you need to take your prescription correctly and regularly, without forgetting it. In this way, it becomes much easier to relieve your pain. Now, if you wish, let’s consider what risks are waiting for you in the postoperative period and what kind of problems you can face.


One of the risks you may encounter after surgery is the bleeding problem. This problem may occur in the relevant area and the injured area may be damaged. It should be noted that if it is not treated, it also affects the risk of infection. The majority of patients panic when faced with bleeding, and they do not know what to do. We recommend that you inform your doctor without worrying and panicking and take your breath with you as soon as possible. Necessary intervention will be made as soon as possible and you will also regain your old health. It is one of the most frequent problems, but with rapid intervention, this problem will disappear in a short time.


In particular, the injured area has a much higher risk of infection. For a long time, this region needs to be professionally maintained. You can also get help from your doctor about this. Infection can also occur as a result of infection, so there is extra benefit in being careful. The 2-week period after surgery is therefore of greater importance and you should be more careful to avoid the risk of infection. Your doctor will make the necessary warnings about this issue and will share with you valuable patients that you should be more careful.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction usually appears as an anesthetic problem. As we mentioned under the title of examinations, anesthesia control is done for this reason and the patient’s response is measured more accurately in this way. Surgery can be postponed in patients who will react negatively to anesthesia. Despite all the examinations, it may not be possible to prevent allergic conditions from time to time. You don’t have to worry or panic, because the treatment of such problems is simple. If you contact your doctor, he will share with you what kind of intervention is needed and take action immediately. It is one of the most common conditions in the postoperative period, but as we have just mentioned, the treatment is much easier and more effective than you think.


After the operation, some swelling may occur in the relevant area, but we can also say that it is not big enough. These swellings will disappear spontaneously over time and there is no need for any treatment. In case of a contrary situation, that is, if the swelling persists for a long time, you can contact your doctor. Before the surgery, you will be given the necessary information about the risks, so you need to be prepared for such problems. The swelling will go away within a period of 2 to 3 weeks, but as we have just said, if anything happens, you should contact your doctor without delay and get help on this matter.

Numbness in the Arm

One of the issues that bothers and worries the patients the most in the postoperative period is the numbness in the arm. You may experience this problem for a while, but you should also know that it is a temporary problem. You don’t have to worry and your doctor will inform you about this before surgery. If the numbness does not go away for a long time, a different problem may arise. In such a situation, you can contact your doctor without delay and get help for treatment. There may be different causes of numbness, and once this cause has been identified, the problem will be eliminated with the relevant treatment method. You don’t have to panic because this is a very common situation.

Asymmetric Image

Depending on the swelling, an asymmetrical image may also be impaired. You need to complete the healing process, but some patients may think that this problem will never pass, as they are very impatient. You don’t have to worry because if the healing process is completed, this problem will disappear and the image will become more aesthetic.

Things to pay attention

After the operation, you need to be careful about some issues and if you consider your doctor’s warnings, the healing process will also become healthier and faster.

 Weight Lifting

After about 2 to 3 weeks, full recovery will occur, but your bodies may not be ready for heavy lifting yet. Along with the doctor’s controls, the healing process is followed, and your doctor will also share with you when you will be ready for heavy lifting.


After the numbness in your arms disappears, you can start driving, but it is also useful to get approval from your doctor.

 Have a shower

Since it is a simple operation, you can continue your daily lives quickly after your surgery. To take a shower, a 2-day rest period will be sufficient.

 Use of Medicines

It is recommended that you use the medicines given by your doctor correctly and regularly in the postoperative period. In this way, you can make the healing process faster.

Sexual Intercourse

You can have sexual intercourse about 1 week after surgery, but it is good to take care of your arm and sudden movements can harm you and your arm in this activity.


You will regain your mobility during the 1 week period, but numbness in the arm may become much longer in some patients.


The stitches do not need to be removed and will disappear by themselves. If your doctor gives different information about this, the stitches will be removed on the first day of the check-up.

 Healing Process

You will see a period of 2 to 5 weeks and after this process is completed, you will have a full recovery. We can see that this period is shorter in some patients and longer in some patients.


The fact that your bodies are ready for heavy sports brings a period of 4 to 6 weeks. After this period is completed, if your doctor approves, you can start sports.


Doctor checks are of great importance after arm surgery as well as after every surgical intervention. We recommend that you participate regularly and do not interfere.